Madness (13 +)

**Louis tomlinson fanfic Louis looked at me, his eyes wide. I reached out and squeezed his hand a single tear dripped down his cheek. "Lou there's only thing I know, is true," I whispered. "What is it"? "I know your innocent I don't care what any one says, I'm going to get you out of here if it'd the last thing I do, I don't know what is it but there's something about you you've made me feel whole again".


1. Chapter 1



Jasmine's p.o.v

"Beep, beep".

I sighed and slid my arm out of my warm duvet, and hit the snooze button. Can I just say that alarm clocks are officially the worst things ever invented, I mean who the hell likes getting up early whoever does is mad.

I slide of bed and walked over to my wardrobe. Me and my Dad had moved to Doncaster from Sydney just a week ago and now I have to face a new school. I was horribly bullied in Australia, for being a geek and for not having a boyfriend. I know it sounds desperate but I really want a boyfriend, somebody hot, with a good sense of humour but also loves me for who I am, (yeah like that's going to happen.)

I changed into a clingy black top, (which I hoped wouldn't give guys a bad impression, and a pair of skinny jeans then I scalped my curly bird’s nest of hair into a ponytail.

"Hey dad," I yelled rushing downstairs.

There was no answer, he was obviously at work. Great just my luck my first day at a new school and nobody’s home.

I made myself some coffee to boost my energy, and gnawed at the crust of a piece of toast. Before checking the time and switching on the TV.

I flicked from channel to channel until I found something, called star tv. The logo came up and switched to a blonde presenter in her thirties.

"Hello and welcome to star TV, if you want celeb gossip this is the place to come," the blonde lady said to the camera.

I finished off my coffee and went to put it in the dishwasher, as I walked back into the living room something the woman said made me interested.

"21 year old one direction member, Louis Tomlinson has been up to no good. Wittiness’ have said that the 1d member was seen swearing at a live interview in London and then storming out , and later that night was seen making out with fellow member Zayn Malik’s girlfriend, Perrie Edwards, what has happened to the innocent guy we used to know, here's what the other members of One direction have to say on the matter".

The camera turned to four boys, who were sitting behind a large table with microphones shoved in their faces, looking fed up, can't say I blame them.

"We just don't understand why he's acting like this," a boy with curly brown and dimples said.

"Yeah I mean we've tried asking him what's wrong, but he just shouts at us," a boy with an Irish accent and blond hair burst out.

"We just want the old Lou back," snapped a boy with black hair in a quiff.

The interview nodded before turning to the last boy, who had a shaved head, and was looking stressed.

"So Liam, if we don't get the old Louis we know and love back what's going to happen to one direction"?

He stayed quite for a few seconds but eventually answered saying; "Who knows, if he keeps going on likes this, I guess this might be the end of one direction".

I walked to the coffee table and switched off the tv. That boy is such an ass why is he acting like that? Back in Sydney everyone was obsessed with those guys now that just proves that fame really does go to your head.

I quickly checked the clock and practically had a heart attack it was ten to nine great just what I need being late on my first day. Oh the joys of life.




I walked down the corridor to my first lesson which was maths, but of course I was really late, for it typical.

"Jasmine, I'm guessing that's your name why are you so late?"

The elderly teacher asked raising a grey, eyebrow at me.

"Um sorry I got pushed for time," I mumbled staring at the floor.


She beckoned me to her desk, before handing me a detention slip, she tutted before sending me to a desk right at the front

"Wow new girl, detention in your first lesson, on your first day, not bad," the boy sitting next to me with longish blond hair and a stud in one ear smirked.

"Is that a complement"? I asked a slight edge to my voice.

He gave me a wink before turning the other way. I leaned back in my chair hiding a smile look's like my geeky image is gone already now it's time to be cool.


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