Saving Louis

Soon to be 16 year old Amy Hunt was having the time of her life with her mum, dad and soon to have a new baby sister. What happens when one day they have a early celebration for her 16th birthday but can one accident change the future for her and her family? but most important what happens when she becomes one directions stylist? love and friendship will be tested, enemies will be made and the truth will make this story twist and turn for better and for worst.

(Strong language in some scenes)


6. Meeting Paul


Amy's P.O.V


After dressing the boys for their concert, they were 10 minutes away from being on stage, me i was 10 minutes away fro being un cuffed from the Asshole. We were all walking to the hair and make up section when i was met by Lou their hair stylist and Lux her baby.


"Hello it's lovely to meet you, im Lou and this is my daughter Lux," She said with a smile. Lou had a very petite frame which suited her especially with the long brunette hair she had.

"It's nice to meet you im Amy this is my month old sister Claire," I replied.

I already knew me and Lou would be good friends, she is so patient and passionate towards people and she said that she would help me with claire if i was ever working late or i had to go and run some errends.

Liam walked up to me and Louis and un cuffed only Louis side then took me over to meet paul.

"Amy this is paul our bodyguard, Paul this is Amy our stylist" He said and i shook hands with Paul.

"Nice to meet you paul sadly im handcuffed to you because these boys dared me too be handcuffed to louis but i can't go up on stage," I explained and he laughed as he let Liam put the handcuff on him.

"That's quite alright im sure we can get to know each other while they are there," He said and i smiled evilly.

"BOYS YOUR ON!" A member of the crew shouted and the music started as the boys got up on stage singing.

"Hey paul can you help me prank them after i drop Lou off and talk to her pleasee?" I begged while he just laughed at me.

"Ok i am not taken the blame, i will leave that too you, what you thinking?" he asked as we walked to hair and make up.

"Well i want to get some pink and blue hair dye from Lou and put pink in Zayn and harry's shampoo and put Blue in Liam's and Niall's," I said and he looked at me confused.

"What about Louis?" He asked.

"Oh that y friend is a surprise because your gonna be hand cuffed to me in the hotel while they are showering because im not getting sweatie because of them," i giggled at imagining their reactions.

"Ok well here we are," He said and i wondered up to Lou who took Claire from me.

"Hey Amy,"

"Hey Lou, listen i need 5 lots of hair dye, two pink, two blue" 

"Whats the last colour and what are they for?"

"I need a really bright green,"

"The reason i need them is that im pranking the boys for hand cuffing me to Louis and then to Paul." I said while she laughed.

"Ok i get it can't wait to see the pictures i can give you dye that can stay on them for 3 weeks if you want?"

"That's perfect thanks Lou" I said and hugged her as she gave me the five boxes.

"If the boys ask me and paul went to the hotel room so we can put Claire to bed ok?"

"OK you got it here take Claire, better get going we got a ten minute drive and it's gonna take 15 minutes to get this all done then they will be back 10 minutes after that so we can pretend to fall asleep watching a film," Paul suggest and i waved at Lou and left with paul.

"Thanks for doing this paul," I said as we drove to the hotel.

"It's alright Amy, i suspected you to be the one to do the pranking first anyway," 


"Simon told me all about you including the time you pranked him in the hot tub," he laughed and i gigled at remembering that day.



"Hey Amy im gonna get changed and go in the hot tub you wanna come," Simon asked me as i put Claire to bed.

"No im ok im just gonna go to bed, im shattered"

"Ok baby girl see you in the morning,"

" Ok night Simon,"

"Night baby girl,"

I decided that night i would prank Simon after he covered my face in lemon cake. Good prank must admit but im the prankster in Da house. I snuck out my room and hurried to the kitchen to grab 3 bottles of blue food coloring. After grabbing it I went out side to the hot tube and poured it in and snuck back into my room.


In the morning i did my normal routine with feeding Claire, getting her changed, then i get changed and make breakfast except i was eating my breakfast when i heard a very girly scream come fro the other park of the house which only revealed in Simon running into the kitchen.

"AMY nice try with the prank, very creative but now what am i gonna do, im meeting Paul for a meeting with the boys!" He said worried.

I laughed at his expression and just said what i normally do," Sorry simon it won't come off for 48 hours and you got not long sleeve t-shirts yet so your gonna have to go like that," I smirked and he just walked away cursing.

"HEY NO CURSING!" I shouted at him.

"SO SORRY MOTHER,!" He shouted back, he is so immature even for a 38 year old.


"Yeah that was hilarious in the morning he sounded like a girl!" I said in a girlier accent. He just laughed at my attempt.

"Yh everyone had to try and not laugh at him in the office but we couldn't help it he even wacked me over the head with a rolled up newspaper," he bragged.

" ha shame on you try getting pie in your face by the world famous Simon cowell, so tell me about yourself paul?" I stated.

"Well thanks, well my full name is paul higgins, i have a Girlfriend called sophie, im Irish, i love football and I love my job," he said, while we were getting closer to the hotel.

"Tell about yourself Amy?"

"OK well don't give me sympathy, my mum and dad died in a car accident a month and a half ago, I was the only survivor in the accent until i found out that Claire was still alive inside my mother so they cut her open and saved her, Im 16 now, I love to write and i love fashion, i moved in with Simon after the accident and asked him about what i love and i asked him for a stylist job and I had some luck because their was currently one available. "

"Wow your very grown to overcome that accident that quick," He mentioned and i just nodded.

"Well here we are let's get the little one to bed and start the pranking shell me?" He asked and i smiled as we grabbed Claire and made our way to the mine and the  boys room.

Now we can get down to buissness and bring me the prankster is in DA HOUSE!


ok guys so small chapter more of a filler, 


chapter 7 - this chapter is called pranks are in DA house tonight and this reveals the reactions of the boys and flirting with maybe a bit of violence and arguing.

Chapter 8 - Freedom and more Accident's

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