No where to go, no one to be with, I am completely alone, but is it all my fault? All of my discisions have gotten me to this point. My life is full of nothing but mistakes, and regrets, but will he turn everything around for me? Could he? I guess I will have to find out


4. So fast

The next week went by in a blurr. The next night he asked me to go to a party with him, and for some reason I can't even think of I said yes. I started to meet more people, and I even drank at this party. I could feel a buzz come on, when Drew offered me another pill. I took it, I love the feeling that I take, everything is so relaxing, and I feel like I can do anything. He came up behind me, and started to grind on me, before I knew what was happening he was carrying me up to a room.

He climbed ontop of me, and started to kiss my neck. This time was different, I didn't want to do this.

"Babe stop, I don't want to do this"

He didn't stop, so I tried to push him off, and he just climbed back ontop of me, but this time he was more uptight. He was getting angry.

"Kay, stop, I am not doing this"

"Don't be such a bitch, come on"

"No get off"

He  sat up ontop of me, and hit me acorss the face. I couldn't even feel it physically but mentally, I was ready to cry. I just watched him wind up, and swing at me. That couldn't of happened, he would never touch me like that.

It hurt, I was crying, and everytime he thrusted in, it just hurt even more then the last. "Please stop!" I started screaming at him" but he didn't and when he was done I couldn't stop crying. How could he do this. I fucking hated this feeling. I couldn't control what happened, and I had no say in what happened to me, he controlled it. I was shaking out of fear and pain, I was bleeding. I was weak, and I couldn't move, It felt like there was something ontop of me that wouldn't let me even move an inch. I tried to get up after he was done, but everything hurt way to much.

I crawled the my phone on the floor, and dialed for Jason. He was over in minutes, but when he was there Drew was nowhere to be found.

"Amber!! We need to call an ambulance!!"

I grabbed his arm, "No, please don't Drew, I don't want anyone to see me like this, please!"

"But you are hurt really bad!"

"I will go in the morning I promise!"

He helped me up, and to the car. I couldn't sleep, the more the drugs wore off the more I felt everything. My vagina hurt everywhere, and so did my face. I just replayed him winding up at my face over, and over in my head, and everytime it made me flinch a little.

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