All Harry Imagines

This will be imagines about Harry. Comment if you want one. They won't be really long though. I hope you like them!!!


1. For Lacey :D (my best cheerleader)

Lacey's POV


I just got paid $250 babysitting for my uncle. The new One Direction movie This Is Us has just come out and it's Delaney's birthday tomorrow so all of us (cheerleaders) decided to surprise her and take her out to eat and to the movie. I called her and said to wear something adorable and that I would be there in an hour. I usually don't have to tell her to wear something adorable because she always does. I sent a mass text saying that everyone needed to be out at the wrestling room. I felt bad for her because a couple of weeks ago she separated her shoulder at a cheer camp. She  thinks that we are all meeting out at the wrestling room just to have a "little party" but that won't happen.

When I went to the One Direction concert about a month ago I actually met them when they were being mobbed by fans. They invited me and my friend Hannah backstage since we were really nice to them. We hung out with them until the show started and then got front row tickets from the boys. I told Delaney that I would call her so she could listen. I called her and she answered and I heard her scream as soon as she picked up the phone. I turned my iPhone towards the stage so she could hear them better. Niall stood right infront of me and remembered me from backstage and took my phone on stage. He kept the phone call going until they were done singing Rock Me.



Delaney's POV


I was listening to them sing Rock Me. It was really clear too. Weird. The song got over and I checked to see if I was still on the phone with Lacey. Then I got a facetime request from her. I accepted and saw Niall freakin Horan on the other side. I thought I was going to pee my pants. Good thing I hadn't taken a shower yet and my hair and make up was still ok. I heard him ask something. I think it was "What's her name?" I heard Lacey yell "DELANEY!!!" Oh. My. God. I am facetiming with Niall Horan!

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