Saving Louis

Soon to be 16 year old Amy Hunt was having the time of her life with her mum, dad and soon to have a new baby sister. What happens when one day they have a early celebration for her 16th birthday but can one accident change the future for her and her family? but most important what happens when she becomes one directions stylist? love and friendship will be tested, enemies will be made and the truth will make this story twist and turn for better and for worst.

(Strong language in some scenes)


9. Happiness and A new start


*Later that night*

Flashback to Hospital - Amy's PO.V


I lay there still waiting in the meadow watching the sun rise.

"Hey Amy," A voice said and then right beside me was Zayn.

"Hi Zayn," I said knowing that he can't hear me anyway.

"Amy please you need to wake up, Everyone is sad here we all love you, I miss you so much your like a sister to me. I love hearing you talk and you laughing when Claire decided to soil her nappy or throw up on me.I love the way you keep a happy face on when things are bad and how you comfort us when we're sad, even when we think we can't be happy anymore," He said and i could see tear's streaming down his face as he speaks. 

"I wish you could wake up so i could hug you and treat you like a sister who i will always love in my heart, I miss you Amy please come back soon," He said tearing up, he kissed my forehead and disappeared. I wish i could talk to him.

The next person to appear was my lovely Hazza who was already in tear at seeing what i proberly look like. I just sat there and listened to them as the sun rose over the field.

"Hey Love, We all miss you Amy i think Liam and Zayn are taking it the worse, I love you as a sister, I remember the load of death threats you gave me and Liam when we hand cuffed you to Louis, I remember your face when Claire decided to throw up on Zayn at breakfast you laughing so much your face was red but Niall still managed not to lose his appetite for food I mean when doesn't he?" He said laughing at the memories. I laugh at the memory of my lovely sister throwing up on people.

"I miss you Amy so fucking much it's like someone has come and ripped part of my heart out of my chest, I'll hope to see you soon if you can hear me," He said and kiss my forehead like Zayn did.

Then I was left for about 10 minutes only for Niall to appear in his favorite red polo i gave him.

"Hey Amy, i don't really know what to say really, so im just going to give you an update of what's happened in the whole 2 weeks you've been in hospital," I smile knowing my heart beat would move.

"Well where to start, Zayn has got to proberly be the worst here, he is crying non stop, he hasn't had any sleep since you came and the day we got the phone call saying you were here you smashed his phone after dropping it and running to get Claire, Harry is taking it bad but not as much as Zayn, he cry's a lot but tries to stay strong when he's not around You, Then you got Liam he has tried not to cry he is trying to stay strong for everyone but i know that he is gonna break soon, Then there's Louis we haven't really seen him unless he is here with you if not then he is with Paul crying, i think he feels very guilty for what he did and im starting to worry what will happen if you don't wake up soon, Lastly you got me, I can't even say lost i am i can't sleep i miss you so bloody much it's unbelievable your my best food buddy ever i haven't been to Nando's in the whole two weeks of you being here, Just wake up soon ok We miss you Amy and everyone loves you," He said before tearing up and disappearing,"


"I love you all too," After that i just stayed there watching the whole day go bye, I feel so free here but i feel so heavy and empty inside.


Flashback end.



*The next morning* (Amy's P.O.V)


I woke up to the sun yet again! I looked around the bunk to find no-one, not even Claire. I dragged myself out of bed and went out to the Kitchen to find, Louis feeding Claire a bottle and everyone else eating Breakfast.

"Morning Amy," They all said with cheery smiles. I smiled back and sat down next to Liam.

"It's nice to see everyone is happy again, Instead of being bitchy," I mentioned.

"You made everything turn out like this Amy, oh Paul said that he texted you so i would check your phone he said it was important," Liam said and all the boys looked at me.

"Why would Paul text you?" Zayn said.

"I don't know must be serious, im gonna go and call him, can one of you change Claire for me?" I said and Louis nodded and smiled. Im glad he is finally happy, i knew if i saved him i would save everyone else from all this fighting.

I grabbed my phone from the bunks and rung Paul, after 2 calls he picked up.

"Hey Amy,"

"Hey Paul, Liam said that you need my help?"

"Yh can I pick you up and talk to you, maybe go to starbucks for a drink?"

" Sure Paul see you in ten,"

"Thanks Amy,"

"Your welcome," I hung and grabbed some clothes to change into. I decided to wear some high waist shorts and my jack wills polo with a pair of high tops and a leather jacket to go with it. After changing i put my hair up in a simple fish braid thebrought my phone with me to the kitchen to say good bye.

"Hey guy's im going out with Paul could you look after Claire while im out please?" I asked and they all looked surprised.

"Why you going out with Paul?" Niall asked with a mouth full of food. EWWW GROSS.

"First of all NIALL EAT WITH THE MOUTH CLOSED GOT IT," He nodded, "Im going to starbuck with Paul, he want to talk to me ok?" I said and a hear a knock at the door, they all nodded and i made my way to the door to find a nervous looking Paul.


"BYE AMY!" they all shouted in unison and i closed the door to the bus and hopped into Paul's car.

It took us 20 minutes to get to Starbuck and me and Paul were talking about favorite colours and what kind of animal we would be.

*at starbucks*

We walked into the shop and Paul ordered to coffees. When they were ready we sat down at a table and i was anxious to know what he wanted to talk about.

"So what's up Paul, you look very nervous?" I asked him.

"Umm well your the only girl i can talk to except for Lou but she's not around," I was confused as ever?

"Ok so what is it?"

"Well i need your advise, I want to propose to Sophie but i don't know when, where or how and i don't even have a ring yet?" He said. My eyes nearly pooped out my head.

"Omg Paul Im so proud of you," I said and hugged him.

"Well first of all arn't we going on tour to Ireland next week?"

"Yeah we are in fact we leave next tuesday,"

"That's perfect we can go look for a ring today if you want and we can go back to the bus and look up some places to go for the proposal in Ireland?" I suggested and he smiled. Point 1 for Amy!

"That sound's great Amy but what day would i propose?"

"We will work that out once we got a venue, who do you want there?"

"Well i want it quite small so, you the boys and Claire , maybe i can convince Simon?"

"Don't worry about Simon, i got that covered ok so let's get started with a day of shopping shall we?"

"Thanks so much Amy what would i do without you?" He smirked and hugged me as we made our way out the door of my favorite shop STARBUCKS!


We walked into this expensive ring shop and we stood at a counter looking through the glass looking for the perfect ring.

"Hey Paul what does sophie like?"

"Oh she likes classic nothing to big she loves the colour Aqua," Perfect.

I looked across the counter and spoted a women who must work here.

"Excuse me can i have some help?"

She turned and smiled at me,"Of course what are you looking for?"

"Well my security guard over there is proposing to his girlfriend next week so im helping him pick a ring and the women likes the colour Aqua and she loves classic nothing to big and fancy," I explained and she nodded and smiled.

"That's so lovely of you to help him dear, now i think i have the perfect ring come with me," I smiled and followed her while Paul stayed at the counter looking. We wondered over to the other side of the shop and she showed me this perfect ring that sophie would love. It was simple silver ring with a Aqua diamond in the middle.

"Now this can also be engraved,"

"Thanks can i just go and ask him something first?"

"Of course dear i'll wait here,"

I ran over to Paul who was still searching.

"Paul if you ave a quotes for Sophie what would it be?" He looked at me and then thought about it.

"I would proberly say 'The love of a true heart belong here'"

"Thanks that's beautiful by the way i'll be back in a minute,"

I ran back over to the Lady and told her.

"Ok so I will engrave it now then i will cash it in the register ok?"

"Yes thank you so much,"

"Your welcome,"

Around 3 minutes later she took me to the tills and put the ring in a red velvet box and cashed it in.

"So thats 250 pounds please," I smiled and payed with the cash that my dad left for me and said thank you. I hid the box in my jacket and made my way over to Paul.

"Come on Paul we will look for some tomorrow ok let's get back to the bus and get on the laptop yeah?" He nodded and drove us back to the bus.

*At the Bus*

" Hey boys were back,"

" Hey Amy, Hey Paul," They all said and resumed playing their game of call of duty while Louis was asleep with Claire in his arms. I took a photo and posted it on twitter.

@Amy_Hunt*official - Louis sleeping With ma baby sis Claire bear ! xxx 

Once i sent it everyone's phone buzzed and everyone turned to face Louis and smiled.

"Me and Paul are going to be in the games room don't come in ok ?"

"Ok," They all said in unison and continued to play call of duty.

"USE PROTECTION!" Niall shouted. I laughed at his response, there so stupid sometimes.

Me and Paul sat on the sofa and looked at the laptop.

"Paul you know when i said we would go looking for rings tomorrow?" I said and he nodded and looked at me.

"Well I got one for you as a surprise?" I said and took the ring out of my jacket and gave it to him.

He opened it to reveal the perfect ring.

" It's beautiful," He said and a saw a tear run down his cheek in happiness.

"That's not all i got it engraved for you with the quote you gave me," I said and he looked on the inside of the ring to find the quote ' The love of a true heart belongs here -" And he immediately engulfed me in a massive hug with tears of joy.

"Thank you so much Amy you don't know how much this means to me, how did you buy it?" He asked.

"I payed for it with the money my dad left for me, i think he will be happy that i put it into good use,"

"Thank you, you know your so grown up for a sixteen year old, your gonna make a great mum one day!" He said as he gave the ring back to me. We had decided that i would keep the ring until the proposal.

We sat their for half an hour looking at different venues and we decided on one special place which is being kept a secret. Everything is in order.

"Thank you Amy i'll see you soon," Paul said and left leaving me with the raccoon's from another planet.

"GIVE ME THE CONTROLLER BACK HAZZA!" Zayn shouted and reached up to grab it while Liam was being tackled by Niall.

"NO NEVER I WANT TO PLAY!" Harry shouted back. Zayn tackled him on the floor and they were all acting like 5 year olds.

"SHUT UP!" I shouted and they all stopped what they were doing.

"Now harry give me the remote and Liam give me your remote," I said in a stern voice.

"Fine," They both said and handed me the controller.

"God you lot you fight over some stupid remotes to play one game jeez im not giving these back today so preoccupy yourselves doing something else," I said and they all groaned. I put the controllers away and went over to Zayn and sat on his lap.

I looked at him and smiled, "Thanks for being there at the hospital Zayn,"

" Your welcome Amy, I couldn't stand not being there knowing you were in that condition," He said with a down face.

"Well no need to worry im still the sister in your heart," I said quoting what he said and i kissed his forehead like i did. I looked at me and smiled.

"You heard me, in the hospital?" He asked.

"Well when i was in a coma i was in a meadow watching the days go by when you appeared and i heard everything you said, It made my heart break when i heard the memories and couldn't even say anything to you," I said and he hugged me tight.

"Then you know how much I love you then, It's all true what i said you'll always be a sister to me,"

I smiled, "And you'll always be my big brother, even if you style your hair too much," He started laughing and i ruffled his precious hair.

"Move you ruined my masterpiece!" He shouted and after i jumped out his lap he ran to the bathroom.

I was left with Hazza and Niall and a sleeping Louis, Liam decided he would take a nap.

"Hey Amy," They both said as i sat in between them.

I smiled remember that the said that too me at the hospital.

"What you smiling at Amy?" Niall asked.

"Nothing just a flashback i had in my dream last night"

"oh what was it about?" Hazza asked.

"Just remember the meadow i was in when i was in the coma and the conversation you all had with me," I said and they both looked surprised that i remembered.

"Don;t worry guys i loved what you said, i loved it how me and you Niall are best buddies when it comes to food or how you Hazza broke down in tears when you reminded me of the memories we had together like when Claire threw up on Zayn and i turned red from laughter," I explained and they both smiled and pulled me into a hug.

"We missed you so much Amy, we all missed how you used to comfort us when we were sad and be like mommy direction," Hazza said. I smiled, i love these boy's so much like family.

I looked around and saw everyone, Claire bonding with Louis while he slept, Zayn fixing the mess in his masterpiece, Liam sleeping after looking after the boys and me, Niall and Hazza on the couch laughing at the memories we had together on the bus. I thought back to my parents, how they would be happy that im happy and not sad and how i got these boy's and Simon and Paul, how they all are like a new start for me, A new family i can love once again.



Ok guys so here is the next chapter, of course you only saw the flashback conversation of Harry, Niall and Zayn, Liam and Louis will be coming up in the next chapter!

Chapter 10 - Flashbacks and Nightmares - ok so in this chapter things start to go downhill slightly, Poor Louis suffered the most from Amy being in a coma and he need help from her fast as he has sudden nightmare of what happened and Flashback involving a very angry Simon and some Very pissed of boys (There will be glimpses of a new bromance forming but who will it be?)


Chapter 11 - Repeating history with Along weekend in Ireland


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