Whitewillow Creek!

in a young Princesses world, the sky is never the limit. Follow Whitewillow on her journey through the most dangerous parts of her planet, glacia, to find her destiny. She will face the toughest challenges, the biggest choices, the strongest enimies and.... love?


4. Partners!


"Oh for heaven’s sake! How many are there!?" I shouted while bringing down a boar demon. Okay this is getting annoying.

 Hey again! Now let’s see what you've missed. I had a chat with Mr. High horse and I somehow managed to get him to show me the way out of the forest, but unfortunately he's not a very big help when it comes to fighting the demons off.

 "Behind you princess!" Alex yelled. Before I could turn around I was battered into a tree. That’s gonna leave a mark I thought rubbing my head. "Help me you lazy git!" I wailed. “I never said I would “he replied smugly. I hissed in pain and my vision became blurry. I looked up at him and said”I can't believe I’m going to say this but..." Before I could finish I was smacked into another tree. My eyes glistened over with tears of pain and I whispered “please!"

That seemed to flick his switch into attack mode.  He jumped off the tree and faster than I could see, brought the demon down. As I got up he walked over to me and said “you okay?” “Yeah, just swell!” I snapped. This guy seemed to like getting on my nerves and it was incredibly annoying.

He cheekily smiled and i stood up, trying to slap him across the face but unfortunately he caught my hand. He then proceeded to pull me forward into his chest and place a small short kiss my neck. Jumping back, I blushed furiously and yelled “WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!” while putting a hand to my neck.

  “I felt like it” he smirked shrugging. My mouth hung wide open as he smugly walked away and I hopped onto Briar, following him with burning with rage and annoyance clear on my face. I thought up a million ways of “accidentally” killing him. I swear if looks could kill he would have died the moment he kissed me. I growled in frustration and glared at him.

Giving up on drilling holes into the back of his head I took out my map and looked around for likely places that would be suitable for a dragon to make it territory.

Alex’s p.o.v

I heard some rustling and glanced behind me seeing Whitewillow pull out a map. Her face looked very focused and determined. I wonder what she’s looking for? I thought. I faced forward and asked “what’s the map for?” “Nothing!” “Oh really? Well then you won’t mind me telling you that it’s outdated right?” I stated more than asked. Her head snapped up and she shouted “WHAT!? IT CAN’T BE OUTDATED!” “Sorry to brake it to ya but it is” “oh no! ... What will I do? If I don’t have a map I’ll never find one” she whispered.

“Never find what?” I asked slowing my pace to walk beside her horse. She looked at me suspiciously then closed her eyes and said “a dragon” “really? Why?” “Because it’s the only way I can become a Rider...” she replied opening her eyes. I noticed that she looked really sad and her eyes glistened over with unshed tears. I looked forward and said “that’s what I did once before” she looked at me surprised and asked “really?” “Yeah. That was a while ago though...” I trailed off.

Whitewillow’s p.o.v

“Why did you stop then?” I asked. “I don’t know... i guess i just gave up” “humph, figures. Well I’m not ever going to give up!” i said getting a bit cocky.

What he said next surprised me a lot. “Well I hope you achieve your goal...” he smiled kindly at me. My eyes widened and I softened up a bit. “... Why don’t you come with me then? I-I mean you must know your way around here so... ah... you know you could help me find one...” his eyes became as round as a frying pan and then he answered quickly “I gave up a long time ago and I’m not sure i want to start again” “well the way I see it you gave up too quickly, i mean look at me I’ve wanted to do this ever since I was 6 and see where I am now? And I’ll admit you saved my life quite a few times now so i owe you alot!” i said. He looked at me and smiled again “I guess you’re right. Okay i’ll join you!” “Awesome! Welcome to the team buddy!” i hopped of briar and put my hand out. We shook on it and from then on we were partners.

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