Saving Louis

Soon to be 16 year old Amy Hunt was having the time of her life with her mum, dad and soon to have a new baby sister. What happens when one day they have a early celebration for her 16th birthday but can one accident change the future for her and her family? but most important what happens when she becomes one directions stylist? love and friendship will be tested, enemies will be made and the truth will make this story twist and turn for better and for worst.

(Strong language in some scenes)


17. Zarry's first date

The next day


Harry's P.O.V

I woke up and decided to make breakfast for everyone. I stood in the kitchen and started making it when i heard Niall running down the hall way from the bunks.

"HARRY, THANK YOU!" Niall screamed making me jump slightly.

"Niall calm down jeez you'll wake everyone up," I scolded at him but he just smiled at me innocently.

*Eating breakfast*

I finished cooking the breakfast and everyone was at the table eating except my baby Zayn.

I walked up to his bunk and opened his curtain to find him cuddled up to a pillow looking very peaceful. I nudged his shoulder and he whimpered. By the time i touched him again i heard violent sobs coming from my baby.

"Zaynie wake up baby," I said softly in his ear. I sat next to him and pulled him to my chest. I could hear his heartbeat slow down as i held him.

"Zaynie are you ok?" I asked and he looked at me groggily. He twitched a smile on his face.

"Y..Yeah" He stuttered.

"Are you sure? you were crying when i touched you," I explained and he looked at me with tears flowing into his eyes.

"I...I just had a bad dream about you," He said while starting to sob. I felt heart broken, he had a bad dream with me in it.

"What was it about??" I asked.

"You l..left me for someone else" He said and i pulled him even tighter to my chest.

"I would never do that to you Zayn, ever. How about we go on a date tonight?" I asked him and and he looked up at me and smiled weakly.

He nodded his head and he just sat against my chest while touching my curls.

"Breakfast is ready you know?" i said to him and he smiled. we both got up and made our way to the kitchen where we were greeted by 'Awws" from everyone.

I sat down across from Zayn and thought to myself looking at everyone, how can i have met such good friends in life? They are like family now and no matter how different we are they always stand by everyone.

**After breakfast - Zarry's date begins**

After finishing breakfast, i made Zayn get changed and then i drove him to our location for our very first date.

"OMG !" I heard Zayn shout which made me jump a little. I laughed knowing he found out where we were going.

I had decided to take him to  fair for our first date, he always said to me how he loved going on rides.

"Thank you so much Harry," Zayn said while reaching over and pecking me on the cheek.

We arrived at the fair 10 minutes later and i pulled hi over to the hook a duck game.

"What teddy do you want babe?" I asked home and he studied each bear closly and then pointed to the large Panda.

"Great choice!" I expressed and he smiled whie looking at his feet. I pecked him on the cheek which earned me a lot of glares.

"Harry their staring" Zayn said sounding sad.

"I don't care tonight's our night, i don't give a crap what they think i love you and there is nothing they can do about it ok?" I said and he nodded while smiling at me.

"So which one of you are gonna try and hook the duck?" The owner asked, smiling at us.

"I am," I said and he handed me a rod while i paid.

"You know you two make a great couple" He mentioned and then walked away leaving me smiling into thin air.

I tossed the rod and missed the first time but i managed to catch a yellow duck on the second earning me a small bear instead of the large panda.

"Here, you can give it to your boyfriend" he owner said and handed me the giant panda that Zayn wanted.

"Thank you so much," I said and he just smiled as i walked off. i met up with Zayn who was waiting by the teacups.

"Here you go babe" I said and hugged him from behind  as i put the panda in front of him. He looked at it and gigantic smile came across his face.

"Thank you Harry !" He exclaimed and pecked me on the lips.

"Come on, it's getting late" I whispered in his ear and he just nodded at me. I lead him back to the car and drove him home. Once we got inside the bus we ended up getting trampled on by the other boys who were throwing all sorts of questions at us that i couldn't even understand.

"GUYS GET OFF!" I shouted and they all fell on the floor laughing. I glared at Liam who was supposed to be the mature one.

"So how did it go give us the detes!" Louis exclaimed.

"It was amazing, we'll tell the story tomorrow, it's late and i want to go to bed with my boyfriend" I stated and pulled Zayn off the floor and walked to the bunks.

"USE PROTECTION!" Louis shouted i rolled my eyes and decided to sass the sassmaster.

"COVER YOUR EARS AND EYES UNLESS YOU WANNA WATCH!" all i heard in return was a high pitch scream and someone running towards the living room. I laughed my ass off as we both got changed. I slipped into my bunk and pulled Zayn next to me. He layed his chin on my chest and looked at me with those melting brown eyes.

"Thank you for today, it's was the best day ever" He smiled. I kissed him on the forehead and he ended up drifting asleep. I hope this lasts forever.

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