Whitewillow Creek!

in a young Princesses world, the sky is never the limit. Follow Whitewillow on her journey through the most dangerous parts of her planet, glacia, to find her destiny. She will face the toughest challenges, the biggest choices, the strongest enimies and.... love?


1. The World of the Warriors

Hi! Nice of you to join me!


My names Whitewillow Creek!

Now I better get explaining!

Can you guess where I live? No?

Well I live in blizzard kingdom! You’ve probably never heard of it, but that’s because I live in a whole different world! No we don’t live on mars or Jupiter! We live on planet Glacia.

Not to mention we live in the sky!

Yup floating castles, cool right? But we’re not alone. Rain kingdom and storm Kingdom are the neighbors, but unfortunately we’re not exactly the best of friends, in fact we’re enemies. The only time that we can be friends is on the eclipse and that’s when we all meet up at Cloud Kingdom. Cloud kingdom is the largest kingdom, but it’s the only thing that connects us all together.

But other than that everything is all war and loss. That’s where the warriors come in! There are 4 types of warriors that all have the different jobs when going into battle. There’s the mischievous Archer, the swift Mount, the strong Buffer and last but not least the mighty Rider.

The Archer is of course an archer, but he stays a distance from the fighting and he uses arrows with many different effects such as shock waves or even earthquakes! The Buffer is basically you average soldier except the fact that he’s stronger than normal and has razor sharp wings that could cut a sword in half and help him fly through a cyclone. They’re the ones that go into battle. Then there’s the Mount, he’s basically a higher ranked soldier whose job is to get the enemy away from the castle at all costs, no matter whether the enemy is dead or alive.

Now the Riders are the strongest, but they’re the rarest. Riders have the BEST job and advantage ever! Wanna know what? Well of course it’s because they’re dragon riders! And they take on the job of fighting the other riders in an amazing battle of magic while flying!

But unfortunately there’s no more riders anymore, in fact everyone says there just myths! How absurd! Everyone is just upset and confused because the dragons supposedly went extinct over 2 centuries ago. With no dragons, there’s no Riders…


Well for now anyways. I’ll become a Rider one day and ill prove that their still out there.


Even if I have to leave my home, I won’t stop looking until I find at least 1 dragon.

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