No where to go, no one to be with, I am completely alone, but is it all my fault? All of my discisions have gotten me to this point. My life is full of nothing but mistakes, and regrets, but will he turn everything around for me? Could he? I guess I will have to find out


1. Laying here

Here I am, sitting here in the cold. I have nowhere to go, and I have nobody that I can trust. The only person that I can blame is myself. I am only 16, and this is what I have to show for all of those years. It is almost impossible to wrap my mind over that this is only the result of a few weeks ago.

*Two Weeks Ago*

"Another mugging has taken place downtown" My brother said as he made his lunch. I rolled my eyes, it doesn't surprise me one bit, we live in one of the worst neighborhoods in Canada. It seems like there is a different mugging almost everyday. Tonight was the night, the night that I go to my first high school party, and I couldn't wait. The guy I had had a crush on for a year asked me to go with him. He was coming by at 9:00 to get me. Trust me the day couldn't go by fast enough, I spent the last little while getting ready. I curled my hair, and then started my make-up. When I was done I started heading back up to my room to pick out something to wear. I decided on a pair of short cut offs, and a tank top. I am pretty sure that he said it was indoor.

I heard a knock, at the door, and my brother, Cam answered. He was bestfriends with the guy that was taking me. I came downstairs, and his eyes never glanced off of me. "Hey, Drew I said as I smiled down at him. "Amber, you look great!" He said as he grabbed my hand. I wasn't expecting that at all. He smiled at my brother, and led me out the door to his truck. It was pretty high off the ground, and I had to jump when I got out. "Aren't you going to be cold?"

"Isn't it an Indoor party? I asked him looking down at what I was wearing.

"Here take my sweater" He said as he started to pull it off of his back. I couldn't help but glance down at him. He had a six pack. I had known him since we were in diapers, and we were always close, but hanging out with him right now felt way different. I could tell that it was the start of something, something that I liked a lot.

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