Saving Louis

Soon to be 16 year old Amy Hunt was having the time of her life with her mum, dad and soon to have a new baby sister. What happens when one day they have a early celebration for her 16th birthday but can one accident change the future for her and her family? but most important what happens when she becomes one directions stylist? love and friendship will be tested, enemies will be made and the truth will make this story twist and turn for better and for worst.

(Strong language in some scenes)


2. Meeting the boys

 Amy's P.O.V

As soon as me, Simon and clairebear entered the high class office we were met by 5 teenage boys.

"Hello boys!" Simon called and all heads snapped towards us " uncle Simon !" they shouted before all 5 boys except the boy with blue eyes and brunette hair sprinted towards simon and took him in a bone crushing hug.

"Ok ok boys calm down everyone meet my friends daughter Amy and Claire" he explained and they all looked at me and then introduced themselves.

"Im zayn, pleasure to meet you Amy" the boy with the black quiff hair said.

"Pleasure to meet you to"

"Im Harry, the flirty one" he announced whilst wiggling his eye brows, which caused me to giggle at this crazy curly haired boy.

"Nice to meet you curly"

"HAHA SHE GAVE ME A NICKNAME FIRST SUCKERS!" He screamed running around the office like a loony.

"Ignore him, he's just being an idiot im Liam, the normal one out the group,"

"Nice to know that at least one is normal it's crazy enough with a 1 month old baby let alone 4 other teenage ones" I replied and simon started chuckling at my response.

"Now you see how hard my job is, sometime i think they need to go to a mental ward cause they are so hyper" Simon whispered just loud enough for Liam to hear aswell.

"Im Niall the hungriest out the lot, and of course im the only Irish one as well" The blonde hair boy commented.

"Well nice to meet your at least you not the only Irish one My dad was Irish, My mum is British so it looks like a got a bit of both brotha" I joked. I loved the way my Dad used to speak you could tell he was Irish by the deep accent he had. I wonder if claire will be both?

"FINALLY SOMEONE WITH AN IRISH DAD!" He shouted and everyone just chuckled at his happiness.

"oh and that's Louis he is a bit depressed at the minute so try not to get to close to him, he has a tenancy of snapping at people" I looked over at this Louis boy and studied him closely, most people say im observant cause i read people easily.


Louis didn't look depressed, you can tell by the body features. He has his head down, slight bags under the eyes, hair is messy. To me he looks heart broken a bit like what happened to me a month ago. I think that someone broke his heart at some time and no-one is there to heal it for the aching pain.

I walked over to the boy and crouched down in front of him as i could feel 5 set's of eyes watching my back.

"Nice to meet you Louis, i'm Amy and this is Claire" I said but received no answer, he just simply shut me and everyone else out.

"So what is the meeting about Simon cause i'm starting to get hungry?" Niall asked impatiently.

"Well as you know we need a stylist for you and the rest of the boys so, Amy here is going to be your new stylist" He said and the boy's faces lit up in happiness except for Louis.

"Great glad to have you on board with us, when do you start?" Zayn asked looking at Claire excitedly.

"Do you wanna hold her" he nodded and i carried my little clairebear over to zayn and he held her smiling.

"I start today, i have already been told that you have a interview today," I said. They all nodded and decided to take a picture of zayn with baby clairebear and set it as my wall paper for my i phone 4.

"Ok so don't forget boys, you need to pack within the next 3 days as the tour has been moved earlier and then you leave in 4 days ok, i also need you Amy to make sure you go shopping for what you need and for what Claire needs aswell ok?" Simon explained while looking from 1 person to the next.

"Ok did any of you want to join me boys?" i asked and only Zayn, Niall put their hands up and nodded.

"Ok so Zayn and Niall i will meet you at Simon's house then we can go shopping, i can also pick out some outfits for you if you would like, maybe get some Nando's?" Before i knew it Niall was giving me a massive hug and everyone was chuckling trying to hold in their laughter.

"Niall .... can't ..... breath ..... please ..... MOVE" I shouted the last part which made him jump away with fear in his eyes.

"You like Nando's?" he asked like a question.

"Duh i am Irish as well i fell in love with it, proberly the same as you except i have a big appetite so i order like double of everything" I whispered in his ear and his face lit up and he smirked.

"something tells me I don't want to know what that conversation," I smirked at him.

"OK see you guys tomorrow then be ready by 7'o clock"

"Bye" they all said in unison"


Next day


I woke up to Claire crying in the next room, so i went into her room and took her to the kitchen so she could have her morning bottle. Once the bottle was warm i went to feed her but got stopped when the doorbell rang.

I held Clairebear and fed her as i answered the door to find Zayn and Niall smirking.

"Good morning, your slightly early but come in,"

"Thanks, can i feed Claire while you get dressed?" Zayn asked.

"Sure thanks, sit down on the couch i'll put her in your arms," He nodded and made his way to the couch while Niall made his way to the kitchen, no surprise.

"Don't it all the food we're getting Nando's remember Niall!" I shouted and he ran out with Bagel.

I placed Claire in Zayn's arm's and he took the bottle and started feeding Clairebear. 

"You will be a great farther in the future Zayn,"

"Thanks i love kids, they are so cute when they are so young, i could imagine's Niall's life as a baby he proberly said "mauma food" or something along the lines." he chuckled.

"I DID NOT I WAS A GOOD BABY!" Niall protested. I giggled by thgeir argument and made my way to my room to change.


After changing i grabbed Claire and changed her too,and we set off to the shopping mall.

"So how old are you, you know you look very young to be a mother?" Zayn asked while Niall played with Claire.


"Oh no im not a mother she is my sister i look after her because i was involved in a car accident a months ago with my parents and they died but somehow my sister lived inside my mum so they could save her," I explained my story which for some reason made me slightly relieved to know that i don't have to hold all the guilt.

"Im so sorry Amy you know me and the boys are here if you need any help with Claire, how come your living with Simon is he related?" He asked.

"umm no he isn't related in blood but i would have lived on the streets seeming as i have no job until now and no-where to live, so i asked Simon if i could live him and he accepted he is practically like a father image for me and Claire, thanks i might need some help on tour with helping you change someone will need to hold Claire so i can sort the clothes out,"

"Yeah thats we call Simon, uncle si because he just loves being around us, im sure all the boys will help with holding Claire while you sort the clothes, you know if you ever got sick of living simon you can come live in the flat with me and the boys," He mentioned and i just had a smile on my face, these boys are so friendly and poilte to most people as long as you don't piss them off of course.

 At the mall

We brought a load of baby clothes and a carry on crib for the bus, not forgetting that we brought essentials like Baby food, nappies, toys and some blankets. 

We made our way to Nando's where i was going to make a competition.

"Hello can i take your order," A women around 20 who looked so fake.

"Umm yeah 5 peri peri chickens and 3 cokes please," giving her a fake smile while she glared daggers at me.

"Whatever slut," she said and walked away , while the two boys stared at me in shock.

"Don't worry she doesn't bother me, she's too fake to realize she is the slut" I said and we all chuckled while she made are way back to us with our drinks.

"Hello again slut," she spat.

"Well hello again to you fake face, how you doing supporting that plastic surgery lately seems kind of hard on you as you can't wear makeup to save your life honey," I spat back at her.

" spoilt brat !" she shouted and looked away with people staring at her.



hey guys so this is proberly a very boring chapter but it's just a filler to tell you what has happened.

chapter 3 will be much better as there will be arguments. Enemies will be made, not forgetting heart break and the truth takes a funny twist for some people when a truth is revealed on the tour bus.

chapter 4 - only giving the title name which is Truth or Dare .



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