Falling in Love with a Necromancer. *A Kili Story*

Eleniel never really understood why Gandalf always avoided the topic of her real parents. It’s like he was forbidden to talk about them, or even mention their name to her. After a while, she gave up on asking, even though she still never really understood why. In time, she realizes that she can do strange, but incredible things. Things that a normal elf couldn’t do. She can control the elements around her, she can see what is about to happen, but only at a distance, she cannot change the past, or the future, but she can relive it. One day, when her ‘father’ whisks her away on an adventure with 13 dwarves, she is getting more than she bargained for. Her past is slowly being revealed, bit, by bit. What will happen when a certain dwarf has his eye on her? Will she return those feelings, or will the sparks die out?


1. Meeting Eleniel


Adopted daughter of Gandalf the Grey
Her real family is unknown
Race: Elf.
Powers:  Elements, she can see the future, and the past, but she cannot leave the present to go change it..
Appearance: Dark brown hair, soft green eyes
Weapons: Bow and Arrows, sword, daggers, long elvish knives
Personality: Logical, smart, quiet
Talents: cooking, archery, sword fighting, singing, and playing the ocarina

Bio: Hey there, this is Eleniel here. So, I never really knew my parents all too well, and I was adopted my Gandalf the Grey, and ever since then, I have been like his daughter that he never had. But I can do things that normal elves cannot do. Which means, I have something special in me. But what????

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