Saving Louis

Soon to be 16 year old Amy Hunt was having the time of her life with her mum, dad and soon to have a new baby sister. What happens when one day they have a early celebration for her 16th birthday but can one accident change the future for her and her family? but most important what happens when she becomes one directions stylist? love and friendship will be tested, enemies will be made and the truth will make this story twist and turn for better and for worst.

(Strong language in some scenes)


7. Pranks are in DA House


Amy's P.O.V

So the plan with Da pranks had started me and Paul had finished putting the hair dye in the shampoo bottles and now we were waiting for the boys  to come.

"Hey Paul how much longer till they come?" I asked while snuggling with him watching Finding Nemo.

"Not long they should be here in 5, 4 ,3 ,2," Paul counted but was interrupted by all the boys coming through the door looking exhausted from the concert.

"Hey guys, why don't you go get showered and me and Paul can cook something in the kitchen," I suggested and they all nodded and went to their rooms.

Me and Paul made our way to the kitchen and started preparing some pancakes for the boys.

"So Paul where did you learn to cook?" I asked.

"Well my mum used to cook a lot of Italian food where as my dad cooked British classics, so i used to make alot of both and of course Irish traditional food which im sure Niall can inform you about," He said while making the mixture.

"Wow so alot of ....," I was about to finish when we heard 5 screams from different room which caused me to start laughing but i held it in as all 5 boys came running into the kitchen.

"WHAT DID YOU DO !" Louis said, this got me slightly frightened as he took a step near me.

"JUST PAYBACK FOR WHAT YOU, HAZZA AND LIAM DID!" I shouted and he grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer to him.


"MAYBE IF YOU WEREN'T SUCH AN ASSHOLE YOU WOULD TAKE IT AS A JOKE!" I growled back only to get a sudden sting of pain through my cheek. I stared at him wide eyed as tears flooded through my eye's. Louis hit me.


Liam's P.O.V


I cannot believe what i just witnessed. I have never seen this side of Louis before. I mean i took this as a joke but he has gone to far, there is no way he would hit a girl ever.


Niall's P.O.V

I was shocked at first seeing my hair this colour but it made me laugh to see Mr Bradford BadBoi with Da pink hair. Just about then I witnessed Louis hitting Amy, there is something seriously wrong with him he wouldn't just do that because of some stupid prank.


Harry's P.O.V

Louis has gone way to far and this make me so angry. He just hit our best friend right in front of me and the other lads including Paul. Simon is gonna fucking kill us now.


Zayn's P.O.V


My lovely masterpiece had now been coloured by a rose pink, Im proberly laughing my ass off inside but in pure rage on the outside after witnessing Louis do that to someone i care about.


Louis's P.O.V

What have I just done?


Amy's P.O.V


I felt so many emotions run through me, Anger, Hate, pain. It was too much.

"Liam can i have the key to the cuffs now!" I said sternly and he rushed to grab them off the side table and unlocked the cuff.

I walked up to Zayn who enveloped me in a hug and i whispered to him, "Look after the baby for an hour?" and he nodded. After being released i grabbed the keys to my car and a jacket and went down the elevator and Out to my car.


I drove down the highway, thinking to myself. How could i do this? I was better of at home looking after my sister? How i was so stupid to have feeling's for Louis.

I couldn't stop thinking to myself when suddenly everything went black and all i heard was a 'BANG' and the sound of Fire engines and blue flashing lights as i fade in and out of consciousness.


Zayn's P.O.V


I watched Amy leave the apartment with so many emotions in her eyes. I stormed up to Louis who was stood frozen and pushed him into the fridge.

"HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO HER, YOU FUCKING SELFISH BASTARD, SHE WAS JUST HAVING FUN AND YOU DECIDE TO FUCKING HIT HER!" I said and punched him straight in the Jaw, only to be held back by harry and Liam while Paul attended to Louis.


"Zayn you need to calm down, now please!" Liam pleaded. I nodded and went to the living room wondering how long Amy was gonna be.

*30 Minutes after the fight*


We had all calmed down a bit and sat in the living room waiting for Amy when I recieved a phone call, my hopes were rising praying it was Amy. As i looked at the caller ID i noticed it was unknown.


"Hello is the Mr Malik?"

"Yes can I ask why?"

"Yes of course im sorry to tell you but im from the st.james hospital, Amy Hunt has been in another car accident involving three vehicles and has slipped into a coma and you were Number one on her Emergency contact list," The next thing i heard was the sound of my phone falling on the floor and i felt tears prickling my eye's as the boys stared at me in horror as i never cry.

"Zayn mate what happened? who was on the phone?" Liam asked putting a hand on my knee.

"We have to go to the hospital, Amy is in a coma from a car crash!" I said and sprinted off to Amy's room to grab Claire and her bag. As I rushed into the living room everyone was at the door.

Niall was crying Along with Harry. The rise to the hospital was the longest journey i have ever encountered. As soon as we were at the hospital I handed Paul the baby and raced inside not caring about my hair colour or the looks off other people, i just wanted to see Amy. She is like a sister to me.

"Excuse me please i have the room number for Amy Hunt?" I asked still having floods of water pour from my eye's.

"Of course dear im sorry, She's in room 204 in ICU," She said and pointed to where i had to go.




204. I found the room and went in to see not the girl who was like a sister to me but a broken girl on life support because of Louis mistake. My heart shattered as I saw her and I collapsed on the floor in hear break.


Ok guys so proberly no the best prank to do to someone who is mad at you ! sorry it took so long the next chapter will be much longer. I feel so sorry for poor Zayn he cares about her so much like a sister and the other lads have the same feeling but what about Louis? what will be happening to him when Amy wakes up or when Simon finds out?

Chapter 8 - this is called Freedom and more Accidents this will be an incite on Amy's P.O.V while she is in the coma and when she meets some very loving people. All the boys are heart broken from the accident but find out what they say to her individually, will there be some surprises along the way?

Chapter 9 - Happiness and A new start


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