When You've Only Got One Hundred Years To Live.

What happens when Harry Styles falls for Niall's younger sister Quinn? Will Niall approve or will he try and keep Harry away from Quinn? Read to find out!


3. #3


Quinn's POV

I woke up around 10:00, and decided to take a shower. Once I got my shower I decided to pick out my clothes for today. I decided on a pair of blue shorts, my avengers tank top, and my red sparkly vans. I ended up curling my hair and doing natural makeup. I slowly walked out of the bathroom to find Harry looking through my phone. "Harry what do you think you're doing?" I said giving him a are you serious look.

"I'm just checking your twitter." He said smirking. I can't even imagine what he has done to it I thought to myself.

"You better not put anything bad on there!" I said laughing at the expression he had on his face. 

"I'm not I swear!" He said laughing at what I had just said."Do you really think that I would put something bad on someone else's twitter?" He said smirking.

"With you Harry it's hard telling." I said looking at him and giggling."I better go see Niall before he starts to get worried." I said waving at Harry. 

"Wait!" He said smirking.

"What Harry?" I said looking at him weirdly. 

"You know you're so cute when you make that face." He said laughing at me. 

"That's what you wanted to tell me?" I asked looking at him seriously. 

"No, I wanted to do this." He said looking into my eyes. He soon leaned in and we shared a very long passionate kiss. 

"I really need to go see Niall!" I said giggling. I walked out the door and down the stairs to where Niall was sitting on the couch.

"Where have you been all morning?" He said in a bossy tone. 

"I was upstairs getting ready." I said nonchalantly. 

"Sure you were!" He said laughing.

"What do you think I was doing?" I said confused.

"Well, I haven't seen Harry all morning either, and he followed you down the stairs. What's going on?" He said questionably. 

"Nothing!" Harry said jumping into the conversation abruptly.

Niall's POV

I think there is something going on between Harry and Quinn, and I will most definitely get to the bottom of it. I don't care if its the last thing I do!



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