God Gave Me You<3

Alex and Nikki are bestfriends who have been through a lot together. They decide to take a trip to Europe to take a break from all the drama going on back home. But what will happen when they each encounter the guys of their dreams? Will they go back home and forget about them? Or will they stay in Europe with them? Read and find out!


25. No More Sleepovers

Nikki's POV

Shit... What is he doing here? I should have warned Lex about my lie.... 

I walk to the fridge and pull out a Dr. Pepper and go to open it. And I can't. Ugh. 

Zayn notices my struggle and walks over. "Do you need help, love?" He smiled down at me. Lex turns around and notices my can. "Nik. You can't open that one!" She said too late. I smile as he gets the can open just for it to explode. All over me, him, the counter, the sink, the fridge. 

The only words I can manage is, "What.The.Hell." 

My hair is soaked. My new moccasins are ruined. I have to clean this entire damn kitchen tonight. Somebody is going to pay. 

I slowly spin around and face a towel extended by Zayn. "Here. Dry your face and hair. Then I'll go downstairs with you." He hadn't dried his face yet so I took the towel and dabbed at his gorgeous face. When I pulled the towel away from his face, he had his adorable smile on and I knew exactly what that smile was. He's thinking something. I slowly started to back up. I don't get very far before he's coming at me and throws me over his shoulder to take me downstairs. 

"No! Zayn. Stahp! Somebody has to pay for this! I have to scrub this kitchen tonight!" I said giggling all the way downstairs. 

He puts me in my bathroom and tells me to take a shower. 

"But I need clothes!" I shout as I pound on the door. 
"Don't worry about it! I'll get you some." He said with a laugh. 

Uh oh.. I'm scared. Oh well... 

I got undress and turned on the shower. I turned my music to "Does He Know?" and started dancing around. The water got warm enough and I got in. 

I was singing loudly and didn't hear Zayn come in to drop my clothes off. 

I got out of the shower and reached for my towel... It wasn't there. And I looked around for my clothes. They weren't in there. But there was a message on the mirror. 

"I have hidden the clothes I want you to wear. You can't get into your closet because I have it locked. The first piece of clothing is in here with you. <3 ZM" 

This little ERGUH. Ughhh. Zayn. I hate you right now. Thankfully there's not windows in my bathroom... 

I start looking everywhere. In the medicine cabinet, in the armoire, under the sink. Nothing. I spin around on my foot and find something under the tub. 

It's red... And it looks like a shirt. I pull it out and it has a note on it. 

"Well, you found the first piece. There's three more to find. The next one isn't going to be as easy to find. And I'll be down here. The next one is in your social area down here. The article of clothing is white. Go <3 ZM" 

Shit. I have to go out there! With him possibly out there?! Ughh... I pull the shirt over my head.. It's kinda long. It's..... not even mine, actually.... 
I tiptoe out of the bathroom and look around. Well, he's not in plain sight but he did say he was going to be down here. I decided to start with the couch. I take the pillows and cushions off. Nope. Look under the couch. Not there. I look in my chair, nope. I look in my plants and under my coffee table. For some odd reason, I turn around and start looking behind my picture frames. 
AH HAH!. Found it. 

It's white, for sure. But Nothing I own.... I unfold the article of clothing and find out that they're boxers... I pull them on, just so I'm covered. Ughh.... The only guy that has left clothes at my house before was.... Zayn. He's sneaky. 

"Looks like you found the boxers. You certainly look cute in them ;D Anyway. Onto the next mission. I decided to bundle the last two articles of clothing. It's where you spend 95% of your time. <3 ZJM." 

Where I spend most of my time....? The kitchen...? Ahaha. No. It's all down here. Wait.. MY BEDROOM! 

I skip to my bedroom and instantly have no idea where to start looking. I start with my night stand. Nope. Under my bed? Nope. With my shoes...? Nuh uh... I keep looking until I think hmm... Maybe I'll try my big jewelry hutch. I moved towards it and open each drawer. Not in any of the drawers. But as soon as I open the door to it, there is my bra and panties... I swear I'm gonna get this kid. 

I go to reach for my clothes but get picked up! 
"What are you doing?! Who is this?!" I start hitting the arms. Then realize that they're Zayn's. 

He sets me down and I spin around in his arms. 

"You are such a sneak!" I said mock angrily. 

"I gotta say, you look cute in my clothes." He said with a wink and a laugh. 

"Can  you, like, turn around so I can finish getting dressed?!" I laughed at how absurd this whole thing was. 

"I guess I guess. I'll be a good boy."  He turned around and I dropped the boxers really fast and put everything on. But I could sense that he turned around. 

"Zayn. You do that again and I swear you're not staying the night with me anymore.." I said trying to be forceful. 

"Oh you know you like sleeping in my arms. Don'tcha?" He winked and wrapped me back up in his arms. 

"That's besides the point." I laughed. 

He bent down to kiss me and picked me up to carry me. He kept kissing me and walked me over to my bed. He set me down gently. I pulled him down with me and we kept kissing until I fell asleep in his arms. 

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