Saving Louis

Soon to be 16 year old Amy Hunt was having the time of her life with her mum, dad and soon to have a new baby sister. What happens when one day they have a early celebration for her 16th birthday but can one accident change the future for her and her family? but most important what happens when she becomes one directions stylist? love and friendship will be tested, enemies will be made and the truth will make this story twist and turn for better and for worst.

(Strong language in some scenes)


15. Break up's and make up

Amy's P.O.V


I woke up to someone shaking me. I snapped my eye's open to find a very worried Louis in front of me.

"What's the matter Louis?" I asked while sitting up and rubbing the sleep out my eye's.

"Hurry up and change Amy, something's up with Liam and we don't know what is wrong with him," He said with urgency.

"Ok calm down, where is he?" I said while changing. I got used to Louis seeing me change since we are dating.

"He locked himself in the bathroom and he won't come out," He said. I finished changing and he ran out the door with me right behind him.

I came to the door of the bathroom only to find all the boys around it.

"Boy's can you go and do whatever it is you do on a Saturday morning please while i talk to Liam," I asked.

"Sure," They all said in Unison as they walked away into the games room in the back of the bus. I walked up to the bathroom door and knocked.

"Liam, babe it's me Amy talk to me," 


Harry's P.O.V

We all walked away from the bathroom and headed for the games room at the back of the bus leaving Amy to hopefully be able to speak to Liam. It was so weird first we were all talking in the living room at how happy we were while Zayn feed Claire and Amy slept, then Liam was on his phone and suddenly burst out in tears while running into the bathroom and locked himself in every since.


"Hey, Harry do you think Amy will be able to help LiLi like he did with us," Zayn asked with a croak in his voice. He only sounds like that when he is scared or sad. I hugged him as he sat on my lap on the sofa.

"I'm positive she will," I whispered and we all watched as Niall and Louis played black ops.

Zayn cuddled into me as much as possible.

"Your so warm," He moaned.

"Why are you cold babe?" I asked him with worry. he nodded his head and i took my sweat top off and sat him up.

"Here babe where this," I said while pulling it over his head. I pulled it over his head and helped put his arms in.

"Thanks," He said blushing.

"You look cute when you blush," I said as i pulled him back into my chest. I noticed he was smelling my Jumper and then smiling.

I smiled at his cuteness, he was so happy when i was around but when i left for like an hour he would get depressed and sad even with worry on top. 


I had just finished buying groceries for the tour bus at our pit stop. I got back to the tour bus only to find everyone trying to calm Zayn down who was crying and shaking. I dropped the bags and ran over to him while pushing everyone out the way. I sat next to him and pulled him into my lap while the othr's put the bags in the kitchen.

"Hey shh it's ok babe im here what's wrong," I said as he nuzzled his head into the crook of my neck.

"I..I Had a nightmare and when i woke up you were gone," He said crying even more. I smiled at his silliness.

"It's ok babe i'm here now i was just shopping for food," I cooed as i kissed his hair while his face was still in the crook of my neck. It took him 5 minutes to calm down and stop shaking and crying. He pulled ou the hug and i wiped his tears away. I kissed his forehead and looked at him.

"I'm always gonna be here babe i'm not gonna leave you ever ok?" I said and he nodded while lying in my arms.


Flashback end


I sat here watching him as i remembered that day. That was the day before yesterday. I will never leave him, i love him too much and care about him too much, just seeing him crying and shaking over me not being with him kills me.


Amy's P.O.V

I knocked on the bathroom door.

"Liam, babe it's Amy talk to me," I asked still knocking only to stop when i heard the bathroom door click. He opened the door only to reveal him with red blotchy eyes and tears streaming down his face. I walked into the bathroom and locked the door and turned to pull him in a hug. He cried so hard that his legs gave out so i sat us on the floor with him cradled into me sobbing.

"Hey what's wrong?" I asked calmly trying not to hurt him anymore than what he is already.

"D...Da...Danielle sh..she broke u..up with me," He stuttered crying harder.

" Why would she break up with you babe?" I asked. Liam wasn't a person you break up with for no reason i mean he is a good guy who never does anything wrong.

"S...she said that she found someone else and that it was time to move on," He said with hurt in his voice.

"Aww babe you know she has missed out on so much and she obviously wasn't the one for you, you'll find your princess some day even if it's not straight away, you may date other girls but you'll find the perfect one eventually she doesn't deserve you, you deserve someone better," I explained and he calmed down a bit.

" really think that?" He asked looking up at me.

"Of course it was probably God saving you from her as she wasn't the right girl for you, now i want to see that smile that i know you have," I said and he smiled at me while leaning back into me, wrapping his arms around my waist. 

"Thank you so much Amy," Liam said and before i could reply i heard faint snores from Liam and i looked down to find him sleeping. I chuckled at his Innocence. I guess No one in life ever goes without some kind of break up. There  is always someone out there for someone to love weather you find your prince or princess now or later, you'll never be alone forever.

Just think if you ever find your Prince or Princess in the future and then look back at your past at the girls you thought you loved before you'll find that God or someone saved you and brought you to the right person. Danielle may have broken his heart but he will find that special someone who will fill his heart with pure love and happiness.


I looked down at him and slowly lifts him up into my arms so he was cradled like a baby. If your wondering i'm very strong, i always have been. I carried him to the door and struggled but managed to unlock the door. I walked over to the bunks and layed him down in my bunk as i couldn't reach his. I tucked him in and kissed his forehead. I love looking after these boys, they look so vulnerable when they are hurt, upset and it makes me want to help so much.


I walked out the bunks while shutting the door when my phone buzzed. 


1 unread message.


I opened it to find that Elizabeth was texting me.


Hey Amy, i don't know if you remember me from Nando's but i was wondering if we could talk i mean i saw what you do for people on twitter and was wondering if you could help me?


Elizabeth x


I replied to her and saved her number into my phone.


To : Elizabeth_from_Nando's


Hey Sweetheart how can i help you, i don't mind talking at all


Amy x


All i knew so far about Elizabeth was that she is about 15 and she works at Nando's and that i had saved her life.


From : Elizabeth_From_Nando's

Ok well i started getting bullied in my school and that is what started me self harming and i was gonna end my life but you saved me and i need some advise on what to do because I'm alone. Please help me?


I get it why she kept looking at me now.


To : Elizabeth_From_Nando's


Hey sweetheart OK first of don't hurt yourself, there is no need to ruin your life by doing that, Bullying is a strong situation and i always think it's best f you tell someone about like parent or teacher because they won't stop, if you have an urge to hurt yourself which i would think cutting in your case then try and find something you like, example i like fashion try something new as well like singing or playing piano and guitar, pour your emotions out in that instead and forget the urge, i know you can do it xx


From : Elizabeth_From_Nando's


Thank you so much i will keep you updated, i'm glad to have met you Amy you saved me and i'm sure a lot of other people too x


I smiled at her kindness. I made my way to the game's room to find Harry with Zayn in his arms watching Louis and Niall play black ops. I shake my head, typical boys.

"Amy, how's Liam?" Harry asked as soon as i walked further into the room.

"He's fine, sleeping now in the bunks," I said.

"What was wrong with him Amy?" Zayn asked.

"Danielle broke up with him but i spoke to him and he is fine now,"

"Thank you," Zayn said and i smiled at him as everyone smiled and went back to what they were doing.



Zayn's P.O.V


I sat there snuggled in Harry's chest. He made me feel special every time he held.

"Babe you ok?" Haz asked me. I looked up at him and smiled.

"Yeah i'm good," I said laying my head back on his chest. I felt him kissed my head which sent shivers down my neck.

"Love you babe,"

"Love you too haz," I pecked him on the lips and snuggled in his arms.

"Guys i have an idea!" Amy suddenly shouted out. Oh dear last time she had an idea she made us do pranks which ended up with a very made Daddy Direction.

"What is it?" Louis asked smirking.

"Well seeming as i'm a girl still i want to give you all make over's and then show case them to Liam and make him laugh," She said and all the boys looked at each other in horror. Louis ran out the room while Niall was trapped and Harry moved me and ran out leaving me with an evil smirking Amy who grabbed my arm so i couldn't escape.

"HARRY HELP ME!" I shouted and just heard laughing.

"Sorry babe i'm not going near her," He said. I slumped down in my chair with Niall who was staring at Amy who had a make up box in front of her and a load of hair materials.

 "Who's first?" she asked smiling.

"NIALL!" I shouted scooting over on the couch while receiving a death glare from Niall.

"Ok come one Niall," She said pulling his arm and placing him in a chair that she had placed in the middle of the room.




Harry's P.O.V


It had been around 2 hours since me and Louis fled the horror of make up and of course we left my baby Zayn in there with Nialler to get tortured.


I was snapped out my thoughts when i saw Amy come out smiling proudly. She went into the bunks and dragged a very tired looking Liam with her to the couch. We all watched her smirk as she called Zayn and Niall.

"You can come out now!" She shouted. Zayn and Niall walked through the doors from the games room and everyone was laughing. Amy managed to make Zayn look like a girl version of himself and Niall well he looked like someone who liked too much make up on.

"This is not funny," Zayn said staring straight at me.

"Sure whatever you say babe," I said to him and he walked slowly over to me and sat on my knee's.

He bent his head down and pressed his lips against my weak spot on my neck instantly making me moan. "You'll regret laughing now," He whispered. I could tell he was smiling when he pulled away. He went and sat with Amy while everyone was laughing at me.

"What are you lot laughing about" I asked and Liam handed me a mirror and i looked in it only to find a massive love bit on my neck which would be hard to cover.

"ZAYN!" I shouted and he started laughing.

"And that's how you get revenge," he said and Liam was practically on the floor laughing.

"Thanks so much for cheering me up guys, but seriously take that awful make up off," He said in his Daddy Direction voice.

Niall and Zayn jumped up and ran for the bathroom. 10 minutes later they came back looking perfect.

Zayn looked around and found nowhere to sit.

"Come here baby," I said and everyone looked at Zayn as he smiled like a child on Christmas day and ran, then jumped onto my lap. I wrapped my arm around his waist and he layed his head on my chest while i put my chin on top of his head. Everyone stared at us smiling.

"You two are so cute with one another," Amy said which made me roll my eye's. I sat there rocking Zayn when Liam spoke to me.

"You know mate he fell asleep like ten minutes ago?" He stated and i looked down at the sleeping lad and smiled.

"Yeah i guess i was day dreaming,"

"You look good together mate, i'm proud of you," Liam said and i smiled.

"I'm really sorry about Danielle,"

"It's fine i have feelings for someone else anyway, i just don't understand them feelings," Liam moved on that quick wow. How could he not understand his feelings you either like a girl or not.


"So who's the lucky girl?" I asked and he stared at me in horror.

"I..uh sorry," He said and left the room with everyone staring at me.

"What was that about Harry?" Niall asked.

"I asked who the lucky girl was that he had feelings for and he just got up and left," I mentioned and Louis smiled at Amy who smiled at me.

"What am i missing something here?" I asked her.

"Yeah what did i tell you in Ireland do you remember?" I stared at her and thought back to that night in Ireland when everyone had gone to bed.



I walked downstairs and sat at the table when i heard someone walk in. I look up to see Amy.

"Hey can't sleep?" She asked.

"No, i was wondering if i could ask you something?"

"Sure go ahead," he said taking a seat next to me.

"How did you know that Zayn was gay if he has never had a boyfriend?"

"Well that i know the answer to, I had 2 best friends back in London they were like a year older than me both boys but they were my best friends,"


"Oh sorry yeah anyway one day one of the boys called Mark came to me and said that he had weird feelings for the other boy Elliot, He said he had this sick feeling in his stomach almost like butterflies whenever he was around Elliot and he wanted to ask me if i could find out what are the signs of being gay, so that night i did all my research and found that he was gay, of course he was upset but i talked to him and told him that he needed to talk to Elliot and it turned out that he was gay already and they fell in love with each other, since then i could tell what falling in love between two boys looked like, like when Zayn told me that he had feelings for you i knew that i had to talk to you and try to see if you had them same signs as what Elliot had when he found out from Mark," She said and i sat there staring at her. She helped her best friends fall in love and find feelings for each other.


"And you knew i already had feelings for Zayn?" I asked and she nodded while smiling.

"Yes i did and i'm happy that you two are together and have found the courage to tell each other your feelings," She said. I hugged her which she happily took.

"Thank you Amy, i'm so happy now and it's all thanks to you," I said and she smiled.

"Your welcome Harry and actually you did it yourself i just told you what directions to pick," She said while getting up and walking to the stairs.

"Goodnight Curly," She said walking up the stairs, I sat there and smiled. After sitting there for a bit i went back to mine and Zayn's room and found him sitting up crying. I ran over to him and brought him into my chest, i saw he had my shirt in his fist.

"What's the matter babe?" I asked.

"I...I thought you left me, it feels like a dream Harry," He said whimpering.

I pulled his face up to face mine and i collided my lips with his and passionately kissed him while he did the same.

"I will never leave you, ever," I said cradling him in my chest again. I could feel them butterflies Amy was on about. It made me happy to feel that way. 



"I need you to answer truthfully do you have feelings for Zayn?" She asked.

"I..uhh dunno?"

Flashback end


Everything is adding up. Liam stuttered when i asked who she was and he looked sad when i said girl? Was he gay?

I looked up at Amy and raised my eye brows and she just smiled at me and nodded. She's thinking the same thing.


Liam's P.O.V

What the hell am i gonna say now, great plan Liam just run out the room whenever he asked what girl i had feelings for. I can't stand it anymore his blue piercing eye's just kill me. I never told anyone that Danielle was actually a cover up, she is my friends she just pretended to be my girlfriend and pretended to break up with me the real reason i was crying was over him!


Ok next chapter done! So who the hell is Liam on about? 

Chapter 16 - Claire's adopted - So Amy get's some exciting news about Claire being adopted but by who? and find out more about Liam's troubling feelings.


Chapter 17 - Zarry's First date

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