Wrong Timings

Jodie thinks her life is bad enough, being made fun of for being true to who she is, and for standing up for what she believes in. However she happens to be in the worst position shes ever felt, can she get out of it? Well not even she herself knows...


4. Overpowering tension

He started running in the wrong direction to my house, but I didn’t care I let him lead me to where he thought I lived.

“Here’s your home!” He said gleefully.

I looked at where he’d brought me and it was a garbage can. I was not impressed.

“Johnny, I don’t live in a garbage can! I have a real house you know, unlike you. Your stone cold, and so is your heart!” I yanked my arm out of his link, and stormed off. I felt so fragile and weak.

He saw my face lose colour.

“Jodie, are you alright you don’t look to good?” Johnny asked  me being sincere however I wasn't falling for it. I staggered towards the wall reaching for anything within my grasp to hold me up. Nothing was there I couldn’t feel a thing. All of a sudden I smelt lynx close to me, I breathed in the heavenly scent which knocked me out just to feel someone touch me.

“She’s knocked out, I don’t know exactly what happened but she just collapsed in my arms?” Johnny’s familiar and husky voice rang in my ears.

“What was she doing in your arms?” A whiny girl asked him.

“I was walking her home Stace, and then she just collapsed and I caught her in my arms, nothing’s happened. Stop thinking I'm a bad guy because I'm not.” Johnny said that with such a serious tone it gave me chills. I laughed at the chills and spluttered as I tried to sit up.

“Finding something funny?” Johnny questioned me. It hit me, I had laughed as he was trying to compliment himself.

“Well lots of things really? Your face, your voice, your compliments, your insults..” I went to continue before I was rudely interrupted.

“Yes I get it, Stacey this is Jodie, Jodie this is Stacey.”

Stacey looked at me as if I was a peasant, she smirked as she realised I was nobody special. I was a state, I could feel my head banging and didn’t like the sensation that shivered down my body.

“Hi I’m Stacey, Johnny’s girl,” this girl was talking but I was concentrating on Johnny looking from me to her. Seeing if there was a connection between us, I saw his lip curl up in a smile as I realised what this girl was saying.

“Jodie you there?”

“Huh? Oh hey? Yeah I’m Jodie, the girl your ‘guy’ helped,” I replied with a lack of enthusiasm. I was annoyed now. Why was I even annoyed? Johnny was just some boy on the street that helped me get along. I huffed under my breath as it hit be that he actually had a girlfriend. Stacey wasn’t even anything like him. She was pretty don’t get me wrong but she was not natural and you shouldn’t put a lighter near her with all the perfume she’s put on. She had beautiful glossy blonde hair that ran waves down her hips. She turned around on her heels and began to walk out.

“Yeah I think I realised that, but just know he will never be yours as hes mine.” Stacey continued the argument.

“Why would I want him to be mine? Anyway I feel sorry for him than I do you, you don’t deserve someone like him!” I yelled back at her making my head ache even more.

“I don’t deserve him, your such a wannabe. Just stop being dramatic and suck it up, stop flirting with my boy.”

I clenched my fists at my sides ready to jump up and whack her one, knowing I could easily consult to violence. The best she could do was give me a kitty cat scratch so I’ll take my chance. I rose out of the bed until I felt a cold hand drag my body back down onto the bed.

“No Jodie, violence is not the answer, but Stacey neither is pointing out peoples flaws, because your not perfect either sweetheart,” Johnny interrupted.

“I am perfect, Im not pointing out her flaws just explaining what everyone else can see.” With that Stacey walked off. Hearing her heels clicking against the floor hurt my head but I didn’t mention it as she was walking out of my life for good.

“Shes not perfect, and is that really what people see of me? You know I could take her right?” I asked Johnny seriously as I was offended by that argument, I never wanted to see her again and I was hoping that isn’t what Johnny really thought of me.

“I know shes not perfect, she is far from that. I don’t see that in you, your beautiful and so sensitive like me, but you’re a massive bubble of energy to handle. Course I knew you could take her, she starts what she cant handle expecting me to jump in.” Johnny hurried his words along hoping I hadn’t heard that he had just called me beautiful.

“You called me beautiful? Also why date her if you think that of her?” I was curious now.

“You are inside and out even like this,” He stroked my cheek and I gritted my teeth through the slicing pain that shuddered down my body.

“Sometimes I don’t look for looks I also look for personality, you have both. But I'm with her because she wouldn’t leave me alone, I tried dating her but I just don’t like her anymore, I dated her so people would stop questioning me about the whole situation.” Johnny muttered.

I ignored the bit about me even though he could feel the heat radiating from my cheeks, and I questioned him about Stacey.

“But what situation?”

“That's the thing, there is no situation, I used to think she was pretty, but her personality is nasty. I was just waiting for someone who understands me to come along,” He gazed into my eyes and I was mesmerized.

“Who's that someone then?” I playfully asked.

“You,” Johnny replied staring at my lip then back into my eyes.

I couldn’t move and I couldn’t speak this was all so sudden, he started to lean forward towards me, I felt his husky breath on my face, fresh like a beautiful summer breeze.

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