Madness (13 +)

**Louis tomlinson fanfic Louis looked at me, his eyes wide. I reached out and squeezed his hand a single tear dripped down his cheek. "Lou there's only thing I know, is true," I whispered. "What is it"? "I know your innocent I don't care what any one says, I'm going to get you out of here if it'd the last thing I do, I don't know what is it but there's something about you you've made me feel whole again".


2. Chapter 2


 Harry's p.o.v

After our interview for star TV, we rushed out of the tv studio to hundreds of screaming fans. Usally I get nervous by the overwhelming crowds but today I was to busy thinking about  Louis, he was being horrible at the moment. The other day he slapped me, I just feel so confused I want the old Lou back.

Eventually Zayn, Niall, Liam and I squuezed through the crowds and got into the large black van. A few fans stuch their phones through the windows so we'd take photos, with them, but I've learnt my lesson from doing that after taking a fans phone and almost driving off with it, at least I gave it back to her.

"Big crowd today," I said as we drove off.

They didn't reply, Niall was looking fed up with his hair stuck up in all directions, Zayn was looking seroiusly angry, seeing as Louis was caught snogging Perrie last night and Liam looked terrible.

"Harry, we need to talk about Louis," Zayn snapped glaring at me.

"Ok..." I said uncertianly wondering hwat exactly they were getting at.

"Were sick and tired, of Louis acting like he's the greatest thing, since Nandos," yelled Niall.

I sniggered a bit at the nandos part, Louis must have really peed Niall off for him to say that. Niall gave me an evil glare so I quickly got back to listening.

"We need to do something," Liam piped up.

I guess he was right, this had been going on for about two months now, I remember when it started Louis went to do something one night while I was watching tv then after that he became an ass. It sounds so stupid how soembody can turn so quickly.

"Like what"? I asked.

We were quite for a few miutes, I tried to think of something but nothing popped into my head.

"Got it," Zayn yelled making me jump.

"So what we going to do"?

Zayn didn't say anything, apart from grabbing his laptop and searching in Doncaster local sixth form. He clicked on the offical website and searched for the contact details.

"Ok this might sound like a really obvious thing to say, but what the hell are you doing"? Liam asked in alarm.

Again Zayn ignored him, and just picked up his mobile and dialled the number on the screen.

"Hello is this, doncaster local  high school"/ he asked.

Some woman replied on the other end. He gave us a smile before saying;

"We need a favour,"..

Zayn spent at least the next ten minutes talking on the phone, to the lady. I couldn;t understand what the hell he was up to the doncaster local high school place, (don't know what the real name is) was Louis old school, I didn't have a clue what him ringing the school was supposed to do, get the head to knock some sense into him? (yeah right).

Finally Zayn, hung up before placing his phone back in his pocket.

"Ok what the heck are you doing," I asked running my hands through my curls.

"Ok so Louis needs to get back to realitly, so the head agreed that Louis can go back to school for a term to finally start treating people better, good right"?

I wasn't really sure what to say in reply to that, Zayn had seriously gone loopy, firstly I highly doubt Louis is going to change, and secondly it's mad.

"Ok..." Liam replied in a your insane voice, "but how exactly are we supposed to get Louis, to the school".

That was a good pont we couldn't exactly say to him, hey Lou as you've turn into a devil were dumping you back, at your old school for a term, you can stay with your mum while we go to L.A without you, if he said ok to that I'd eat my foot.

"We're going to have to tell him were going to L.A then drop him off on the way," Zayn called as we drove into the hotel car park.

We climbed out of the van and walked to the reception. As we walked upstairs to our hotel room, well it's actually a large suite with three bedrooms, a kitchen and a dining room I was feeling pretty nervous i really didn't need another argument with Louis tonight.

I slide my i'd card to unlock the door across the door handle and opened the door. Before we even stepped outside some girl came running out of the room crying.

In alarm I ran into the room and started at Louis. He was standing there wearing, a grey tshirt and a pair of skinny jeans, with his arms crossed and yelling at the girl.

"And don't come back here ever again," he yelled. throwing a slipper at the open door.

He hit Niall right on the head, he started moaning and rubbing it.

"Where have you been then," Louis snapped throwing himself down on the sofa.

"Um just out and about," I mumbled throwing Niall an ice pack.

Louis sighed before stomping off to his room. As soon as he slammed the door Zayn started talking.

"Right operation get Louis to see sense is happening," Zayn said walking up to me.

I nodded as Zayn started giving us all instructions, I still felt pretty bad about it, but I guess I had to do what I had to do. Mission Louis is about to begin.


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