Zalfie: Our Story

Hi, I'm Zoe Sugg. Some may know me as Zoella from my YouTube channel. Others might know me as Zoe from my blog. You might've even heard my name mentioned in a certain pairing of two people. Zalfie? Yep, I'm that Zoe.

My life was pretty boring until I met my best friend; Alfie Deyes. We bonded instantly and our friendship rocketed. But neither of us expected what would happen when we began to fall for each other..

It's not flawless but it's ours.
Our Story.


4. Four

Our lunch meeting was coming to a end as we all got ready to say goodbye. Marcus and Joe were finishing up their conversation about their upcoming events. Louise was on the phone talking to Matt, her husband. Which left Alfie and I by ourselves.

I bit the inside of my cheek and pretended to look in my purse for something. There were too many unnecessary things I had in here. Empty lip gloss containers, little sweet wrappers, random buttons that have fallen off my shirts. If only everyone else could hurry up, then we could leave. I felt so embarrassed

"You're Zoe right?" He finally spoke. My hands froze in my bag. Should I just ignore him and pretend I didn't hear him? Or respond? Oh, come on Zoe, at least look up at him. At least he remembered your name. 

"Yeah," I said and glanced up at Alfie sitting across from me. I swallowed the lump in my throat and felt my lips curve into a small smile. 

"I like your videos." He smiled back.

My smile instantly dropped. He watched my videos? I had too many embarrassing videos, which normally wouldn't bother me but the fact that Alfie had seen them made my stomach twist.

"You do?" I chuffed, a little surprised. I did lots of tutorials on makeup and hair, not many videos I assumed Alfie would like. 

"Yeah," He smirked. "You're really funny."

I felt my cheeks heat up and flush pink. I was funny. I had been told this many times before from my subscribers in comments and on Twitter, and somehow I still managed to make myself blush. Not to mention that smirk. 

All I could come up with was, "thanks." He showed off his one-of-a-kind smile to me again. I nearly melted in my seat.

"This is going to sound weird but, uh... I feel like I've met you before." He shook his head, looking like he was trying to remember. My mind instantly flashed back to the coffee shop.

"Yeah, I... I feel the same way." I played along. What if he does remember? Will he think twice about me? I probably looked like a mess at the shop that day.

"Nah, can't think of it." He shrugged. I silently sighed and relaxed in my seat. "But I'm glad we officially met now."

I smiled, without any nervousness this time. "I'm glad too."

"Time to go, lovebirds." Marcus interrupted us, waiting to get out of his seat. Alfie blushed, making me smile wider, and we all slid out of the booth. 

Lunch turned out to be better than I expected and now that's it done, I wish I would've spoken up earlier. Louise said she would take me home because the three boys were going to hang out so we all said our goodbyes and separated to our cars in the lot.

As soon as I sat in the car, Louise let out a loud squeal and I sighed with a smile on my face. 

"Zoe, did you see the way he looked at you?" Louise gawked. "Oh, it was so adorable. I think he really likes you."

I turned my head to look over at her. "You think so?" 

"Yes! He has no reason not to; you're cute, you're funny, you're nice, you're-"

"I got it Louise." I laughed. I turned back in my seat and stared out the window, noticing Marcus pulling out. Alfie sat in the passenger seat while Marcus seemed to be hitting him in the arm. 

"You guys are gonna get married and have a family with beautiful children. And a nice house on a hill with a huge backyard...." Louise trailed on, also pulling out but driving the opposite direction. I hadn't stopped smiling since we left, and I don't think I could stop.

We pulled into my driveway as the sun was beginning to set in the distance. We bid farewell until next time and I stepped inside of the house, feeling a strange sense of relief. 

"What a day." I sighed. And it had been. So many emotions were exploding inside me and I just wanted to scream. I met Alfie, for real this time. And I could feel us becoming really close. 


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