You Never Forget

Have you ever wondered why people do what they do? Why they love, or why they rape, or steal. Have you wondered what the meaning of life is? Me too. I wonder things beyond my power or knowledge, things that are mind boggling and can turn the brain to mush if thought about too intensely. This is a story of how the cheesiest of fanfics , can turn into something beautiful how the stupidest fantices can turn into real life. Read if you dare. ( after ch: harry is were fantasies end and life begins)


10. harry

I'm gonna go check on aubrey and Niall. I'm probably gonna walk in on them...doing something but i don't really care i want Bre and Niall to be together but she's gotta break up with that jerk, Eric.

I open the door and walk in but surprisingly i don't see any one. But, I do hear something so i go to the bathroom. I hear aubrey giggle and i see Niall smirk to her obviously not noticing me. Then i see them kiss.

"Ahem" I clear my throat. Both Niall and Aubrey look up at me, Niall with a terrified look on his face. A half smile creeps on my face seeing poor Niall look so afraid for Bre. Its kinda cute.

"A-umm its not what it looks like" Niall stutters.

"Yeah aha let me guess their was something in her eye." I look over at Aubrey who gives me a wink.

"Its okay ya little blonde goofball I'm not gonna tell" I laughed. Niall laughed nervously.

"I think its kinda cute that you guys are sneaking around, but it needs to stop before that jerk of a boyfriend, Eric, finds out.

"Ur right" they both say.

"But we have to wait a while or Eric will get suspicious because he does know about Niall he just doesn't know what were..doing." Aubrey said then smirked at Niall who smirked back. I rolled my eyes

"C'mon you love birds" i said as i pulled them out of the room and into the living room were an awkward 21 year old sits. Niall and aubrey sit down next to him as they turn on the T.V. And turn to MTV.

"I'm gonna go for a walk I say to all of them they all wave me off except for louis who turns around. Smiles and say okay. I smile at him and crab my stuff and walk out the door. I go down the steps of one directions apartment. Its really a nice spring day today, even tho I hate spring I was was getting tired of winter and this was a nice change. As i walk i get a text from harry.

Harry: hey are you at the apartment?

Me:no I'm about half a mile to the right, I'm going on a walk.

Harry: k xx

I looked at his last text i didn't really know what he men't by K if he men't k he'll be waiting at the house or k he's gonna find me. I don't really care either way as long as he doesn't rape me. Which i doubt he will. Before i knew it i saw harry jogging behind me catching up.

"Hey" i say but he didn't say anything back he just smirked. I got worried. Before i knew it i was pushed up against a wall in an alley way as harry pushed his lips against mine. I hated it i tried to get away but he was to strong. I wanted louis i wanted him to protect me but he wasn't. He finally let go and walked backward a Bit with an innocent smile on his face.

"What the frick...honestly just no."

"Because i like you nat." This made me absolutely furious!

"So you text me subtlety then run me into an alley and, and face rape me???!"

"Sorry i thought it would be romantic, i didn't mean to hurt you."

"look, I just met you this is not the way to treat someone please don't talk to me any more."

"And whose gonna stop me?" He said this was the last straw he obviously didn't respect me and that was a major turn off. I'm smart enough to know when i can self defend myself. I took all the anger i had in me and punched that sicko as hard as i could. It knocked him out. I got scared of what i was capable as a saw the passed out 19 year old on the ground i backed away slowly than ran off. Away from aubrey away from Niall away from louis away from everyone. I wanted to be alone forever. It felt good to be alone away from all my problems and these people. away from the story line were the guy gets the girl. I hated those books. i needed to find my own way,without anyones help. I don't know wear I'm going but i know it will make me stronger.

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