Whitewillow Creek!

in a young Princesses world, the sky is never the limit. Follow Whitewillow on her journey through the most dangerous parts of her planet, glacia, to find her destiny. She will face the toughest challenges, the biggest choices, the strongest enimies and.... love?


2. The run away princess

Shhh! be quiet! I’m sneaking out so you need to be quiet or else you’ll wake my uncle! Though I doubt he’ll wake, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If he did wake up, I’d be in heaps of trouble and I’d probably get another one of those talks about what a real princess should be doing. Oh guess I didn’t tell you huh? My Dads the king or was the king. He died a long time ago and now my uncle and Aunt are taking over until I’m eligible to take the over the thrown in which I don’t want. I want to be a Rider but of course I can’t for 3 reasons.


I’m a girl (which is stupid) A princess is not supposed to be a warrior (ridiculous) Dragons and Riders don’t exist (yeah right)


If I do end up being Queen those rules will be the first thing I’ll get rid of and then I’ll find a dragon.

But I’m already working on that. You see the reason why I’m sneaking out is because I’m looking for weapons that I could use to defend myself. I have decided to go on a quest that I probably won’t be back for a while, in fact a long while. I’ve already got food, clothes and survival supplies including a First aid kit, now all I need is weapons, armor and more importantly a dragon saddle, though I have no idea on where I’m going to get one. I’ve also trained myself with some skills that might be necessary such as climbing, running, swimming and tracking. Fortunately for me no one noticed me doing anything suspicious or anything missing.

Everything was dark as I crept through the long corridors, towards the armory. I opened the doors with a creek as I slipped in. wow… I can’t believe I haven’t actually been in this part of the castle! It’s amazing! It’s big but not that big, it’s probably made of stone brick I’m guessing. All along the walls there’s armor and weapons of every kind. Well if it’s going to be anywhere, I guess here is the best start.

I started looking around, to try and find any sign of my dad’s chest. Ah ha! There it is! It was at the very back of the room underneath one of the windows. I walked over to it while carefully avoiding making any noises. On the top of the chest was my father’s name and so I knew it was what I was looking for. I opened the chest and gasped. There was so much armor and weapons but I only needed my father’s bow. He had once told me that if for any reason I was going to leave the castle I had to take his bow with me as he had passed it down to me. So I guess now is the time it should come in handy. I grabbed the bow and looked over it. I’d only seen this once before so now I could look at it properly. It actually looked pretty cool, instead of being brown it was red and the arrows were also red with small flower engravings in it. I was about to leave when something shiny in dads chest caught my eye. I popped down the bow and quiver and took out the shiny object. And I was quite surprised to find out that it was an armor suit fit for a female body. I noticed a piece of parchment stuck to it and took it off and began reading it.


Dear Willow

I hope that you receive this and are ready to start your adventure. I have known for a while that you would leave to discover the world and with that I personally made this armor for you. It will protect you and I hope that you will cherish it as much as your own life. I want you to do one last thing for me sweetie. I want you to be strong, even if I’m not there with you I will always be with you at heart. Now go out there and discover the wonders of the world.

I Love you so very much my little princess!


Huh? How? How did he? Sigh Oh well, that’s dad for ya. I put the note in my pocket and picked up the armor and weapons. I went to leave when I tripped over a bunch of helmets. They all clanged and skidded across the ground in a chorus of noise. Oh no. I bolted out of there and down the hall to my room and closed the door just as everyone came out to see what the noise was. I quickly shoved them under my bed without making any noise and ran out to see what everyone else is doing. Truth be told I was going to have to lie to them which I strangely wasn’t ashamed of doing. Everyone was rushing to the armory to see what had happened with worried faces.


“What happened uncle?” I shouted while trying to get through the crowd. “Someone stole your fathers bow and quiver” he answered. Yeah and this someone has long light brown hair, one blue eye and one green eye and guess what? She’s standing right in front of you, uncle I thought. “Why would they do that?” I asked with fake sadness. “I don’t know sweetie, just go back to sleep okay? We’ll find them and return the bow.” He said with sympathetic eyes. “Okay” I replied while walking back to my room.

Once I got there I got the stuff out from under my bed and went to my cupboard and pulled out the 2 bags that were filled with my gear. I then pulled out my sword and placed it next to the bow. I picked up my armor and changed out of my nightgown into the armor after placing a black long sleeve top and black leggings on. After that I pulled on some socks and boots that reached just under my knee.


I put my long hair up into a tight ponytail and grabbed my pouch of money while picking up my bags and sneaking out to the stables. Once I got there I walked straight to my black Pegasus Briar and tacked her up. After I finished I hopped on, I gave one last glance at the castle and whispered “goodbye”. Then without a moment’s hesitation we flew off into the unknown world.

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