Wrong Timings

Jodie thinks her life is bad enough, being made fun of for being true to who she is, and for standing up for what she believes in. However she happens to be in the worst position shes ever felt, can she get out of it? Well not even she herself knows...


5. Things change, people change

“Ahem,” Someone cleared their throat to not sound rude.

I managed to croak out a sound, what sound I didn’t know right now. Johnny took that as a sign to move away. He sighed in my ear and lifted his body up to turn and see who it was.

“Hello Johnny,” A vicious snarl sounded and echoed around the room.

“Stacey?” Johnny questioned, confused. I moved my weight to one side of the bed to see what was going on. I got a nasty surprise as I looked at Stacey’s face and her lovely blonde hair, had been replaced by grey tufts of hair. Ears which looked as sharp as a razor blade. Her mouth was no longer in a straight smirk with perfect white teeth, it was now in a snarl with fangs the size of an eagles talons inbetween each tooth was a goeey substance, a dark crimson. I realised while looking down her body that I had been staring at a wolf of some sort. She had changed?

My voice croaked so I coughed to clear my throat.

“What is going on?” I asked shocked I didn’t understand anything and this was all just put onto my plate so fast.

“Your stealing my boy, and Johnny you should know better than this scumbag,” Stacey hissed at me with so much hatred in her voice.

“Look Im not stealing him, he just doesn’t want a Barbie doll like you,” This wasn’t the cleverest thing I had said in my life because, at that moment she arched her back into a pouncing position and leaped off of the ground with so much grace and delicateness that it felt like slow motion. I was slow at reacting but I tried to put my arms over  my face, this jolted something in my back and was slowly aching so much.

I felt a whisp of breeze and that was it, I opened up my arms and my eyes very slowly to see that Stacey was now on the floor and someone was holding her and strangling her.

“Sorry you had to see that Jodie but I knew it was a matter of time before she turned on me.” Johnny looked apologetically into my eyes, but I couldn’t keep eye contact because I didn’t want to fall into what had just happened.

“No its fine? Look I'm tired can you go?” I was panicking for no reason but I just needed rest and time to think about what had happened.

“Well I can't leave you alone with this body?” I realised as I then looked that Stacey was sat on the floor just looking at me, only her white sockets showing.

“Why can't you? She's dead isn’t she?” I questioned Johnny.

“Well the wolf in her is gone as I strangled it out of her, but when this girl wakes up she wont know where she is.”

I noticed Johnny had said ‘this girl’ what had that meant? I was confused.

“You mean Stacey?” I asked him

“No Stacey was the wolf. A wolf is a soul, it can overtake anyone's body and possess' it but it doesn’t show its true self until something sparks it, like if it falls in love and gets jealous, or angry or envious. Any emotions really. However they can easily kill and that’s why you should never trust a wolf. Once the wolf is out of the body that person is a whole different person and won't remember what happened, they don’t remember there name, there friends or even how to walk and talk. That’s why we have disabled people in this world because some of them are from the bodies wolves have left behind. She won't remember dating me, or attacking you because that was the wolf.” Johnny said this all like I should know about this. It cleared things up but my mind still wondered a thousand questions.

“So how did you stop her? She was colossal and strong, you said ‘it was only a matter of time before she turned on you'?”

“I can smell it in her, the wolf has a different blood and a different vein system,” Johnny answered short and abrupt.

“How can you smell..” I was about to ask him another question but he interrupted me.

“Look Im sure you said you were tired so just go to sleep, everything will become clear later on in life but Im not explaining things right now,” Johnny seemed angered and I knew he was hiding something from me.

“I will find out what you hiding Johnny, and you know I will.” I added with such defiance and fierceness that made Johnny chuckled at my attempt to seem like a detective.

“Im sure you will find out, and Im hiding it for your safety, once you know everything will change.” Johnny’s facial expression changed to a great sadness and I felt like I was just causing him more pressure so with that I stopped with the questions and laid back down to find a comfy position.

“Night Johnny,” I whispered.

“Night my sweetheart,” Johnny’s reply made me have butterflies.

I really liked this boy, but my gut told me I shouldn’t.

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