Zalfie: Our Story

Hi, I'm Zoe Sugg. Some may know me as Zoella from my YouTube channel. Others might know me as Zoe from my blog. You might've even heard my name mentioned in a certain pairing of two people. Zalfie? Yep, I'm that Zoe.

My life was pretty boring until I met my best friend; Alfie Deyes. We bonded instantly and our friendship rocketed. But neither of us expected what would happen when we began to fall for each other..

It's not flawless but it's ours.
Our Story.


2. Two

Zoe's P.O.V.


"Marcus." I whined, throwing my pillow at his back.

"What?" He turned around. 

"Are you ready now?" I tilted my head to the side. 

He looked in the mirror once more and ran his fingers through his quiff hair. I rolled my eyes as he pointed two finger guns at his reflection. 

"Okay, I'm ready." He sat next to me. 

"Yeah, 3 days later." I teased and poked his arm. 

"Just press record." He smirked and nodded at my camera.

"Okay, okay." I leaned forward and pressed the small circle on the top of my camera. A little red light immediately lit up and I smiled at the lens.

"Hello everybody." I waved. "Today I have a special guest with me... Marcus Butler!"

"Helloo." Marcus said in his famous tone.

After we finished recording our hilarious Accent Challenge video, my phone buzzed on the table nearby and I glanced over at the screen that read: new message from Chummy. Otherwise known as Louise. 

I unlocked my phone and her message popped up. It read: ready for some lunch? xx

Marcus, Louise, my brother Joe and I were all going out to Nando's for lunch today. It was kind of our every-other-week ritual. I glanced over at Marcus, who was busy playing on his iPhone.

"Hey are you ready for lunch?" I asked him, then holding out my phone. "Louise wants to know."

"Yeah, I'm ready if you are."

I looked back down at the screen and typed: Marcus & I are ready. see you in a few! (:

We walked outside, to Marcus' car that sat in the driveway. I hopped in the passenger seat as he slid into the drivers. I quickly pulled down the mirror to check my makeup and hair. Marcus pulled out as I fixed a few strands hanging out. 

"Mind if I pick up a friend to bring with?" He interrupted the silence. 

I turned and pouted at him. "But it was just supposed to be Louise, Joe and us."

"I promise you'll like him." Marcus quickly replied, driving with one hand. I sighed and looked back out the window. I suppose it would be okay if he was Marcus' friend. It couldn't be that hard to make another companion.

We pulled into the driveway of a little apartment space. "Wait here," Marcus announced getting out of the car. I nodded and sat patiently in the warm car while Marcus rang the doorbell. The radio was playing The Fray quietly and I hummed along, watching Marcus disappear into the building. I pulled the mirror down again to check my makeup. If the boy was cute, I didn't want to look bad. 

The car door opened and I quickly flipped up the mirror. My jaw dropped as I saw who got in the back seat.

The boy I saw at the coffee house a while back that I completely drooled over. I felt my cheeks turn red and my eyes widen. 

"Zoe," Marcus interrupted. "Meet Alfie."



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