You Never Forget

Have you ever wondered why people do what they do? Why they love, or why they rape, or steal. Have you wondered what the meaning of life is? Me too. I wonder things beyond my power or knowledge, things that are mind boggling and can turn the brain to mush if thought about too intensely. This is a story of how the cheesiest of fanfics , can turn into something beautiful how the stupidest fantices can turn into real life. Read if you dare. ( after ch: harry is were fantasies end and life begins)


2. help...


Natalie's pov

I wake up to the door slamming shut.

"uuggh" I grown as Aubrey walk's in looking upset.

"what's wrong with you?" I say.

"Erik is going to Illini" I laugh

"ha, sucks for you" I say.

"ha, sucks to be single" she mimicked

"shut up" I say

"in you dreams Johnson" she say's. I sigh.

*two weeks later*

"alright cool I'll see ya then"  I say in the phone.

"alright cool, bye!" jade says back.

"who was that?" said Aubrey.

"oh that was just A new friend I made in my medical procedure class, her names jade." I say. "and were gonna study at the library across town"

"OK cook see ya!" she say's then looks back down at what she's reading. "kk bye" l yell while walking out the door. she's picking me up so I'll just have to wait...

*a couple minuets later*

"vroom" I hear her car pull up

"hey!" I say while I hop in the car.

"hey!" she reply's . "you got everything?" she say's

"yeah I think so." I say

"cool, lets go" she say while driving off. she turns on the music and kiss me be ed sheeran comes on and we sing along. as soon as the song is over we pass by an intersection I look to my right casually only to see ,in a mila second, a car heading right towards us. before I could say anything I felt the impact of the car crashing into our's making us flip over. everything was blurry the last thing I saw was a guy running towards me before I closed my eyes and was defeated by the blackness.

*two days later*

Natalie's pov

my eye's flutter open and I hear the doctor say she's awake and then he leaves leaving me alone with a guy I've never seen before. he has beautiful blue eye's and brown hair he's wearing a white shirt with navy blue stripes and red skinny jeans.

"who are you?" I ask .

"I'm Louis Tomlinson" he say's in the most cutest British accent ever.

"do I know you?" I ask.

"no" he say's "I saved you in a horrible car accident."

"what accident?" I ask

"let me catch you up" he say's " see you and another girl named jade got into a car accident and,"

"is jade OK?" I interrupt. Louis sighs

"she's fine but lost your memory..." he says in a brutal way.

"I did?" I do not remember any of this information. because right now I didn't know who this Louis Tomlinson guy was but I did know that he was h-o-t HOT. and I was nervous.

Louis' pov

wow once she's not in a comma that girl is beautiful. I'm so glad i got to meat her...I don't know her name. I should ask.

"I'm sorry whats your name?" I say awkwardly.

"oh it's Natalie" she say's shyly. what a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl.

"soooo i was just wondering if you'd like to keep in touch" I say. smooth.

"um yeah no totally she say's" as she looks around for something to write on then I realize I should help her I look around too and see her phone

"I know let's just put in in our note app on our phones." I say feeling clever. "OK sounds good" she reply's she reaches for her phone on the table besides her I give her my number and she gives me hers. I cant get over how beautiful she is with her bright green eyes and her long dark brown wavy hair. I wander if she's single.

Natalie's pov

god, this Louis guy is so hot I might go into a comma again.. and he's so sweet..I wander if he's single...

authors note

hey guy's sorry I kinda stop in the middle of a chapter 'stupid me' but I promise I will update a lot more often!!! mack sure to favorite and like and share my story!! love you guy's!!!! and a shout out to shay-Jo Horan Styles for commenting on my story thanks so much!! make sure to comment!!!





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