With five new guys in school practically drooling over her, Queen Bee Cassidy has her pick. But will it be more of a challenge than she expected it to be? And will getting closer to these guys reveal secrets about Cassidy that nobody else had a clue about, not even best friend Kim?


2. History Class

“Alright, class. We’ll have to do a little moving about to accommodate our new students. Kimberly, you’ll be moving to this place right in front of my desk, you will be beside… Ah, Liam. Louis, Harry, and Neil will take that group of three at the back-“droned Mr Thomas with a wicked grin on his face at Kim’s name but who was soon cut off by Niall.

“Actually, Sir, I’m Niall. You know, like the River Nile. In Egypt. And actually I think the boys and I would rather sit together, thanks.”

“Mr… Horan.” Mr Thomas glanced down at his register before proceeding, “Go and take your seat right now or yourself and the entire class will find yourself in lunchtime detention. For two weeks.” The entire class groaned at Thomas’ words and glared at Niall, who quickly backed down and slunk to his table with a look of pure disgust.


Mr Thomas continued, “And after that very rude interruption there, we are just left with Mr Malik, who will be sitting next to Cassidy in the back corner there. Now class, today we will be discussing…”


I didn’t hear any more after that, the lip biter was coming towards my desk. I relaxed back in my seat and turned to face him as he sat down.

“Listen, babe. Let’s not fuck about, ok? You want to screw me as much as I want to screw you. My place at lunch? Blow off school and have a little fun? Plus, you might get to blow something else off if you play your cards right.” He drawled, winking at me once he was finished and smirking.


“Listen, ‘babe’. I don’t know who you think you are but I can make your life a misery if you’re not careful. So don’t play cocky with me, you little twerp. What I say goes, alright? I wouldn’t go to your scuzzy house if you paid me and, trust me, I’m not cheap.” I hissed in a steely voice as I looked right into his eyes.

And just as he was about to speak again, I cut him off sharply.

“However, my house is empty tonight. And, well, you seem like you need a little help on how to survive in this school. Meet me at the lockers after school and I’ll see what I can do for you.” I smirked, tossing my hair over one shoulder while keeping his eye contact.


Zayn glanced over to Mr Thomas, who was still deep in discussion about the Vietnam War or something, before leaning over and whispering in my ear.

“How do I know if what you’ll show me is worth the wait?”


I held his gaze while sliding one hand off of the desk and resting it on his knee gently. Slowly, I began walking my fingers up to between his thighs as I felt him tighten his body, clearly trying to not get a boner in class. Smirking as I turned towards Mr Thomas, keeping my hand on his leg, I brought my fingers over his growing bulge. I heard a hiss of air coming from him as I started rubbing it with the palm of my hand, kneading it in a way that made him have to conceal his moan with a cough. Keeping a neutral expression, I slowly peeled him zip down and, to my surprise, he had decided to go commando. Brave move, little boy. I slowly pulled his sweatshirt off of the back of his chair and placed it over his lap before pulling out his dick through his zipper hole and, now, unbuttoned jeans. I snuck a peak down at his lap, twitching the jumper away for a minute so I could get a better view. Holy shit, it was long. Not only was it long, at least 10 inches, it was thick. It was so thick that I couldn’t even fit my whole hand around it. It was standing to full attention now, as I slowly began to slide my hand up and down the shaft, caressing him slowly as his breathing became more laboured. I kept the pace slow, teasing him until he was gritting his teeth, desperate to release.


Smiling slightly, I removed my hand and gained the same look of disgust that Niall had used earlier. Turning to hold eye contact with Zayn, I batted his hand away from his area. He wasn’t going to finish this until I wanted him to. I picked up a fountain pen from my desk and dropped it deliberately. Right between his legs. Glancing around the classroom I noticed that everyone else was either taking a nap, including Mr Thomas, or absorbed in listening to their iPods. Kim was busy flirting with Liam, using the flirtatious giggle and arm touching that she always used when she liked a guy.


Holding Zayn’s gaze still, I slowly lowered my head underneath the desk and the sweater, until I was face to face with the beast. I started to kiss the tip gently, giving it the occasional delicate lick before I took all of his glory into my mouth. It was a struggle but the whole width managed to fit in. I wanted Zayn to control this bit, so I didn’t move on his dick. He groaned slightly as he reached down and pushed my head further down and then pulling it back up again. With each push, he thrust more of himself into my mouth until he was completely in. I gagged slightly as he held my head down, my eyes filling with tears because of it. Quickly, he pulled me back up and I just had time for a gasp of air before he plunged my head back down again, wrapping his hand around a section of the roots of my hair. This continued for around 25 more minutes until I felt his breathing getting more and more laboured and withdrew from him, putting my head back above the desk and fixing my hair. As I reapplied lip-gloss he stared at me in shock and confusion.


“That was just the trailer. The full movie comes later. Don’t sort it until the full movie because, trust me, I’ll know.” I said in my sexiest voice before gathering up my things, just in time for the bell to ring.

 Man! That was a good first class. Two hours had flown by in a blink. Well, in a suck.

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