Wrong Timings

Jodie thinks her life is bad enough, being made fun of for being true to who she is, and for standing up for what she believes in. However she happens to be in the worst position shes ever felt, can she get out of it? Well not even she herself knows...


2. Tick Tock

I woke up not remembering anything that happened I was in an unusual room and my head was banging. I promptly threw up.

I couldn't handle my surroundings it was too bright and it smelt like bleach. I crawled towards the door and opened it edging it open further and further scared that something was going to jump out at me. I heard a whistling sound coming towards me and that's when I felt an adrenaline rush, I panicked and closed the door. I sat in the corner, rocking and shaking, backwards and forwards.

"This was it," I thought. "This is the day Im going to die."

I blacked out for the second time I can remember from my panic attack.

I woke up to water drenching me. I was screaming and shouting, I couldn't breath, I couldn't move.

"Calm down, calm down!" a deep voice calmed me.

I felt  a great weight shifting off of me.

I coughed and leant on my side, wondering what the hell was going on in my life and why I deserved to be treated the way those bitches treated me.

"Sorry about sitting on you, I had to wake you up and you kept on wriggling in your sleep, can we start over?"

"I was probably wriggling because you were sat on me! Also I wasn't asleep I was passed out because some dude hit me."

"What dude?" The darkening stranger asked me.

"I don't know some dude with big muscles and a powerful punch?" I sarcastically replied back.

"Alright, alright calm down, god your nasty I want to punch you right now," Mysterious boy replied back.

"So's your face!" I replied back defensively.

"You cant even see my face?" He chuckled to himself.

"So?" I replied as nonchalant as I could, however it came out as high pitched squeak.

All of a sudden a blinding light caused me to moan and crawl in a ball to cover my eyes.

"It hurts!" I yelled. My head was pounding as I hadn't realised how badly my head hurt.

"So still hate my face?" mysterious voice pondered.

I realised his laugh was really deep and cute, but his face would most definitely be the opposite.

As I turned around I couldn't stop my eyes from popping out and looking like a constipated llama.

"I guess you like what you see?" He winked at me.

I tried to stop myself from blushing but I realised just how beautiful of a boy he was. He had dark, over the eye hair that was so glossy and soft that I wanted to reach out and touch it. He had bright blue eyes that sparkled as he looked into mine. Well I thought he was looking into my eyes until I heard him laughing.

"asdfghjkl," All the words that could come out my mouth.

"Wow that guy did damage to your head."

"What?" I asked confused and forgetting why I was even there.

He handed me a pan and I looked at my head.

"OHMYGOD!" I screamed at the sight of my face.

I had a cut lip blood was dried on my face with a few bits still trickling down my face, I had a big purple eye and a red bump on my forehead.

"You can't see me like this?" I babbled on.

"Oh really? Well the names Johnny and you look ... unique?"

I laughed at his failed attempt to make me feel better about myself, I liked the effort although I hated the lies.

"Erm thanks but I have to go, where am I anyway?" I questioned him again.

"Your in the janitors closet," He replied back.

"What? What am I doing in here how did I get here? And why are you here?"

"Woah so many questions? Can't I ask one?" Johnny asked.

"Go on..." I curiously questioned.

"Whats your name?"

"That's confidential." I laughed back and walked out the janitor closet. Not expecting him to follow and he didn't. I'd prefer to keep a boy waiting.

I smiled about his eyes and his smile. Oh god this cant be happening.




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