With five new guys in school practically drooling over her, Queen Bee Cassidy has her pick. But will it be more of a challenge than she expected it to be? And will getting closer to these guys reveal secrets about Cassidy that nobody else had a clue about, not even best friend Kim?


1. New Boys

It was the first day back at high school and I strutted through the school gates, arms linked with my best friend, Kim, heads up and chests out – earning us a few wolf whistles on the way as we giggled and drew closer together, eyeing up all the fresh meat that were standing around nervously in their middle school groups. Kim smiled at them and winked, hitching her mini skirt up a little higher, so that it rested just above her butt. I grinned at her and she gave me her signature Kim smile, the smile that said ‘they are so mine’. We sashayed through the front doors, barging past a couple of freaks on the way and coming to a stop in front of our lockers, which are side by side. Unlinking arms with Kim as I twiddled the dial round to input my combination I noticed a group of guys I’d never seen before standing a few metres away from us and looking Kim and I up and down like sex starved maniacs. I rolled my eyes, brushing a hand through my long auburn hair and drawing it away from my face, turning back around to now open locker and dumping my bag inside it, checking my schedule briefly then turning to the mirror inside the locker door, pulling out a peach coloured lip-gloss from ‘Body Shop’ and applying it to my lips with a few quick swipes. Grabbing my History stuff, sighing deeply as I did so – two hours with Mr Thomas, his weird smell and creepy stare was not something I was looking forward to. Not to mention he liked to stare down your top while ‘checking your answers’. I’d had detention with him a few times but Kim always made sure she got detention in his class as well so that I wasn't alone with him.


Closing my locker and spinning myself round, hair flying, I looked over to the group of boys again, all ogling either me or Kim. Pathetic. They were going to end up with the same social status as Colin the Creep if they didn't watch out. They were kind of good looking through. There were five of them altogether. One with a mass of brown curls and bluey-green eyes that sparkled at me as we caught each other’s gaze and he winked at me slyly. Ew. Who did he think he was? Another had beautiful blue eyes and a dirty blond hair, he grinned at me with a genuine, warm smile. Kind of cute. The third looked like he would be muscular underneath the grey short-sleeved top he was wearing, his brown hair matched perfectly with his brown eyes, he was looking at Kim rather than me but that could easily be changed. Not that I would ever steal a guy from Kim but if I were to wear a skirt instead of skinny jeans tomorrow, that wouldn't technically be stealing. The fourth guy was cute; there was something innocent about him, probably the blond hair - bleached by the look of it – and gorgeous blue eyes. The cute one waved at me in a goofy way and grinned madly, earning himself several punches on the arms from the other guys in his group. I smirked; they could tell I was Queen Bee. The last was rugged and manly looking, black hair and dark eyes that felt like they were penetrating my eyes as we looked at each other, he grinned and bit his lip softly, looking at me the entire time. I held back a moan; this was one thing about guys I always loved. Lip biting. If they got it right they seemed sexy but if they got it wrong it looked like they were trying to chew their entire face off.


Whipping my head round quickly to avoid staring at the lip biter. Grabbing Kim’s arm I pulled her over towards the full sized mirrors that were up beside the entrance to the drama department near our lockers. I looked at my reflection, grinning at the results. I smoothed out a crease in my ‘Hollister’ burgundy ultimate high rise jeggings, afterwards straightening out my white crop top with white lace detailing – also from ‘Hollister’. Combing my fingers through the straightened auburn shine that was my hair I noticed in the mirror that just over my shoulder the group of guys were still looking at us. I turned my head towards Kim and we both smirked at each other, knowing that they would be eating out the palm of our hands pretty soon. This was so easy.


After arriving five minutes late to History I took my usual seat at the back, next to Kim, sliding my table next to hers so that we could talk without majorly disturbing the class. Plus, we mostly talked about quite private things so preferred not to share it with the entire room. The five new guys arrived a few minutes later accompanied by Brenda from the front office. She announced their names to the class.


‘Alright guys, this is Harry (Curly), Louis (Kind of Cute), Liam (Kim Creeper), Niall (Goofy) and Zayn (Lip Biter)’


Zayn, Niall, Harry and Louis all looked around the room searchingly until their eyes landed on me.

They were so mine.

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