Saving Louis

Soon to be 16 year old Amy Hunt was having the time of her life with her mum, dad and soon to have a new baby sister. What happens when one day they have a early celebration for her 16th birthday but can one accident change the future for her and her family? but most important what happens when she becomes one directions stylist? love and friendship will be tested, enemies will be made and the truth will make this story twist and turn for better and for worst.

(Strong language in some scenes)


14. Interview Happiness

Amy's P.O.V

Well after a brilliant week in Ireland we were finally back on the road to our next interview. I think Ireland showed everyone that even in the shortest amount of time together you can still have a brilliant time with each other. 


I sat there watching the scene around me, it was perfect.

Flashback end

All the love that everyone shared for each other was amazing weather it was family or boyfriends or just mates. 



We were sat round the campfire all together, i looked over to Zayn and Harry who were cuddled up together. I smiled at their cuteness together, Harry looked over at me and smiled while mouthing 'Thank you' to me.

'Your welcome' I mouthed back and he just shook his head and smiled as he watched as Zayn started to drift asleep in his arms.

"You know they look cute together all because you helped them," Louis whispered to me while watching the other people around the fire.

"No it wasn't me," I said.

"What do you mean?" He asked confused.

"It wasn't me that made them be together it was their passion and love for each other, i just helped them to get on the right path and helped them discover what they truly feel for each other on the inside, you know love is hard," I explained and he pulled me into his chest.

"And that's why I love you Amy Hunt because whatever the situation you are always there to help people even if your not happy, you always put other's before yourself," He said which caused me to smile.

"I think everyone is perfect in their own way they just have to discover what it is," I said and with that we layed down and watched the star that were all around us.


Flashback end

Now we are all together on the Tour bus once again heading to an interview in London. We decided as it was a 4 hour drive that we would watch a film.

"Can we watch Toy story?" Liam begged while sitting next to Zarry while me on the other hand was sitting next to my lovely boyfriend and Niall how was still eating. 

"Niall i'm surprised you don't gain any weight eating all that food," Harry commented.

"Hey don't be so mean to him, he has fast metabolism that's all so let him eat or i'll straighten you precious hair for the interview and dress you up in old mans clothes," I defended and Niall smiled at me.

"I'm dying Zayn help me from that wicked witch of the west!" Harry shouted hiding behind Zayn. Everyone started laughing at his stupid come back.

"Fine come on put toy story on i'm bored with all the Zarry bromance," I said and Liam jumped 3 feet in the air and ran to the DVD player and popped in the disk. Sometimes i think Liam is a kid sometimes when he see's Toy story. I suddenly thought about making a story but make it like a diary of the great day in the tour bus so i pecked Louis on the lips and got up. I grabbed the laptop out the kitchen and sat down at the booth we had and started the book, i decided to call it The journey throughout my new life.


Dear Diary,

So i decided to make this to keep memories of what has happened and what is to come in the near future. Well i'll start by introducing myself then. I'm Amy Hunt i'm 16 no longer in school. About 2 months ago i was going to go to an early celebration dinner with my mum and dad for my 16th birthday. Everyday with my family was a perfect day and that day was so special. My mum was 8 and a half months pregnant which was a very exciting time for all of us. I was so happy that i was getting a baby sister, being the only child can sometimes get annoying as you can't have special times with other people like be there when they needed help or go shopping with them, kiss them goodnight and tuck them in or enjoy hugging them during storms or when they had nightmare. I wished i could have a sibling i could do that with but i guess now i can. The night of the celebration dinner, my parents car got hit from the side by another driver who wasn't paying attention to the lights changing and i felt everything all in slow motion. I felt the pain and sickness from when the car flipped over to when my head smacked on the door and knocked me out. I felt awful. When i eventually woke up, i was told that my mum and dad were dead, i was crying at first but i don't really cry now when i think about them because i know they are my parents but you got to move on, they are in a better place and i just got to live my life now because it's not my time yet. I however got someone really special to look after now, my gorgeous baby sister who i named Claire or my nickname which i made up to be clairebear. That first day that i held her i knew i had taken full responsibility to raise and look after my baby sister and that was the day that my life changed for the better. I was happy and know here i am 2 months later writing about my experience. I mean i'm surrounded by people i love and i have a boyfriend. They are called One Direction, i know the famous band, i work as their stylist and it's great. They say i'm like an angel dropped from heaven because whenever they are scared or need help they come to me and i always fix their problem.


I was still typing on the laptop when Niall came in and sat next to me smiling.

"Hey Niall what's up?" I asked while i stopped typing to look at him.

"Not much what you doing?" He asked looking over at the laptop screen.

"I was just writing a book like a diary entry on how my life has changed and everything that has happened since my parents died like the prank nights we had and our lovely food fight," I said which made him chuckle remember the funny moments we both had in Nando's.

"That's great, they were some good times," He agreed.

"You know i heard what you did for Harry and Zayn and i just wanted to thank you for everything you have done, you pulled this band back together," Niall said.

"Your welcome, i owe it to you all you have changed my life so much since i have been here and like i said i read people easily so i love helping people out with whatever gets thrown at them, Harry and Zayn have been in love longer than they think of each other they just didn't find the feelings straight away and they were both scared to tell them about what they think of each other," I said and his eye's widened.

"You know for a 16 year old girl your a very mature and you have great knowledge on people, i bet your parents are proud of you, cause i sure would be," he said. 

"Thanks Niall i'm sure they are .." I was interrupted by my phone ringing.


"Hello Amy it's Paul,"

"Oh hey what's up?"

"Just letting you know that we will be arriving in 10 minutes as the traffic is mostly clear today,"

"Ok thanks bye,"

"Bye," Niall looked at me.

"Paul said we'll be there in 10 minute's so we better get the boys of the couch ready. He nodded and we walked in the see Louis half asleep, Harry and Zayn cuddling each other and Liam crying at the film. I shook my head and turned the film off only to earn an evil glare from Liam.

"What was that for Amy?" Liam moaned.

"Well you got 9 minutes to get up and ready to walk off this bus for the interview," I said and his eye's shot up at me.

"Boys get off the couch now and get changed before i make Paul get you off the couch," I said and all the boys practically jumped off the couch. I walked to the bunks with the boys and searched for their outfits.


After getting the boys changed it was time to get to the interview. I decided to hang out with Lou and Lux while i had Claire with me.

"So you and Louis then?" Lou asked.

"Yh it's going great,"

"You know i have not seen him this happy and normal since he first met Eleanor, i dunno how you did it but you have changed him," Lou mentioned. The name Eleanor made me cringe, if i ever saw her again i would proberly kill her. Just kidding!

"Yeah he has changed but I promised all the boy that i would try and Save Louis,"

"Well I can say you really did Save Louis," 

"I'm just glad that everyone is happy again, in Ireland we spent a night at the Horan's round a fire and the scene was perfect everyone was happy, no one was angry," I said and she stared at me with amusement.

"You my dear are a truly talented 16 year old and i'm very glad to have met you and work with you," Lou said in a posh accent.

We had a great time backstage watching the interview.


Harry's P.O.V

We were on the interview listening to the interviewer when she asked about relationships.

"So boys anyone single?"

"Nope i'm taken," Liam said.

"I'm a single pringle," Niall quoted.

"I'm taken," Louis said and i was next.

I looked at Zayn and he nodded at me. I was killing inside scared of what people would say, yeah of course they had fans for Larry Stylinson but i don't think anyone is expecting this.


"Taken," We both said quickly.

"Wow so only Niall who's available, so boys who''s the lucky person," She said looking at me, Louis and Zayn.

"Well my girlfriend saved my life when i was most depressed, Amy Hunt our stylist is my lucky women," Louis said smiling like a goofy idiot while waving at the camera.

"Well good luck Amy i'm sure you'll be very happy with each other, what about you Harry and Zayn?"

"Well actually me and Zayn are dating each other after our friend helped us discover our true feelings and we are forever grateful," I announced and the boys stared at me in shock that i just said that on live Tv. The whole studio went silent for a minute then we heard the whole audience cheer really loud.

"Wow that's very brave for you to come out with and wish you the very best, you both look very cute together and i am glad to say that i'm sure all directioner's will support you decision. Me and Zayn smiled at each other, finally we can go around doing what we want without hiding are true feelings.


Amy's P.O.V

I was so happy for both of them, having the courage to do that on live TV except i don't think management will go this easy on them. I was pulled out my thoughts by Simon calling me.

"Hello Simon,"

"Hello babygirl," he said not sounding his usual happy self.

"What's the matter?"

"Well i just watched the interview that's what the matter is,"

"Look Simon their happy with each other can't you just let them be?" I asked.

"I don't know bring them to Management," He said and hung up. I shut off my phone and turned to see all the boys with worried faces.

"We have to go to management," I mentioned to the boys and all the faces turned from worried to scared. I could see Zayn crying against Harry's shoulder.

"This is about the interview isn't it?" Harry asked and i nodded my head. I walked up to Zayn and Harry and pulled them into a hug.

"T..There N..Not gonna let us be together," Zayn stuttered through his tears.

I grabbed his faces and wiped his tears away.

"Look at me Zayn," I asked and his eye's made contact with mine.

"I'm not gonna let them ruin your relationship ok, i will be there for both of you in that room," I bragged and he slowly nodded. I walked over to the other boys while Zayn cried into Harry's chest. They look so cute together even when there are sad.

"Come on boy's you have to go to," I shouted and we all wondered to the van which Paul drove to the Office.

We arrived at the office and we sat in the waiting room ready for the meeting. Zayn was still tearing up at times but Harry managed to calm him down. I think everyone was nervous to find out what Simon was gonna say to the bromance.

"You can all go in now," The receptionist said.

"Thank you," Liam said and we all stood up and entered the office to fins Simon at the table with 2 other member's of management.

"Sit down guys," Simon said. We all took a seat and waited for someone to speak who just happened to be Simon.

"Ok well boys that was a very big stunt you pulled today," Simon started and Zayn started crying again as he lent against Harry.

" I'm not happy with the situation," I stood up and stood in front of Harry and Zayn while all the boys looked confused.

"Simon why can't you just let them be happy bloody hell, they are happy together, before they didn't know their true feelings and you are about to crush their lives by saying that they can't be together!" I shouted. Everyone looked at me shocked knowing that no-one normally shouts at Simon.

"I understand Amy but this will be very bad for them in the public eye," Simon said calmly.

"No it won't Simon, look at the interview for the 2nd time and look at the reaction we got from the audience and people on twitter, sure your gonna get hate no matter what but there are so many more happy people out there and they are supporting Zayn and Harry all the way just like i am and i'm not gonna let you just ruin it for them, you didn't see what it looked like to see everyone happy in Ireland, We sat round a camp fire with Niall's family and i sat there watching everyone thinking to myself that no matter how hard life is you can still have them special moments and the minute i looked at Harry and Zayn cuddling together you could see in their eye's they were happy for once, same goes for everyone, Niall was happy that i managed to convince you to let us stay there for a week and me and Louis are happy, i mean fucking hell i saved Louis and Liam, well Liam is still typical Daddy Direction who is still in love with his girlfriend, everyone is happy," I commented and i looked around to see the boys nearly in tears especially Zayn and Harry and Niall.

"I see, well i guess if you two are happy and the other boys are happy with the relationship then you may stay as you are," All the boys nodded and Zayn cried as he hugged Harry with happiness to get the approval.

Once again I had made everyone happy for now any way. I was thrilled that Simon decided to let them stay together. The interview itself became a huge success after gaining more followers and fans screaming their ship name which i found sounded quite cute.

We all returned to the tour bus and i went back to writing my book.


Dear Diary,

Well i'm just gonna start a new bit of my life in here, i think i will finish the other one at a later stage when there isn't any PDA or cuteness around me. Well let's see after i met the boys i noticed that the boy who didn't pay much attention to what's going on around him was Louis Tomlinson and i always told myself that no matter who the person is they never like to ignore people for no reason so i took the task in my own hands to find out what was wrong with the boy.  The first day i had got on this bus was not really the best, it started from the boys looking like Zombies to having my first confrontation with Louis Tomlinson himself. That night was one of the memories that i would save, it was the day i saw straight through Louis. I found out later on that Louis wasn't depressed like people had said, he was heart broken. As time went on he got worse and the day i decided to pull a prank, well let's just say that it didn't end very well. I got into another accident and slipped into a coma but the coma was proberly the best experience i have had, you proberly think is this girl metal or something but i was in a meadow while in the coma and i heard everything that the boys said to me. They all spilled their emotions to me. I knew by then that i had to save these boys and make them happy which is exactly what i'm doing even now. A month later and me and Louis are together and very happy and i recently discovered that Zayn had some emotions towards Harry but was confused and was scared that no one would ever except him for how he was anymore. I made it my mission to find out if Harry had the same emotions and it just turned out that they did which I was thrilled about and I told Harry about Zayn, at first he didn't believe it but then i put him on the right track and they are now happy together.


Amy x


I finished typing my very long chapter, i love how i can just write about everything and keep every memory we had. Just as i was think a very giddy Niall came in and jumped on top of me.

"OW Niall what the hell have the boys done to you?" I asked laughing.

"COME ON AMY WE'RE GOING TO NANDO'S!" He shouted while i screamed and all the boys were waiting by the door only to get knocked over by me and Niall as we raced to the car. I got to the car first and Niall had to sit behind me in the back as Daddy Direction wasn't to happy with us both sitting together. I opened up my Twitter to find over 2 million followers and tonnes of tweets to me.


@Amy_Hunt1D - Hey, thank you so much for what you have done to the boys your a hero! @TillyDirection

Aww sweet i decided i would reply to that one.

@TillyDirection@Amy_Hunt1D thanks sweetheart im just glad they are happy now i thought i owed it to them and i'm over whelmed by the support and love they have from fans like you ! xx


I tweeted and shut off the app.

"What you doing babe?" Louis asked snaking his arm round my waist.

"Just tweeting a fan, how's your cuts today?" I asked and he lifted his shirt up to show the faint pink scars.

"Getting there i'm glad you saved me, i just can't imagine that i would hurt myself more than i did," He said and i leaned my head against his shoulder.

"I'm just glad to see the Louis that everyone knows about, I love you," I said and he kissed my forehead.

"I love you too Amy Hunt,"

"WE'RE HERE!" Niall shouted causing me to laugh.

"Niall keep your voice down," Liam moaned putting his hands over head.

"Aww sorry LiLi can we go in now?" Niall asked and Liam simply nodded his head. Me and Niall were the first to jump out the car while the other's just slowly walked so me and Niall just decided to run inside not bothering to wait for them.

"Hi how many?" The waitress asked.

"7 please and a baby seat" Niall said excitedly, in case you wonder Paul decided to come along with Claire.

"Of course this way," She said smiling. At least we don't have a stupid waitress who looks so fake.

"Thank you," I said and she smiled at me.

She led us to a perfect table and by the time we arrived with the waitress the others were running to us.

"God guys there is a thing called waiting ever heard of it?" Harry said.

"Um no Niall do you?" I said sarcastically which made Niall laugh to the point where he nearly fell on the floor laughing.

We all sat at the table and the waitress started looking at me and then shying away.

"Excuse me what's your name sweetheart?" I asked and she smiled while the boys looked confused on why i would ask.

"Um Elizabeth,"

"Well it's lovely to meet you Elizabeth would you like an autograph from the boys?" I asked.

"I uh, i was wondering if i could get your autograph?" W-O-W She just asked for my autograph.

"Of course sweetheart," I said and signed a napkin for her and also put my number on it.

"Text me if you want a chat Elizabeth," I said and she looked so happy as she took the napkin.

"Thank you so much," She said.

"Can i take you order?" She said.

"Yes please me and my good friend Niall will share 4 peri peri chickens and the other boys?" I looked at them and they started ordering.

"Yh 4 burger's and chips (A/N fries if Canadian or american) and Paul?" Liam said.

"I'll have peri peri chicken and do you do baby food?"

"Um no but i can blend some food and make it easier for her to eat if you like?"

"Yes please thank you" Paul said and the waitress walked away leaving everyone to look at me?

"What?" I asked.

"She just asked for your autograph," Zayn stated the obvious, duh like i didn't already know that she wanted it.

"Well done captain Sherlock," I mentioned and the boys started laughing but i received a glare from Daddy Direction obviously.

"I guess your gonna get a lot of that now then , thanks to Louis for spilling it what do you say on twitter Amy?" Liam asked.

"Not much i reply to tweets but then i also talk about bullying and i help people on line who need someone to talk to so a lot of people follow me because of that as well," I said and the boys jaws basically dropped even Paul's.

"Wow Amy your full of surprises sometimes, no wonder people like you," Paul said.

"Thanks but i like to help a lot and i also like visiting the kids in the hospital when i get a chance to get away, i think most people in those types of situations need someone there that they can rely on and talk to about their problems that happen in day to day life, it makes me see that there are more people out there that don;t get the chance to be happy," I said.

"Are you sure your 16 Amy?" Louis asked.

"Uh Yes,"

"Well you sure don't act like it your like a women to me," Louis mentioned and the waitress came back with our food.

"Hey Elizabeth do you have twitter?"

"Yeah it's Trappedalone_54,"

"Thanks im gonna follow you and don't forget you can talk to me any time i'm always free," I said and she smiled. I opened up my twitter and searched for her. I eventually found her and was shocked at her last tweet.

@Trappedalone_54 I want to thank Amy for saving me, if you hadn't talked about my type of situation and helped me and so many other people i could be dead right now, you saved me and i am so happy!

I looked down and let a tear drop for the first time in a long time at the tweet made by Elizabeth.

Niall looked at me and put a hand on my shoulder,"You ok Amy?" I looked up and smiled but slipped my phone into his hand under the table for him to look at. I watched as his expression went from confused to sad in a matter of seconds. He looked up at me and passed my phone back. I sat at the table eating my food and got bored as they were all in there own conversations so i decided i would flick a carrot at the other side of the table. Niall has noticed what i was doing and started laughing, unfortunately i managed to hit Liam in the forehead. He looked around the whole table annoyed.

"Who just threw this carrot at my forehead?" Liam asked.

"What?" Harry said and everyone looked around until all eye's were on me and Niall who were laughing hysterically.

"Don't do it again Amy," Liam said. Guess what, i never obey the rules and Paul started laughing knowing that i don't follow them. I grabbed another carrot and a pea this time and aimed at Harry and Zayn. As it flew across the table the carrot hit Harry on the cheek and the pea hit Zayn in the eye. I started laughing so hard until something hard hit my forehead. I looked down only to see a carrot and looked back up to find Harry holding his fork towards me.

"Guy's cut it out!" Liam said getting angry.

"Sorry Daddy," Me and Harry said in unison which made us both laugh and Liam gave up and just went back to talk to Paul.

The rest of the night went well, i managed to hit Paul with a piece of chicken and me and Niall both got chased around the store by an angry Liam who was trying to calm us down. As we made our way back to the car i heard Liam mumbling things lie 'Why am i the only mature one' or '5 year olds honestly,' which made me laugh but i did earn a glare. We all got in the van and we started driving back. I layed my head against Louis chest and fell into a dreamless sleep which gave me peace.



there you go guys so a longer chapter and Harry and Zayn are happy!


Chapter 13 - Break ups and make up - so this chapter consists of a break up with one of the band members and it's time for some male make overs ! you also get to hear about Elizabeth and her story when she chats to Amy.


Chapter 14 - Claire's Adopted




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