Don't let me go

Sammi is stuck between many lads.. I mean who wouldn't if they lived with a group of amazing, humorous, and not to mention HOT lads?


1. Chapter One

"No, this has to be some mistake!" 
"What's wrong?" my bestfriend Liam came running up to me. 
"I got this in the mail." I handed him the letter. 
"You have to live with your biological father starting on July 23rd. That's in four days! No Sammi, you can't go back with him." Liam placed the letter on the table as he wrapped his arms around my torso allowing me to cry in his shoulder. 
"We brought Nan- wait! Why is Sammi crying? Group hug!" rang Niall's Irish accent as we were instantly in a group hug, I'm gonna miss these guys if I have to go. 
"What do you mean by you're gonna miss us? We're right here." Louis spoke up as they backed away from Liam and I. 
"Liam can you tell them?" 
"Sure. Robin wants custody of Sammi again."
"Like hell that's gonna happen, the last time we had to save her! She has past scars to prove it!" Niall argued. 
"Niall, we don't have a choice!" Liam stated, his voice getting louder. 
"Liam! We can't let her go back there again! Who knows what the hell he'd do to her!" 
"Guys! Shut up! Court says that I can bring someone with me. Just calm the hell down." 
"Who are you planning on taking with you?" Louis questioned as he sat beside Harry on the sofa. 
"I have no idea, I wanna say Niall, but I don't know.. And no comment Zayn!" 
"Haha how'd you know I was gonna say something? I mean seriously, how cute is it that you wanna have Niall come with you?" 
"Shut up Zayn!" I stormed off into my room, slamming the door. I quickly grabbed my laptop and inserted my headphones as I then went on YouTube and started to listen to 'Nobody Compares' by the one and only One Direction. 
"You're so pretty when you cry, when you cry.. Baby you're tearing me apart tearing me apart.. You're so London your own sty-" I was interrupted by someone taking one of my headphones out "Hey!" I turned to face Niall. 
"Oh, hey Niall. What's up?" 
"Just came to check on you. Are you ok?" 
"Yeah, I'm fine. Just embarrassed I guess." 
"There is nothing to be embarrassed about love.. But I have a question for you. And I want you to answer it honestly." 
"Ok, what is it?" 
"Do you like me?" 
"Yeah alot actually.." 
"Yeah.." I blushed. 
"I've liked you since day one.. Wait let me rephrase that.. I love you Sammi." 
"I love you too Niall." He leaned in and so did I, allowing our lips to meet. Everything just felt so right. Niall sat beside me as he caressed my cheek. 
"Oh damn! I'm sorry." a voice broke us apart, as we both blushed. I looked up at the doorway and saw Harry standing there with his face red and clenched as he was giving Niall an evil glare. 
"Because she is a special girl! Can't I just have the girl for once?!" 
"No you can't. She is special to me, she is my life!" 
"She's the one that I've been looking for Harry. Can't you understand?" 
"No I can't, because I'm in love with her." 
"Guys! Stop! This is all too much shit! I'm done!" I stormed out of my room and into the bathroom. I started crying then a thought came to mind.. I opened the cabinet door then pulled out the razor, staring at it in debate of cutting myself or not. I fell to the floor crying as someone barged in, sitting besides me as they comforted me. 
"Sammi, please don't go back to old habits. It's not good." Louis' voice pleaded as he hugged me tight. 
"Louis, it's all too much. I mean both Harry and Niall are arguing over me, Robin wants custody in 4 days.. I just don't know what to do anymore." 
"Love, I'm not gonna let Robin take custody, he'd have to do that over my dead body. I'm not going to let some abuser / alcoholic take custody over the person I care alot about." 
"Thanks Louis. You're the best!" I hugged him, after we released he wiped my eyes. 
"Smile beautiful. You deserve it." we both laughed as he helped me up. 
"What do you wanna do now?" I questioned as we walked into the living room. 
"I have an idea. Put some shoes on, then meet me out in the car." 
"Haha ok." I ran upstairs, grabbing my black converse shoes. As I was about to exit my room, I noticed a note on my dresser. 
        Hey! I'm really sorry 
       about earlier. I wanna 
       make it up to you. Park 
       tomorrow after the 
          Harry xx 

"Only you styles." I whispered to myself as I turned around. 
"Only me what?" he smirked as he walked closer to me. 
"Just only you..." I got lost in his eyes. 
"So what do you say?" he questions. 
"Yes." I smiled. 
"Ok. Great!" 
"Haha yup. I have to go, I'll be back later." I ran to Louis' car, then we left. 

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