Graffiti filled night

Tonight anything can happen to anyone, even a freak like me. My name is Sam, that quite girl no one talks to and would rather bully. But maybe everything can change tonight. Who knows? You'll just have to tag along on this crazy ride to find out.


2. After school. Worse than actual school?

After schools over, I walk out to the parking lot, trying to get to my motorcycle without being noticed. "Looks what I found. It's the fat ass slut." A all to familar voice says, and I sigh, turning around. "I thought sluts were skinny and trashy looking like you." I say, and Tina, one of the school "barbies" glares at me as her fellow barbies get here. "Oh haha very funny bitch. We have a present for you." She says, coming closer. "Ooh a present! I love presents! Is it a puppy?" I say, in a mocking tone. Two of her barbies walk behind me, and I think nothing of it until they grab both of my arms and hold them behind my back. "Wha-" I start to say, before Tina's foot cuts me off by colliding with my face. She punches my face multiple times, then the other barbies start beating the crap out of my face while Tina punches me in the gut. "Wait Tina, you forgot she has to ride her motorcycle to get to places, remember?" One of the tall barbies says, and they all start kicking me in the gut and legs and arms. So I can't ride my motorcycle, I think. Well fuck. "I think that's enough for today girls." Tina says, and they all get into a fancy car, leaving me bloody and bruised. They run over my motorcycle multiple times, till it's totaled, and they drive away, laughing their asses off. "Well fuck." I mutter, getting up, only to fall down again. My vision starts getting darker at the edges, and I feel myself slipping away. I hear the sound of running sneakers, and I feel someone pick me up. I black out, unaware of anything anymore.

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