Wrong Timings

Jodie thinks her life is bad enough, being made fun of for being true to who she is, and for standing up for what she believes in. However she happens to be in the worst position shes ever felt, can she get out of it? Well not even she herself knows...


6. The confusion

I couldn’t stop thinking about what Johnny had said “Im hiding it for your safety,” what needs hiding from me, nothing needs hiding. Everyone needs to share things and this looks like a great weight held upon his shoulders.

“A great power becomes a great pain, With happiness becomes a great loss. With destiny becomes desire.” Someone was speaking these words through my mind.

My mind then moved on to a different image, Johnny was crouched in the corner but I couldn’t peer round to see what he was doing. I looked around him and there was another bubble which I entered. In this bubble I realised that I was at a funeral. I was surrounded by a family of 20, dressed in black. No kids were around though. I was getting confused. Why was I seeing this, I hadn’t thought about this. A woman then moved to face me as she walked towards the hole that the coffin had been placed in. She fluttered rose petals and laid a ‘Winnie the pooh ‘ bear on top.

“That’s going to disintegrate madam,” I politely tried to tell her but she blanked me.

“Excuse me?” I questioned her.“Stop being so rude and listen to me!” My voice got squeakier as I was getting frustrated by the minute.

“ARHHHH!” I screamed, however no one flinched no one could hear me. I hated going unnoticed when I was only trying to be polite.

“ARHHHH!” I yelled. Someone had chucked ice cubes at me.

Johnny stood there laughing as I was finding it hard to breathe.

“Are you alright?” Johnny questioned me seriously.

“I don’t know?” As I looked around I realised Stacey, or whoevers body she had used as a shell, had disappeared. I was sweating and crying, my dream had frustrated me.

“Why were you crying? In your dream I mean… What did you dream about?” Johnny questioned with one eyebrow raised in concern.

“Its so stupid and I don’t even know where I got the idea of it from? I hadn’t even spoken or these thoughts hadn’t even come to mind, then they just appear in my dream?” Johnny looked angered and concerned for me.

He pulled up a chair next to my bed and beckoned for me to continue.

“Well Okay then, basically…”

I explained my whole dream missing out the bit about him, I was going to save that for last.

“Well that’s concerning.” Johnny replied after I explained it all. All of a sudden he wasn’t just some guy I had a school girl crush on, he felt close my brother. Someone who actually cared.

Cared… that word echoed in my mind before I remembered about my mum. She would be home by now, I didn’t even know how long I had been out for.

“Hey, Johnny are you alright? I didn’t mean to upset you somehow?” I felt worried by his expression. Like something had daunted on him. It made me shiver as I realised there was a reason that I had dreamt that and Johnny knew exactly what that was.

“Yes, thanks I'm fine. Just have to go make a quick phone call.”  He stood up in a rush and walked stiffly out of the room.

I tried to crawl up onto my side to look around my room to find my hoodie with my phone in. I looked up to see Johnny with his back against the glass window, he was running his hands through his hair like he had to intake a lot of information. I spotted my beautiful ‘Bring me the horizon’ hoodie. I missed how it smelt of home and Oli Sykes perfect music. The comfort of it being so warm made me happy. I edged myself off of my bed , however as my feet touched the ground my head became dizzy. I nodded it off like a head rush and continued to make my way over there. I reached out on my last step to get the sapphire blue jumper but for some reason my feet stopped. My knees dropped to the ground shaking, my arms and fingers went numb. My vision turned blurry and I saw blood running but I didn’t know where it was coming from. My whole world went black just as I touched the softness of my hoodie.

“Johnny its risky, I don’t think she should know just yet, I don’t want her passing out again. I nearly lost her this time so thank god she was in a hospital,” Ediths worried voice came from beside Jodies bed.

“I can make all her pain go away, things will be back to normal and she can forget about everything.” I heard Johnnys voice come from the other side of me. I had just awoken I didn’t know who he was talking to until I heard my mums familiar voice. It was so comforting.

“Are you sure? Don’t hurt her though? Im worried in case she awakes and finds out who we really are.” There was a long pause after my mum had spoken and I felt Johnnys hand over my bellybutton.

“Trust me.”

“Fine,” My mothers one word answer proved she still wasn’t too hapy about what Johnny was going to do next.

All of  a sudden, I felt a great joy and a great heat tingle down my body. I opened my eyes and saw Johnny hovering his hand and concentrating on something within me. I saw a golden glow rush from his hands to my body, that’s what this pleasing tingle was.

I saw my mother glance into my eyes then back at Johnnys hands.

I couldn’t imagine what my face was. It was a mix between confusion and comforting. I saw my mother re look at me as she gasped and grabbed Johnny away from me. They stood away from me and looked at me.

“Shes awake, she was awake through that? But how?” My mother questioned Johnny.

”I don’t know but she is extremely powerful, her mind is blocked, its like I cant reach it, her pain is hidden so I can't feel it. I can't retrieve it to make her feel better ,” Johnny replied back to my mother.

“Mum what's going on? You don’t know how glad I am to see you, but what the hell just happened there was a connection between me and Johnny?” I questioned confused but suddenly feeling so much better. I held my breath and tried to lift myself up, luckily I felt no pain I was fine again. I was finally back to my normal self, hopefully no more blacking out again.

“Darling, darling… this is all too many questioned for someone soo tired, you have been out for 3 days and we have been right by your side. We were just experimenting to see if you were still in there.” My mum explained.

“A connection… huh?” Johnny winked at me and I laughed a pathetic urge to slap him.

“Your hitting on my daughter.” My mum said bluntly. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt and he was going red with embarrassment.

“Edith, it was a joke, don’t worry too much,” Johnny laughed it off.

“No darling everything will be explained later one.”

“NO, mum. Im sick of people leaving it till the last minute, I don’t know things and I won't understand. I don’t even know what my dream was to do with!” I wanted to yell this at my mother but I knew that wouldn’t solve things.

“What dream? No one told me about this dream?” My mum looked concerned and upset for once.

Johnny shrugged his shoulders and so the limelight was on me.  I had to re explain all of my dream for the third time.

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