Graffiti filled night

Tonight anything can happen to anyone, even a freak like me. My name is Sam, that quite girl no one talks to and would rather bully. But maybe everything can change tonight. Who knows? You'll just have to tag along on this crazy ride to find out.


1. School. The most horrible place in the world.

"Slut.""bitch.""fatass.""go die already.""Dumass""retard." "I hate you" I hear the regular things people say to me as I walk to my locker, but I just brush them off, their words having no effect on me anymore. I finally reach my locker, quickly grabbing my books but not fast enough. My locker slams on my fingers, crushing them. "Nice job, slut." Chris, one of the main bullies says, shoving me against the locker. He walks away, and I feel blood coming from the back of my head. Shit, I'm already bleeding and I haven't started my first class yet. I quickly head to the bathroom and clean up my head when I realize I'm late for class. Great. 

"Your late." Mrs. Cardigan, my history teacher says as I burst through the door. "Yeah I know." I mutter, and I take the only seat left at the back of the class. I put my headphones on, blasting a b.foncecea song, and I tune out the world, or mostly mrs.cardigan as I draw. 


"Samantha I don't know your middle name and I don't know your last name!" My best friend fallyn yells at me as I walk out of history. "It's Sam." I say, and she just waves her hand. "Whatever. Anyway, me AND you are going to the big party that's happening at loco Rico's tonight." She says, and I roll my eyes. "I'd rather do what I already had planned then go to a party just to get laughed at more." I say, and she gives me a sad look. "Pwease? For fawwin?" She says, sticking out her bottom lip and giving me puppy dog eyes. "Fine. But only for a little while. And you have to come with me on a run." I say, sighing. She squels and hugs me, running away with a huge grin on her face. I walk to my next class, the entire day I wonder what do you do at a party? 

*sorry if you think this is bad I didn't really know what to write! But if you still wanna read, I promise I will try to make the next chapters better! -A* 

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