For Simone Gatly, life has always being full of miracles. Whenever she saw a blue butterfly, she'd know a miracle was coming. Even if it wasn't for her. Over time, the mystical blue miracles have been disappearing, and Simone will do anything to get them back.


1. Prolouge

  I stood on the balcony of my flat, looking out onto the busy streets, and the pedestrians along with them. "Mum, I'm positive, I'll see one!" I bellowed. She had to believe me. She always told me not to believe in miracles and magic, but I'll prove her wrong.

  "Simone, I told you they're not real. Now, for the last time, come inside!" She yelled. Why doesn't she believe? 

  "But, you need to see it!" I called. Although my view was obstructed, I could see a car crash. Now, where's the butterfly? "There's a car crash! Come outside, quick!" I continued.

  She pushed the sliding door open, clearly filled with rage. "You've refused to listen to me, Simone. This may not be the first time, but it'll be the last." She snarled, taking a hold of my arm. We played our game of tug-of-war, until I slipped.

  As I fell off the balcony, I took the weak railing with me. I fell at a speed that felt so slow, yet was extremely fast. "Simone!" My mum called, dropping to her knees, and reaching for my hand. I extended it when I had fallen, but she never got a grasp of it.

  The falling sensation scared me, and I was prepared for the anticipated death. Right before I closed my eyes, I got a glimpse of what looked like one of my butterflies, my blue butterflies.




  I woke up feeling a pounding in my head. I couldn't quite muster the energy to open my droopy eyelids, but I could hear a machine beeping steadily. I felt a warm hand covering mine. Mum. A few sniffles here and there were heard, along with a childish hiccup. 

  I let out a slight moan to assure everyone of my state, and once I was heard, the room burst with happiness. I could feel it. "She's going to be alright!" My mum cheered, hugging me. Though, it felt like something was keeping us apart.

  When I finally opened my eyes, I saw a full body cast, and a room full of smiling faces. "You, my dear, are living a life brought on by God, and his miracles," My grandmother said, pointing at me, like it was a warning,"You're very lucky." She said.

  "No," My mum said," We're very lucky. If it weren't for her blue butterfly, she'd be a goner." The rest of them looked at her like she was crazy, and they were wrong. She finally understood.

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