God Gave Me You<3

Alex and Nikki are bestfriends who have been through a lot together. They decide to take a trip to Europe to take a break from all the drama going on back home. But what will happen when they each encounter the guys of their dreams? Will they go back home and forget about them? Or will they stay in Europe with them? Read and find out!


21. Breakfast For Sweet Tooths

Nikki's POV

Alex and I were talking about how I need to go on dates with the others. I mean, I don't really want to but I guess I should. 

I woke up cuddled on the couch next to Alex. I think I fell asleep on her lap last night. I untangled myself from her and got up to make us some breakfast. 

I was texting the boys as I was making breakfast. 

DaddyLiam<3 - Goodmorning Love. I hope you slept well. Do you wanna go to the park later? 

CurlyCat(: -Hey you(: You should come over for breakfast. I'm having french toast :3


DaddyLiam<3- Good Morning Beautiful. I slept swell. A stroll through the park sounds wonderful. Lets meet up around noon. Can't wait :)

CurlyCat(:-Hello there :) Well, french toast sound delightful. As long as mine has strawberries on it. ;D I'll be over in ten! 


 I'm making the french toast when I hear Alex get off the couch, yawn and yell that she's going to take a shower. 

"Harry's coming over in about ten!" I shout. 

"Mhm. Kay. I'll be upstairs, showering." She stomped up the stairs. 


I turned the radio on and Mirrors came on and I started singing and jumping around to the beat. So I didn't hear the front door open. I felt arms wrap around my waist and starting flipping out. I started hitting the person with the spatula in my hand. 

"Get off!" I struggled but the person held on tighter. 

I felt a whisper in my ear. "It's me. Calm down." 

It was Harry. I turn around in his arms and apologize but start laughing. I got egg goo in his curly locks. 

"Hey love? We need to go wash your hair." I said between giggles. 

"Why is that..?" He asked as he locked his fingers behind my back. 

"Well... I kind of got egg goo in your hair." I reached my hand up to touch them and drew it back. 

"We can work on that after we eat... And after this." He puts his forehead to mine and leans down to kiss me. 

The kiss intensifies a tad but stops short when I hear sizzling and smell burning something.. 

"My french toast!" I yell! 

Harry released me as I grab the spatula and flip the burnt piece of toast off into the sink. 

"Well that was a waste of toast!" I laughed as I started making more. 

Harry wraps his arms back around my waist as I put two more pieces of bread on the skillet. 

He started kissing my neck when Alex came down the stairs. He caught sight of her in enough time to back away and jumped his British butt up on the counter. 

"Good Morning, dear! I believe you had a good rest?" He said trying to get on her good side. 

"Meh. I had this one cuddled up to me last night. She said as she grabbed some of the toast I made and sat down at the breakfast bar. 

"Hey now! You returned the favor!" I laughed as I handed her the syrup. 

Harry hopped off the counter and walked around me to get to the plates of food. As he walked around me, he rested his hand on my lower back and Alex noticed. She didn't say anything. She just looked back down at her French toast. 

We grabbed our French toast and stood at the counter and ate. Alex got up, cleaned her plate off in the sink and set it on the counter next to the sink. 

"I'm going out for a bit. I'll be back later." She said as she grabbed the keys to her car and left. 

Harry finishes his food as do I and we clean our plates. 

I grab his hand and he wraps his arms around my waist. He kisses my lips a few times and I pull back and look at his hair. 

"Now... About that hair." I said as I laughed and pulled him down the stairs to my bathroom to wash out his hair. 

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