Falling too Hard

Brittany has big secrets. Who doesn't? But she never thought they would effect her life. It's not until she comes home and finds a man in her room, that she realizes something was wrong. Now her brothers are missing, her mom is dead, and her dad abuses her. She will stop at nothing to find her brothers, her moms killer, and her dad BIG secret. But she starts to lose herself in it all. She changes. Can her new friends help her? Or will she fall to hard?


1. Horrible Day, Or Not?

Brittanys POV

Beep. Beep. Beep. "Ugh..." I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock screaming. I banged my hand on my bedside, trying to shut it off. Only to knock it onto the floor, echoing now that it was on my wooden floor. "

Turn off!" I whispered to myself. My hand pushed a picture on to the floor. Looking at it, I saw it was a picture of my family on out last trip before my mom died. We were all smiling, not knowing she was going to leave us so soon.  I put the picture down and went to my closet. getting out a pair of blue skinny jeans, a blue tank top, and a white see through shirt, I got dressed. Then I walked into my bathroom to do my makeup.

Turning on the sink I wash my face and hands. Putting on my make up, I pulled my hair into a high ponytail. I had long brown hair with blonde highlights. my eyes were a hazel-green color and went dark when I was mad. My cheek bones were notice able. I walked to the door and got my bag for school, I slipped on my white toms and walked out of the house.

I didn't eat, I hadn't eaten in months. I was too fat, now when I saw or had to eat food, I felt sick. I drove to school and went to class, ignoring the stares and whispers I was getting. At lunch I sat at my usual table, in the very back, alone. After school I drove to the dinner down the street, going to work. I walked in, put on my apron and went to my first table. "Hi welcome to Tims Diner, what can I get you?"

The group looked up at me and ordered. "It will be out in a few!" in said. They smiled and went back to talking. Once their food was ready, I sent it over and I got a new table. Going over to serve them, I saw there were five boys. Sighing, I walked up to them and said "Hi, welcome to Tims Diner. What can I get you?"

Niall POV

"IM HUNGRY!" I exclaimed. me and the boys were on our way home. "Me too! Can we stop to eat Li Li?" Louis stated, looking at Liam with puppy eyes. "Fine. There is A diner up the street. will that work?" Harry grunted, not looking up from his phone.

"Sounds cool." Zayn said, fixing his hair. Zayn and his hair. Oh boy. Louis shrieked a yes, while I calmy said "Sure, I'm cool with that." He pulled over to a strip mall that had a sign saying, "Tims Diner." on it. We all put our sunglasses and hats on and walked inside.

It was a cozy little place. A fire place was on one side, a fire roaring in it, with chairs and table set up all around. "YAY! food!" I gasped as I saw all the cakes and candies in the showcase. "No, we are getting lunch Niall, Not desserts." Liam said, pulling me from a double layered chocolate cake with whipped cream on top. I pouted as we sat down at a booth. The door opened and someone walked out. I looked at Harry and knew he saw her to.

She was drop dead Beautiful! Her long brown curly hair was bouncing in its ponytail as she walked over. She had the most amazing eyes I had ever seen! She seemed so happy. And she was...skinny, way too skinny. I could tell. She couldn't be healthy if she was that skinny. Its not possible. "Hi welcome to Tims Diner, what can I get you?" Louis spoke and pulled me out of my staring. "I'll have the pancakes with maple syrup. And a glass of milk."

She wrote his order down and looked at Zayn. "Same" he said, not looking up at all. "Can I have two regular eggs with bacon and sausage?" Harry asked, staring at her the whole time. I clenched my fists. He would NOT get her. He always got the girl. I was going to have her this time. "K" She simply said, not even looking at Harry who was shocked. I silently laughed at this. "I'll have that to please." Liam stated. "Um...can I have the turkey sandwich and pancakes with a glass of tea?" she paused and looked up at me. "Both? You will have to pay both as separately, is that okay?" I nodded, not looking away from her. She noticed too...

Brittanys POV

I wrote down their orders as they spoke, realizing they were British. I noticed the boy with curly hair sating at me, ew. He stared at me the whole time he ordered. "Um...can I have the turkey sandwich and pancakes with a glass of tea?" the last boy asked, sounding...Irish? I looked at him. "Both? You will have to pay both as separately, is that okay?"

he just nodded. I noticed he just looked at me, I blushed and looked down. I went and put their order in, when I heard a smash and looked up to see that one of the boys had dropped his glass and broke the glass. Sighing, I went over to them and started to pick them up. I had gotten almost all the pieces when I slipped and dropped all the glass, cutting my hands in multiple places. the cuts were stinging so bad!! Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw curly drop down by my and hold my hands, looking at my cuts. I pulled back and went to the office. Once I cleaned my hands, I put their food in to cook. Finally, i took a good look at the boys.

The boy who had dropped the glass had a buzz cut, dark brown eyes, kind smile, and was very fit. The boy next to him was curly hair. His hair was, Curly, and dark brown. He had dimples when he smiled (one of the boys made him laugh and I saw),  he wasn't as fit as buzz hair, but he was good looking. Next was the boy who couldn't stop fixing his hair. His hair was a dark brown, or black, and it was quiffed up with a blond highlight straight in the middle. One boy was sitting super close to curly boy. His hair was also curly and dark brown, but he had no dimples and his eyes were a dark blue color. Last was the Irish one. his hair was a dirty blond, old Justin Bieber style. His eyes were a light sky blue color. He was super cute.

 "Ding" I jumped up, scared until I realized it was just the bell saying their food was ready. I picked up the plates and walked over to them, struggling with the food. Blonde saw and jumped up to help. He ran over and took two of the plates. "Thought you would need help. I got it." I smiled at him and walked with him. "Okay, here is your food. Hope its good." I said. "If you made it, it will be." Curly boy whispered, but i heard. "Hey, want to join us? we don't mind." Buzz looked at me with a smile and slide farther down the booth. "Um..Sure!!" I smiled and sat down. "I'm Liam by the way." Buzz boy said.

 "NO! His name is Li Li!!! I'm Louis, what's your name?" I laughed. Li Li? "My name is Brittany." "Well Brittany, I'm Harry, this is Zayn, and that's-" "IM NIALL!!!!!!!!" The blond screamed. I burst into a fit of laughter. Niall had already eaten al his food and was staring at his plate as if hoping more would magically appear. I got an idea. "I'll be right back."

Nialls POV

I watched as Brittany got up and went to the kitchen, smiling. I smiled myself, she was just so pretty and funny. I had to know her better. Maybe I could just ask for her number? Yeah, when we get up to leave I will. Suddenly I heard Liam say, "Oh no" I looked up and gasped. Brittany was carrying the Chocolate Cake I had been staring at earlier. "YES!" I shouted. Other people were staring at me but I didn't care. She set it on the table.

 "I saw Niall looking at it when he came in, and I have to sell it before it goes bad. You can have it free." I jumped up and hugged her, maybe a little to hard because she yelped. I set her down and stared on the cake. It was so good! Louis got a plate and started to eat to. Brittany say down next to me and I slowed my eating. "Wan Fome?" I asked, my mouth full.

Liam dropped his fork and stared, Harry froze with his fork half way to his mouth, and Zayn looked up from his phone and gasped. Brittany looked at them clearly confused. "He never shares food. You special Girl!" Louis laughed. I blushed.

Brittanys POV

I saw Niall blush and giggled. I picked up a fork a took a bit off his plate. "Yummy." I said. Forcing a smile, even thought I felt like throwing up. Harry cleared his throat and looked at me. "So, Brittany, do you have plans after work?" I tilted my head, thinking. "Nope." I popped the "p". "Can- do you want to hang out with us?" I smiled, and answered like a snob. "I guess I could move some things around in my calendar, But fine." The boys laughed and Liam coughed on cake, causing more laughs. As soon I as could, I ran and threw up the cake. I shuddered at think how much fat I gained. Soon it was time to lock up. I cleaned the dishes and got my jacket and purse.

The boys were waiting at the door. Locking the door, I turned around and walked with the boys to their car. Liam was driving, Zayn had shotgun, Louis sat on the right, Harry in the middle, Niall on the left. I felt a little awkward cuz the car was full. Suddenly Niall leaned over and pulled me onto his lap. "You sit there." He said, sounding like an officer. I laughed. We drove for a few minutes until we pulled up to a nice looking one story house.

Louis was pushed out by Harry and ran to the door like a maniac. he was waving his hand in the air and running so funny. Liam had to drag Zayn out of the car because Zayns phone battery had died and he didn't have a mirror.

 Harry jumped over Louis and dragged him by his feet through the door. Niall ran out of the car, screaming "I need food!" I laughed, and walked up the dive way. They were so funny! I loved them already.

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