mermaids are just a myth, or are they?

this is about a girl named Coral. she comes from the Atlantic. She lives among those who don't see her or at least pretend to. Her powers are to control water, freeze water, heat water, and grow legs if she wishes. what happens when she meets the famous 1D boy? read to find out!!


2. Chapter one

Corals pov 

"DAD!!! IM GOING TO ANGEL'S HOUSE!!" I yell swimming to the other side of the reef to Angel's house. I knock on the door and almost immediately the door is open and I am being dragged in by none other then Angel herself "hey babe!" I scream "HEY!" Angel tells "girls keep it down please!" Angels mother (Reef) yells from upstairs "guess what!!" Angel says excitedly "what?" I say swimming with her to her room downstairs. When we get inside her room she enthusiastically says "we are going to a 1D concert tomorrow! And it's at the beach!!" "Who are they?" I ask confused "OMG!! U don't know who they are?" She gasps "no?" I say scared "we'll they are five extremely hot boys that are in a band together! And we might even get a chance to turn them all into a merman!" Angel freaks "umm....sorry to burst ur bubble but wouldn't everyone suspect something when they aren't turning up to concerts or seen in public?" I ask swimming to her draws. And yes we do have clothes. "Yeah" she sighs "we'll I gotta go sorry! See ya later! Or maybe tonight if im allowed to sleepover!! Ill call u okay?" I ask heading for the front door as she follows "Okay see ya babe!" I say as I close the door and swim towards my house "Hey babe!" My boyfriend, Puffer, said hugging me from behind "hey my angelfish!" I say giggling "umm I need to tell u something" Puffer says nervously "yeah?" I ask letting go of him "we'll I'm not into u anymore..soo were through" Puffer says swimming away. I swim really fast back home crying and lock myself in my room "sweetie what's wrong?" My father says knocking on the door "nothing daddy! Can u please make me some shrimp and turtle eggs on toast please?" I ask sniffling "sure thing sweetie. Would u like the eggs mashed or boiled?" Dad asks "mashed please! Oh and can I please sleepover Angel's?" I ask hoping I can "sure thing my sweet little Shrimpcake!" Dad says as I hear him swim away. 

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