When You've Only Got One Hundred Years To Live.

What happens when Harry Styles falls for Niall's younger sister Quinn? Will Niall approve or will he try and keep Harry away from Quinn? Read to find out!


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Quinn's POV

I'm really shocked that Niall would think that there was something going on between me and Harry. Niall's not a guy that makes accusations but I guess he kinda thought that maybe just maybe something was going on between me and Harry. I guess Niall read the signs right because there is something going on between me and Harry, we're dating. I feel kinda bad for not telling Niall what's really going on, I love Niall don't get me wrong but I don't think that he would approve of me and Harry dating. I am 17 I think I am old enough to make my own decisions then again Harry is 19 and I'm sure that to Niall that would be a big age jump. But if Niall really loved his sister, and he cared about his friend he would give us a chance to be together. It would be awkward trying to keep me and Harry a secret this whole summer.

I told Niall that I wasn't feeling well, and that I needed some rest so I could get out of the hot seat. I slowly made my way up the stairs, I went into my room and locked it. I really didn't want to talk to Harry right now after what had just happened. It would just be weird. I have a lot of thinking to do I thought to myself. But soon I got tired of thinking and I drifted off to sleep.


Harry's POV

After being put in the hot seat by Niall, I decided to go up to my room. I didn't feel like discussing anything with Quinn right now so I stayed to myself in my room. I had a lot of thinking to do, like how we were going to hide this from Niall the whole entire summer. It would most definitely be awkward at times but I don't think Niall is ready to hear that that his 17 year old younger sister is dating a 19 year old guy let alone one of his bestfriends. I know how I felt when Gemma decided that she was going to date an older guy. It got really weird at times because he was older than me. But if Niall loves his baby sister and cares about his friend then he should approve of us being together. I can't believe that Niall would get the drift that me and Quinn were together because Niall doesn't usually make accusations like that. Niall is usually a very mellow guy. 


Niall's POV

Why would Harry like my younger sister out of all people? I know that if I wasn't her brother that I would probably think she was cute, but Harry is one of my best mates. I know that Quinn is just as guilty as Harry is in this situation, but how stupid would it be for them to hide it from me. I wish they would just tell me if something was really going on. I'm sure I can take the heat of knowing that my younger sister is dating one of my best mates. Am I that gullible? Am I that stupid? You can tell that something is going on between them by the way that Harry looks at her as if he undressing her with his eyes, and I swear if he hurts her I will fucking crack his skull. I'm very protective over of Quinn and so is our older brother Sam, and Harry knows that. I just wish they would both be honest with me. I have always been honest with them! 


Quinn's POV 

i woke up and saw what time it was, it was 5:30. I decided that I was going to go talk to Harry so I unlocked my door and knocked on his. He answered almost instantly. "Harry we need to talk." I said with a serious look on my face while looking into his beautiful green eyes. 

"What is it?" He asked while looking at me very confused, probably because he didn't know what I would want to talk about.

"I think we need to tell Niall....." I said being cut off by Niall's voice behind me. 

"Tell Niall what?" He asked with anger in his voice and a confused look upon his face.

"To tell Niall that we need to have dinner together sometime." Harry said his voice shaking and cracking.

"Sure Harry! Now what's the real thing you need to tell me?" He asked with a seriousness in his voice that was almost scary. 

"That we're dating! Niall is that what you were wanting to hear?" I said loudly. Harry looked at me with a stunned look on his face. What have I done?!


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