When You've Only Got One Hundred Years To Live.

What happens when Harry Styles falls for Niall's younger sister Quinn? Will Niall approve or will he try and keep Harry away from Quinn? Read to find out!


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Quinn's POV

My life sucks at the moment, I'm on an airplane. You would ask 'Why would that suck?' well my mom got the bright idea that I, Quinn Horan should go stay the summer with my brother and his band. Problem is I hate his band, don't get me wrong I love my brother Niall, but staying the whole summer with him will be the death of me. I haven't seen Niall in over a year now so seeing him won't be so bad. I miss him when he's gone, my mom is always at work and my dad seems to act like I don't exist. 

"Attention passengers we will be landing shortly, follow the safety precautions listed in your airplane handbook. Thank you." A woman said over the loud speaker.

We soon landed. I walked over to the baggage claim, only to be surrounded by one direction fans. "Is Niall here to get you?" Some girls asked me. 

"He's supposed to come and pick me up. What do you expect? He's my brother." I said annoyed. I'm not much of a people person like my brother is. This sort of thing happens every where I go, people recognize me and ask me all kinds of stupid questions about Niall. I mean can't you get enough information off of Wikipedia. 

After about 10 minutes of waiting on Niall he finally arrived giving me a bear hug. "Niall you're making it hard to breath!" I said trying to push him off, he soon got the drift and let go.

"I'm sorry sis I've just missed seeing you!" Niall said happily. 

"Where's the boys?" I asked trying to start a conversation.

"They're waiting on us at the house." Niall said looking surprised that I asked.

We were soon driving down the road, it wasn't a long ride to their house. Niall got my luggage out of the trunk of the car, and we walked up the pathway towards the huge house. We were greeted at the door by Liam, who hugged me and said that he had missed me. Louis and Zayn soon came and gave me hugs too. 'Maybe this won't be as bad as I thought it would be.' I thought to myself.

"Where's Harry?" I asked Niall confused.

"He should be in his room, if you are wanting to go see him." Niall said looking confused at me.

"Okay, I just wanted him to know that I was here." I said laughing at Niall's confused look on his face. 

I walked up the stairs toward Harry's bedroom. It's weird that Harry wasn't downstairs with the rest of the guys. I knocked on his door and he said that I could come in. "Hey Harry." I said looking at him.

"Quinn!" He said jumping up and giving me a giant hug that lasted longer than I thought it would. "I've missed you!" He said looking at me.

"I've missed you too, Harry!" I said smiling. Harry was the only one I could tolerate besides Niall. I loved Harry like a brother, every time I need something Niall couldn't help me with I would ask harry about it. He was one of my best guy friends.

"How long are you staying?" Harry asked with a huge smile on his face showing off his cute dimples. 

"The whole summer!" I said laughing. 

"No freaking way!" He said giving me another hug. "I get to spend my entire summer with someone as special as you." He said smiling.

"Aww! You're too sweet!" I said blushing. 

"Well thank you!" He said smirking.


Harry's POV

'Did she just blush?' I asked myself. She looked so cute when she blushed. I really like Quinn, I know she qualifies me as one of her best friends but I want to be more. What would Niall think? Harry what are you thinking? That's one of your best friends sister.


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