Saving Louis

Soon to be 16 year old Amy Hunt was having the time of her life with her mum, dad and soon to have a new baby sister. What happens when one day they have a early celebration for her 16th birthday but can one accident change the future for her and her family? but most important what happens when she becomes one directions stylist? love and friendship will be tested, enemies will be made and the truth will make this story twist and turn for better and for worst.

(Strong language in some scenes)


4. The game of Truth or Dare


Amy's P.O.V

After having the confrontation with Louis i decided to ignore him, and sleep until Claire woke up.


1 Hour Later

I was woken by the sound of Claire crying, I dragged myself out of the bunk and picked Claire up while grabbing her bottle. I made my way to the kitchen to find them all in the living room watching toy story 2. I chuckled at the sight of 19 to 20 year old boys watching walt disney films.

I brought Claire over to Zayn who looked up and smiled.

"Can you hold Claire while i heat her bottle up please?" I asked.

"Of course love," He replied and took Claire from me and started talking to her and she just played with his finger. I knew i could trust Zayn he looked like he would be a great farther one day soon.

Once the bottle was heated up i handed it to Zayn, when my jeans started vibrating. I pulled my phone out to see the caller I.D was Simon Ya Bossfriend, I giggled he loved setting his contact on my phone.

"Hello welcome to Pizza wonderland how may i pizzafi you?" I joked and the boys looked at me with confusion.

"Um sorry i didn't want pizza i want to eat My baby girl, what a shame maybe next time," He chuckled down the phone.

"How dare you sass me, father, friend" 

The boys looked confused as ever. "It's simon, he says your all fired" At that point Simon was laughing down the phone and the boys faces were so pale, poor Nialler looked like he was going to pass out.


"Hold on Simon i'll put you on loud speaker," I put it on loud speaker and moved the phone so all the boys could here,

"BOYS YOUR ALL FIRED YOUR SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT YOU'VE GONE TO FAR" Simon shouted down the phone which ended up in Harry fainting and Niall crying.

Me and Simon just bursted out laughing and Liam looked at me with dagger's.

"Nice job Simon you managed to make harry faint and Niall cry, cool joke now i know their weakness," I exaggerated to him.

"Thanks baby girl i just called to see how your all doing, sorry boys just thought i would be nice and play a joke just pour some water on harry to wake him up,"

"That was not a nice joke your gonna pay for that Amy Hunt," Zayn whispered in my ear. 

"We are good well 5 of us who don't act like Assholes at least!" I whined.

"Language Amy, don't cause trouble now, i need to go i will ring in a couple of days, bye"

"Bye simon," everyone said in unison.

I hit the end call button and was tackled and pinned to the floor by Louis.

"That was not a nice joke at all," He said in a flirty manner. I struggled against his grip which only tightened as his face got nearer to mine.

"You'll pay for that and your stunt yesterday soon, just you wait" He whispered which sent a wave of chills down my spine.

"Come lads let's get Claire off to bed and have a game of truth or dare?" Zayn proposed which answered with 'yep' and 'let's get going'.

Except when i tried to move, Louis grip got tighter and i just layed their shooting daggers while he sent them back.

"Get off her Louis" Liam said behind me. He huffed and released me.

As i stood up Niall and zayn walked through the door and made their way onto the floor in the living room, Liam, Louis and Harry soon joined which left me standing their.

"Um Amy , earth to Amy" Niall suddenly snapped me out my trance.

I shook my head "Sorry yeah coming," I made my way into the living room and sat between Niall and Liam.

"I wanna go first," I shouted.

"Ok go ahead," Liam said.

"Umm Louis truth or dare?"

Everyone had eyes on me cautiously "Give me your best dare bitch," I chuckled knowing already what dare to do.

"I dare you to have a passionate kiss with the person on your left then stick your head down the toilet and wash it away Asshole," everyone started laughing while a very paled face Louis looked at me.

I just noticed i said person on the left which just so happens to be Zayn, whoops sorry Zayn, poor lad is so innocent.

"I h..hate you now," Zayn said.

"Let's just get it over with already" Louis said and grabbed Zayn "Wait im not," Zayn protested while Louis chose to ignore it and kissed him a bit too passionately.After kissing he made his way to the bathroom leaving a very pale Zayn and us following him.

He was sat in front of the toilet and pushed his head down for 3 seconds and jumped out grabbing a towel. I was literally on the floor along with Niall laughing hysterically.

"Nice *Laugh* job asshole *laugh* what a great dare!" I Boasted.

"Whatever Bitch wait till it's my go, You will end up falling from hell!" He spat, while i stood up.

"Whatever you say Louis, whatever you say, Liam your up next" I said while we made our way to the living room again.

"Harry truth or dare?" Liam asked.


"God party pooper," I expressed.

"Whatever Amy what are you gonna do when Louis asks you ?" He said giving me a wink. That boy get's more immature everyday.

"You will never know now stop winking it makes you look like a girl bettering her eye lashes," I stated and his smirk fell off his face.

"Anyway, Hazza is there was one person you would go out with in the group who would it be?" Liam patiently asked.

"Um gotta be Amy as im not gay and she is hot," He said smirking yet again, i just rolled my eyes and looked away.

20 Minutes later and it was finally Louis go.

"Amy bitch Truth or Dare?" He said, he was obviously giving me a new nickname.

I shook my head "Well Asshole im not afraid of you so Dare" I Admitted.

He smirked evilly which leaves me i tiny bit scared now "I dare you to Put whipped cream on Liam's chest and lick it off" I laughed and went to grab the whipped cream.

Louis squirted it on Liam's chest and i started licking it off, I was about mid point working my way up near his neck when he Laughed.

"Guessing your a bit ticklish there Li ?" I asked and he nodded.

" Ok easy Harry your next,"

"EWWWWWWWW im all wet and sticky now" I giggled and turned to harry.

"Louis truth or dare mate?" he asked.


"Ok i dare you to be hand-cuffed to Amy for 2 week's, all the time and you can't back out," 


"No fucking way am i being hand-cuffed to that sick perv" I stated when i suddenly felt something cold lock around my hand.

"Sorry Amy a Dare is a dare," Harry said and cuffed me up to Louis who was evilly smirking again.

Great this should be fun.


Ok hey guys sorry it took so long to upload i didn't want to make it too long and boring so i made it shorter, well this is chapter 4 and the enemie's are cuffed together , i wonder how their going to get along!


Chapter 5 - so in chapter five it's obviously called Handcuffed to an Asshole, it has many fight's in this not physical mostly verbally and their first day doesn't really go as expected.


Chapter 6 - sneek peek title- Meeting with paul

Hope you enjoyed thanks everyone who is commenting and reading coming close to 100 reads already ! 

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