Wrong Timings

Jodie thinks her life is bad enough, being made fun of for being true to who she is, and for standing up for what she believes in. However she happens to be in the worst position shes ever felt, can she get out of it? Well not even she herself knows...


9. Let me enlight you

Once we had made a cup of tea, I go the old chat up line “Really you need sugar in your tea? thought you were already sweet enough,” From Johnny which was so cheesy as he realised once he had said it.

We sat at our grand oak table in the dimly lit dining room surrounded in candles and lit some incense sticks. We were covered in the scent of sweet honey and cranberry as my mum sighed and and continued with her story.

“I know its complicated honey but please just try to get your head round, like I said earlier anything is possible. Just widen your horizons because the wolf was real,” My mum continued to explain.

“Wait how did you know about the wolf?” Johnny question my mother curiously.

My mother turned her head to glare at Johnny through her fringe, he glanced at her and shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“Boys..” My mum whispered in my ear and I giggled. I tried mouthing to Johnny that I was sorry but he just winked and I knew it was just a bit of banter between them. I loved the relationship they had, even if it meant I couldn’t ever have a relationship with Johnny I just knew he wouldn’t leave me so easily. My mum would keep an eye on us like a hawk.

Anyway it turns out my dad really is a Goblin and is living in the underworld due to some trouble making he caused. This made me nervous so I questioned her.

“Mum what do you mean ‘caused some trouble’?”

“Well darling not everyone has a good side, people have very evil sides. Some people can change and learn to be positive in life and others can never learn the good things in life and upset so many people that nobody can really handle them. Well that was your father. He couldn’t change he was always creating mischief, you were a mistake. We didn’t mean for this to happen but we gained attraction towards each other being different creatures from the same world. I tried to change him, and he was changing very slowly everything was going so well, he was brilliant at handling you and I was so happy, I thought we could all get along. Then Gary came along.” Mums tone softened as she looked saddened trying to find the words to tell me.

“Gary who mum?” I asked.

“Gary Litch, Jodie. Does she know him Edith?” Johnny finished for her adding an extra question on the end.

“No she only met him as a little baby but she might remember it. Well sweetheart when you were a little child Gary was someone who would help me out with you. He was human and very handsome like Tom Cruise with a bit of Liam Hemsworth fit.”

“Ooh I like him already.” I added

“Ahh yeah that was the problem, he was very attractive but I wanted to stay with your father, he was special and I had given birth to you and made a family. However your father could feel the attraction being a goblin and all, and he disliked Gary very much. Everytime he came over your father would kick him out of the house, all Gary wanted to do was help me… Then your father sat me down and spoke to me about Gary, I told him that he was attractive but I loved your father. Him being a man and pride and all that didn’t believe me and well…” Mum sniffed. “He slapped me. That was the day I fell out of love with him. He changed me world upside down. I kicked him out the house and Gary would be round here to help me with you because you were not an easy baby Jodie.”

I chuckled at my mums stern expression and noticed the frown as she continued explaining her ‘love story’.

“Well your father started stalking me, he picked you up from nursery and spied on what me and Gray got up to. One night me and Gary had some wine and sat down we chatted until your father came bursting in through the door, I can still feel the coldness of the door being kicked open and the breeze that swept throughout the whole house.” With that my mum shivered and carried on the story with a far away glint in her eye.

“Your fathers eyes changed from green to red, he was snarling at Gary and telling him to go away. However Gary being the true man he was stood up for him and told your father that violence was not the way to go. Gary tried his hardest but your father reached into his boot and I screamed I knew what was coming. Oh Jodie it was horrifying.” A tear trickled down my mums left cheek. It was almost as if I could see through her eyes exactly what she saw, a man who was drunk as a pig with a dagger in his hand and blood trickling down his wrist.

“Oh no mum, he didn’t did he..”  I grabbed her hand and squeezed it knowing everything would be okay.

“He, well he… he just stabbed Gary, he was all full of fury and plunged that treacherous dagger into his blood. Gary didn’t scream, didn’t grab his chest he just limped over to me. He said ‘im sorry’ as pure crimson blood poured out of his mouth and his wound and his body just went limp and lifeless in my arms. I shook him so many times before I laid his body down and went over to your father and slapped him across the face. Your father grabbed me by the throat and his grip tightened, I tried to cry out with my last breath but no one was there. Tears were streaming down my face.” With that my mum continued to produce tears to trickle down her cheek. I wiped her cheek and kissed her cheek.

“Go on if you want.” I welcomed her.

“Then, then with that he disappeared.”

“Mum what do you mean disappeared?” I asked.

“ He just vanished like someone had teleported him or something. The next I heard I got a letter from him. He started off apologising but he then ended it saying I should have been killed by him so then he really did deserve to live in the hell, they called, the underworld.”

Mum looked back at me as she was becoming more clear about what was happening around her.

“Mum are you alright?” I was getting worred about how upset she was, I hadn’t seen her like that in a while.

“Yeah I will be darling why don’t you and Johnny pop out for a bit, just going to have a bit of time for myself to just conjure up my thoughts.” She smiled a very fake one.

“Mum you’re a fairy not a witch.” I tried to make her smile and I even did at the slightest.

Johnny chuckled and draped his arm around me. I looked at his arm then back at him.

“Come one Princess!” He smirked and started to drag me along.

I sunk my teeth into his thumb and watched as his facial expression changed from cocky to pain.

“Don’t mess with me sweetheart,” We both chuckled understanding the joke as we trudged out of the door and down the dark alley.

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