Saving Louis

Soon to be 16 year old Amy Hunt was having the time of her life with her mum, dad and soon to have a new baby sister. What happens when one day they have a early celebration for her 16th birthday but can one accident change the future for her and her family? but most important what happens when she becomes one directions stylist? love and friendship will be tested, enemies will be made and the truth will make this story twist and turn for better and for worst.

(Strong language in some scenes)


5. Hand cuffed to an Asshole


Amy's P.O.V


So let's recap my fun adventure on this tour so far which is all about 2 days. Day 1- have an argument with the Asshole in stripes and loved being around the other four boys with Clairebear. Day 2 - funny joke call with Simon which ends up with having a game of truth or dare. Then Hazza get's onto my death list after Asshole stripes because he decided it would be hilarious to hand cuff me to an Asshole!


Mind Diary,


Dear Mind Diary welcome to the first day with the stupid asshole in stripes p.s my brand new nickname i made up for him.


I thought to myself as i layed in bed watching the sun rise slowly. I can see this being a long day ahead.

I was taken out of my train of thought when i heard Claire bear crying. I got out of bed, only to forget the hand cuffed so i ended up greeting the floor.

"Why hello dear floor friend who do you do on this fine day?" I sarcastically said to myself while i looked up to three sets of eyes which happen to belong to Niall, Liam and Harry looking at me as if i had gone cray cray (crazy).

"Amy what are you doing on the floor?" Liam asked over a stupid Leprechaun laughing at me.

I blushed, "Well let me see i am trying to get to claire but harry made a dare which ended up with me being tied to a Asshole in stripes, sound familliar to you?" I asked while trying my best to be sarcastic.

"Well i think it is best for you, maybe you can work out your differences with each other?" He asked.

I glared at him in a 'Are you serious right now look' and he just laughed.

"Hey Liam?"

"Yeah Amy?"

"Wanna know a secret?"

"Yeah what?"

"You on my death list and i mean right at the top after the asshole of course," I stated while standing up.

"I......what that's not fair im the good one!" He protested.

"Shame watch your backs boys specially you Hazza," I said with an evil smirk and Harry looked at me in fear.

I stepped closer to Louis bunk and poked him, Nothing.

"Louis get up," NOTHING. 

I gave up with trying to wake him up while the boys just sat their laughing, ha ha they think it's funny but i don't.

I pulled the duvet back and grabbed his arm while dragging him out of bed and letting him drop on the floor.

As soon as he hit the floor he let out a grunt in annoyance. He looked around the room and his eyes landed on me.

"You fucking Bitch why did you do that! " He screamed at mee which ended up in Claire crying which also woke Zayn up.

"Zayn Could you and Niall take claire into the other room please?" I asked and he answered with a nod. I saw that both Harry and Liam were looking worried at what was about to happen.

"Here we go again," Harry mumbled while i shot him a death glare.

"Don't you dare fucking talk like that around my sister again you asshole, i was trying to get you up so i could go to claire but you didn't so i thought and went for my second option!" I screamed back at him. He seemed surprised by my sudden outburst towards him.

"Fine sorry you bitch,god can't get sleep anywhere " He mumbled. I walked closer to him and brought my hand up and connected it with his face.

"You won't be getting any sleep you keep on now come on i want to eat," I said and started walking towards only to be stopped by the hand cuffs.

"THAT FUCKING BITCH SLAPPED ME!" He shouted, while dragging me back towards him.

"Louis calm down you deserved it now let's go eat i don't need anyone getting hurt before the concert tonight," Liam said while putting a hand on his shoulder. He nodded and dragged me out the room to the kitchen.

As we walked in i saw Zayn feeding Claire and Niall stuffing his face with food.

"Thanks for taking Claire for me Zayn, why can't i be hand cuffed to someone else that cares," I mentioned and Zayn just smiled at me in response. (A/N just so you know the hand cuff is on Louis right hand not the left, left is where he cuts).

"Oh what a shame maybe if your weren't such a spoiled brat you won't be tied with me," Louis answered with his eye brows raised. I just rolled my eyes at him and entered the kitchen and sat at the table with Louis trailing slowly behind.

*After Breakfast *

We had finished breakfast and now we have to change so we could do some shopping. All the boys except Louis went to get changed so i decided to change Claire.

"Hey asshole pass the clothes over," I asked while covering Claire's ears. He looked at me, then to Claire and just went back to his phone completely ignoring me. 

"Fine hold claire i will get them myself," I grunted to him and placed Claire in his arms before h could protest.

I grabbed her clothes from the couch and grabbed Claire from a very amused Louis. He was actually smiling at Claire.

"Guess you got a thing for kids then?" I asked and he just nodded.

"Here," He said and took the clothes off me and started changing Claire. I just stared at him in surprise, when i heard the boys coming in laughing but soon stopped when they saw what Louis was doing.

Harry just looked at me and gave me the thumps up and mouthed ' he cares for you you know' i stood there with my mouth open staring from Claire to Louis.

"You know you should close you mouth before you catch flies," Louis mentioned which instantly caused me to blush as he handed me Claire with a smirk on his face. I looked into his sea blue eyes, I wondered if it hurt when he fell out of heaven to earth?

"Umm Amy can you take Claire, and no it didn't hurt falling from heaven im just naturally good looking don't you think?" Louis smirked after saying the commenting.

"Shit i said that our loud, oh and there isnt really anything to look at, at all," I tried to Lie and he just laughed as i gave Claire to Harry and pulled Louis into the bunks.

"I need to change, turn around" I said and he just stared at me still smirking.

"Ok let me rephrase turn around before i make you ," I spat at him

He held his hands up in defence, "Ok Ok don't get your knickers in a twist" He said turning towards the door.

"Asshole," I muttered under my breath While changing into some jeans and a slouch shoulder shirt.

"I heard that Bitch," He said. I just rolled my eyes and finished changing.

"You can change now Asshole," 


After changing we met everyone in the lounge and headed for the mall.

"I CALL SHOTGUN," Harry shouted as he ran to the van. I giggled at how immature he can be sometimes.

We all climbed into the van, Liam was driving, Niall and Zayn were on the backseat with Claire in the middle in her baby carrier and me and Asshole was in the middle.

"Can we go to Nando's Pleaseee?" I asked 

"NOOO DON'T LIAM YOU DON'T WANNA KNOW WHAT THEY DID LAST TIME, IT HAS SCARED ME FOR LIFE,!" Zayn shouted in fear of mine and Niall's next eating contest which ended up with zayn getting bits off food in his hair as he screamed and ran to the bathroom. Hilarious times that was.

This instantly made me and Niall high five each other and Harry looked confused.

"Harry me and Niall had an eating competition and it ended when Zayn got bits of food in his hair and he went running into the boys room screaming like a girl who broke a nail," I said and everyone bursted out laughing except for zayn who looked at me.

"You are worse then what i imagined you to be , Amy" Zayn blurted out.

"Don't worry your not on my death list only Louis, Harry and Liam," I announced and all three boys had fear and paled expressions on their faces.

"Oh dear can't wait to see the outcome of that," Niall said.

"WE'RE HERE!" Harry shouted.

We all hurry out the van and into the shopping mall, We walked into some baby and mother's store and brought some new clothes for Claire and some more toys and books. While in the store we did get a few disgusted looks from people and some people were laughing how me and Louis were tied up.


Around midday we decided after shopping in Jack wills, Next, Hollister and Boots that we would head to Nando's with some groans from Zayn and a long lecture from Liam telling me and Niall that they would take away food privileges if  we started chucking food or start an eating competition.

"Yes Daddy Direction," Me and Niall said in unison as we walk through the mall.


Just as we came down another hallway we saw the Nando's logo.

"NANDO'S ," me and Niall screamed and started running towards the shop but i got dragged backed by the cuffs where a smirking asshole waited and Liam dragged Niall back.

"STOP now we will walk into Nando's ok no running, jeez you act like five year olds," Liam lectured once again.

*After Nando's on the Tour Bus*


"Hey guys i just remembered since you are getting ready for a concert how am i going to be hand cuffed to Asshole over here?" I asked as they were all changing with my hand over my eyes.

"Come to think of it i didn't really think of that, any ideas," Harry said which made me wanna snap at him for this stupid retarded idea of being handcuffed.

"No shit Sherlock you didn't think no wonder your on my i need to get revenge on list," I snapped.


"Whatever Liam idea please?" I asked and he moaned.

"Umm i dunno what about paul we could hand cuff her to him while our concert," He suggested.

"WAIT WHAT ARE YOU CRAY CRAY?" I asked taking my hand off my eyes only to see all five boys wearing trouser but no shirts, this made me go a deep blush of red.

"Like what you see ?" Louis asked in a seductive tone. why the hell is he being flirty? I have also noticed he never takes his bracelets off, what is he hiding?

"No but i know your hiding something and im gonna work it out eventually," I whispered and i felt him tense and clench his jaw tight.

"Something wrong mate, you look like your gonna kill someone," Harry asked while all the boys looked from me to Louis.

"No sorry im good, Let's call paul and tell him about tonight," Louis stated.

"WAIT WHAT IF HE RAPES ME OR KILLS ME, OR KIDNAPS ME" I shouted and they all bursted out laughing.

"Paul is are bodyguard and tour manager, he isn't gonna do anything, he's married for christ sake," Louis said still clearly thinking about what i said.


Well that's just wonderful starts with being tied to an Asshole and now their gunna hand cuff me to some random bodyguard dude. Why did i ever agree to play that stupid Truth or day game?

Pray to god that this paul guy isn't an Asshole like this one, maybe i can ask him to take me to a shop while their in the concert so i can get my revenge? What do you think hair dye or what they fear the most?

I smiled evilly while the boys were talking and was ready to try and set my plan in action.




Well hi huys sorry it took soo long to update today, hope it's going ok so far i usually think of a great chapter in my head but it never seem to turn out the way i planned it when i write it out, it's so confusing?


Chapter 6 - so as you know the title was told to  you on the last chapter as Meeting Paul which should be a funny chapter, will she get to do the dare? she also meet's Lou the stylist that should be great fun!


Chapter 7 - sneek peek - Pranks are in Da House Tonight

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