Graffiti filled night

Tonight anything can happen to anyone, even a freak like me. My name is Sam, that quite girl no one talks to and would rather bully. But maybe everything can change tonight. Who knows? You'll just have to tag along on this crazy ride to find out.



Seth POV

After school, i take the short cut through the parking lot to get home, when i see a group of girls beating someone up. Stunned, i stand there watching, and the group of girls jump in a fancy loooking car, crushing a motorcycle, and leaving. I see something out of the corner of my eye, and i see the person get up and fall again. I quickly run to the person, and i pick her up, noticing her face. Shes pret-FOCUS! SHES UNCONCIOUS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! I quickly run to my apartment, with her still in my arms. 



I wake up and the first thing i do is get up, and reach blindly for my cellphone, but instead i run into a wall, hard. "MODDA FUDGER!" i yell, opening my eyes to see a unfamiliar room. Oh my gosh, where the hell am I?! I hear running footsteps, and next thing I know a guy about my age is standing in the doorway, looking worried. "Are you ok?!" He says, and I nod. "Mind telling me where the fuck am I?" I ask, and he sighs, running a hand through his brown hair. "Your in my apartment. Some girls beat the shit out of you, so I took you over here. The names Seth by the way." He says. "Mkay. Well, thanks, and bye!" I say, running out of the apartment building into the cold night air. Shit, it's night already?! I quickly run to a pay phone, and I dial Fallyn's number. "Sammyyy where are you?!" She whines, and I hear loud music and talking in the backround. "I'm on my way, bye." I say, hanging up and heading to loco Rico's.


Seth POV

As she runs off, I slide down to the floor, sighing. I wonder what her name was? Maybe- *RING RING RING A DING DING* "hello?" I say, answering my phone. "DUDE. LOCO RICO'S. NOW." My best friend zach yells into the phone. "Wha-" "DUDE, DON'T ASK QUESTIONS, JUST COME. I MET THIS REALLY COOL GIRL, AND SHE HAS A FRIEND. GET YOUR LAZY ASS OVER HERE RIGHT FUCKING NOW." He says, and before I can respond he hangs up. I guess I'm going to loco Rico's. 

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