Wrong Timings

Jodie thinks her life is bad enough, being made fun of for being true to who she is, and for standing up for what she believes in. However she happens to be in the worst position shes ever felt, can she get out of it? Well not even she herself knows...


3. The cheeky chappie

I walked down the school corridors into the medical room, I found TCP to rub on my face.

Everywhere ached, now I knew how zombies felt like, I did not feel alive. I felt like I was going to collapse at any moment, my head was pounding and my world was spinning. I didn’t even know if that was the affects from seeing Johnny.

He was so beautiful with his little dimpled smile and his spider bites in his beautiful plump lips, I could definitely imagine being with him. He was beautiful. He was a very pretty boy. However right now that was not what was supposed to be on my mind.

I grabbed my ‘Bring Me The Horizon’ hoodie out of my bag and pulled up the hood and zipped the zip up all the way. Just so my face was covered after mopping up all the blood from incident. I pressed my lip and immediately pulled away as I could feel the blood pumping through it.

I walked down the corridor and past a glass window which was my history class and already I could see people staring and judging me by my delightful taste in music.

I twisted the door knob and took a sigh of air for the next lot of insults.

People stared down at me like I was a tramp. I hid behind my long black hair not wanting people to see what had happened. I hunched my back to make things seem a lot less noticeable. People holding there faces in their sleeves and laughing at me made me pretty uncomfortable, I fumbled for my seat as the teacher was writing on the board. He hadn’t noticed yet. I exhaled a bit too loudly.

“Ahh Jodie, how nice of you to greet us with you delightfulness and lateness, yet again.”

“Shit,” I muttered under my breath.

“Good morning sir,” I continued putting a sick smile on my face.

“Reasons for being late?” Sir asked straight to the question.

“I had to go to the toilets and then the teacher had to talk to me,” I sighed relief of quick thinking on the spot. Very smart Jodie I patted myself on the back.

“GET OUT!” The teacher yelled.

I laughed, “Who me?”

“Yes you, you goddamn rat. Your nothing but trouble and should just go die.”

“EXCUSE ME SIR! Surely teachers are not allowed to say things like that!” I stood up screaming and shouting, tears prickling in my eyes, however I was not going to accept defeat.

“Who said I was a proper teacher, speak to me at the end of the day, you foul mouthed girl.”

“Me? The foul mouthed one? I’ve had enough of this!” I grabbed all my books and started to walk out, I screamed past the teacher as he glared at what must have been my face.

“Good, goddamn day sir!” As I yelled that my hood fell back and my face was revealed.  I hadn’t realised as I was too concentrated on the obnoxious teacher looking shocked at something. Then it clicked. I wasn’t hidden and my face was open, I turned to face the class who all gasped at who I was. My face covered In dried blood, and bruises and swellings every where hurt. I wanted to cuddle my mum right now and fall asleep but no I was stuck at school.

I inhaled a big breath and looked down.

“You see this? You see my punchbag face? Well this is what you get for being true to who you are,”  I bluntly said that last sentence and walked out of the class at a steady pace.

I didn’t look back because that’s my past and now Im going home and starting a new fresh life. I grabbed my bag from my locker and emptied it. I stopped as I heard a familiar whistle coming from round the corner.

I legged it for the girls bathrooms just as he came round the corner. I stood in a cubicle until I heard him go past, I 'poofed' my hair up and walked back outside to collect my belongings that were all chucked on the floor after I quickly hurried away. I bent down to pick my books up, until I felt something warm cup my cheek.

“Huh? Hands off?” I turned around to find him trying not to smirk with his adorable dimples trying to make their way through. He flicked his hair and his eyes glinted off of the lights as he looked serious.

“I swear your face gets worse?” Johnny questioned me holding his laughter back.

“Oh haha, no. I don’t find that funny since you only saw me an hour ago you douche,” I plainly said.

“Alright chill, where you off too now then?” Johnny asked.

“Im just going home sick of school.”

“Wow we have got a badass over here!” Johnny shouted that down the corridor.

“Shhh!!” I ushered him to shut his mouth and gave him a glare to shut him up.

“Well mind if I walk you home?” He held out his hand like a gentleman and bowed, “My lady?”

“Your lady, what made you think that?” I laughed.

“Just play along you muppet,” Johnny replied in a huff.

“Why would I want to play along with your role play? Its silly.”

“SILLY! You have yet to learn more about me.”

Johnny winked at me and I took his arm, not wanting to feel the warmth of his hand connect with mine, knowing there was nothing I could do if I got attracted to him, which by the way. I was.

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