Falling too Hard

Brittany has big secrets. Who doesn't? But she never thought they would effect her life. It's not until she comes home and finds a man in her room, that she realizes something was wrong. Now her brothers are missing, her mom is dead, and her dad abuses her. She will stop at nothing to find her brothers, her moms killer, and her dad BIG secret. But she starts to lose herself in it all. She changes. Can her new friends help her? Or will she fall to hard?


4. Missing

Brittanys POV

I held onto my weapon, (a hair brush) until I heard the door, then I ran past my 'dad' and towards the door. I had just opened it when I was pulled back by my hair, and pulled into the kitchen. I saw the boys run in and look at what had happened to our house. I shrieked to get their attention, it worked. They ran in and started to beat him. I managed to crawl away when Harry and Zayn held his arms back. I rushed to find Navy and Chance. But Navy wasn't where I had left him, I started to worry. I crawled up the stairs to Navys room, hoping Navy was in there calming Chance down.

I reached Navys door and saw it opened so I relaxed, until I entered the room. Everything was destroyed, his bed was messed up, Navys books were all over the floor, his trophies on the floor broken, and nest to them...Chances teddy bear, torn. I screamed, the window was broken. THEY HAD BEEN KIDDNAPPED!!!!!! They boys pushed each other up the stairs and into the room. Niall dropped to his knees and held me.

"Some one, they kidnapped Navy and Chance! They are gone!" I sobbed as I held Chances teddy bear close to my heart. Harry held Louis as he started to tear up. "We will find them, but right now we have to deal with the cops." Niall whispered. Seconds later, the sounds of many feet walking my house echoed up to my ears. "Hello? Is anyone in here?" Someone shouted. "Up here!" Zayn yelled down the stairs. "Hey, there is a body over here, he is knocked out." "Take him out, I'm going to see who is up here." A man walked into the room and froze. I looked up and saw Zayn holding the wall, as if his life depended on it, Harry crying into Louis shirt as he held him, Liam sitting on the bed, and Niall was on his knees hold me as I sobbed, uncontrollably.

The man walked up to us and asked, "Is anyone hurt?" Niall pointed at me, and helped me stand up. "Miss, I'm officer Weld, can you please come with me?" I sniffed and nodded. Weld helped me walk down stairs and over to the doctors who set to work on my injuries. The boys had been sent downstairs for questions. "What happened?" Niall looked at me, I nodded. "Well, I was at home when I got a call from her, she said her dad was going to hurt her, so we rushed over and saw the room like this. she screamed and we attacked the man who held her and she left to find her brothers, only to find they had been kidnapped. that's when you came in."

Zayns POV

I sat the floor as they checked me for cuts and injuries, thinking about what I had just seen and done. The man had a knife!! Pointed at Brittany! We had beaten him up, and found out her brothers had been kidnapped. I felt so bad for her! Once they said I was good, I got up and walked over to the rest of the boys. "We are going to help her find her brothers aren't we?" I asked, worrying about what she would say if we didn't. "Of course we are! We have to!" Niall said, rubbing Harrys back. "Harry, why are you crying?" Liam questioned, I wondered the same. I was sad what she had been through, but I wasn't going to cry over it. "Tell me why you were clinging to the wall in Navys room." he replied. I sighed, now or never. "I, smelt blood and I got light headed." Louis nodded, like he understood. "I just, I felt so bad for her! She was beaten, had her brothers kidnapped, and her boyfriend broke up with her this morning. In one day! Its to much for anyone!" he whispered. "Okay, so Brittany is going to be fine. She is traumatized right now, but she will warm up in a bit. Make sure she doesn't do anything stupid, OK?" Officer Weld told us. We nodded, then he left. Rushing over to Brittany, we knelt down (all of us) and held her. We wouldn't let anyone hurt her again.

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