You Never Forget

Have you ever wondered why people do what they do? Why they love, or why they rape, or steal. Have you wondered what the meaning of life is? Me too. I wonder things beyond my power or knowledge, things that are mind boggling and can turn the brain to mush if thought about too intensely. This is a story of how the cheesiest of fanfics , can turn into something beautiful how the stupidest fantices can turn into real life. Read if you dare. ( after ch: harry is were fantasies end and life begins)


13. 12. alone

I walk through the crowded underground hallways the the smell of metal and sweat surround me wherever I go. I walk through the doors of the subway and feel a blast of cold hit me when I enter. The smell of sweat and metal vanishes and I now honestly smell nothing. I see a man at the end if the seats covered in newspaper as a blanket and two paper bags filled to the brim with useless things and the paper was tearing he was a sleep and luckily couldn't see me stare I remembered when that man gave me money not to long ago and what he said after he gave it to me.

"do something nice for someone else one day." ...

"Stop 23 airport coming up" the person on the intercom said.

That's my stop.

I walked over the the dirty man and set 100$ on his bag.

I know it was small but that's not the only thing i'm doing to repay the universe.

"Stop 23" the intercom said and I stepped out of the subway and smelt a fresh start just around the corner. I turned around to see the man on the subway didn't wake up yet. I was a bit disappointed but that's life I still waves goodbye to the people on the subway. No one waved back. Not one single human being. Suddenly I felt utterly and completely alone. And I couldn't think of anything that could fill the emptiness. I had no one to turn to, at least no one I wanted to turn to.


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