Status Single (One Direction)

Status Single has been named one of the hottest girl bands of all time. They are constantly being compared to the Spice Girls, and have won almost every award they've been nominated for. Anyone who knows them knows that the five-piece girl band was created by Simon Cowell, who invited five girls he found on YouTube to his office, and they became Status Single. It's easy to tell that the five girls seem familiar to another British/Irish group in the media. Rae, Paris, Callie, Natalie, and Charlotte represent the five members of One Direction, with their crazy antics and down to earth personality. But what happens when the two groups are forced together for a European tour? Will they get along fine, or will drama hit the bus?


3. VMA's Part 1

Chapter Three

Charlotte's POV

I looked at my reflection happily, and looped my silver hoops into my ears. I was wearing a green cocktail dress, which was fitted, and came down to my knees. My wavy hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and I had black stilettos on my feet.

"Are you ready, Char?" I heard Natalie ask from the other side of the door.

"Stop being a pussy willow!" I heard Paris scold, "We're all girls here!"

The door opened, and Paris strolled into the bathroom. She was wearing a red and white peppermint striped sundress, with her hair straightened and pushed to one shoulder.

"She's fully clothed anyway! Char's ready. Now we're just waiting on Rae."

"I'M ALMOST DONE!" Rae snapped from the other room. I chuckled and followed Paris out of the bathroom.

We were getting ready for the VMA's, which was amazing. I can't believe we actually got nominated!

I decided to tweet about it, because why the hell not?

*@charlotte_ss: can't wait for the vmassss!!! Thanks for the votes, guysss!!*

I slipped my phone back into my clutch, and looked up to examine the four other girls of Status Single.

Beside Paris, Natalie sat on the edge of her bed. She was staring at the tattoo on her wrist, which read "Ryan" in fancy script. She wouldn't tell us who Ryan was, but it wasn't her boyfriend. She's been single since the band started.

Natalie was dressed in a long black dress that was half open, revealing her left leg. Her hair was in a neat bun at the back of her head.

Callie had her headphones in, and was playing the piano on her iPad. She was really good, but didn't like to flaunt that. I've only heard her play once, and I was snooping.

She wore a red lacy dress that had a bow around the torso and came down to her knees. Her blonde hair was in a side braid that came down on her shoulder.

And then there was Rae, who was just finishing the last stroke of mascara. She wore a tight blue cocktail that came down just as much as needed. Her curly hair was natural around her pretty face.

There was a knock at the door, "The limo is waiting, girls," Rob informed us. We looked at each other, before hurrying to the door.

The girls and I love riding in limos. No matter how many times we do it, we will always enjoy that ride from the hotel to the red carpet.

There weren't many people around when we dove into the car. I sat down next to the window and looked to Paris, pretty much foreseeing her next move.

Sure enough, Paris held down the button to the sun roof, and got to her feet; popping her head out of the top of the limo. The driver pulled away from the curb, and I could hear Paris laughing like a madwoman.

"You know, you don't have to do that every time," Rae told her.

"Can't hear you!" she called back, "Too busy having fun!"

"Paris, what if you get caught? Come back inside!" I scolded. She reluctantly sat back down in her seat and gave me an unhappy pout.

"Killjoy," she muttered, and I glared at her.

"No need to get snappy, girls," Rae said, and I nodded.

The red carpet was near, and I smiled. The driver was going through security at the moment, which meant we were close. I can't wait.

The cameras started to go off, and the limo stopped. Callie opened the door and got out, followed by Rae, Natalie, Paris, and finally, me. I was blinded by camera flashes as they all went off at the same time. Paris took my hand, helping me past the first wave of paps. My slight vision problems made the blinding flashes literally blinding, so Paris knew she had to help me.

"Thanks, Paris," I whispered.

"No problem," she whispered back.

When my vision cleared, we were standing with the other nominated artists. I saw Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, and so many others. I met with Natalie and Callie, linking my arms through theirs, while Paris met with her best American friend Taylor, as in Taylor Swift. Rae just sort of stood there, looking around at the view. She was probably waiting for someone to come to her, and eventually, they would.

"This place is crazy," I said.

"These things usually are," Callie reminded me, "Especially at the Video Music Awards."

"I can't believe we're here," Natalie said, "I mean, Simon has done an amazing job if we're nominated for a VMA after only a year and a half of being together."

I nodded. Simon Cowell is very good at his job.

"Excuse me," a voice said, and my eyes snapped forwards. Two lads dressed up in suits were standing in front of us. The first one had brown curly hair and green eyes that looked close to the same shade as Rae's, and the second one had dark hair in a quiff, with dark brown eyes and a pierced ear.

"I don't believe we've met," the curly haired one continued in a British accent, "I'm Harry."

"Zayn," the other one added. He looked at the three of us in turn, lingering on Natalie for a second more, before looking back to his friend.

"I'm Callie!" the blonde said cheerfully.

"I'm Charlotte," I introduced next.

"Natalie," the quiet girl said softly. She was looking more at Zayn than Harry, which was a bit odd.

"Thank god; more Brits. And an Irish blonde, which makes two," Harry chuckled.

I raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean, two?"

Zayn nodded his head towards someone behind us. The three of us turned our heads to see a blonde lad with a quiff in his hair talking to Rae.

We slowly looked back to Harry and Zayn. Callie had a small smile on her face, and she pulled her arm away from mine.

"I'm going to...go talk to Rae," she said vaguely, before heading over to where the younger girl was standing.

"What a weird coincidence," I said.

Harry nodded, "Very weird. Anyway, what are you two lovely ladies nominated for?"

"Best female and best new," Paris answered as she came up behind us, "I'm Paris, by the way."

"Harry," Harry said quickly, "We're nominated for best new as well."

Paris grinned, "Well in that case, you're going down, motherfucka!"

"Paris, you've been in America for too long. How drunk are you right now?" I questioned.

"Sorry, Lottie. I've been drinking water," she said, before she walked away. Zayn raised an eyebrow at the girl, but I honestly had no explanation.

"Don't try to figure out her logic. There honestly is none," Natalie sighed.

Harry laughed, "My friend calls his sister Lottie. Sorry, you guys reminded me of that."

Callie suddenly ran up behind me, "It's time to pose for pictures! Come on, bitches!"

I sighed, "Alright, we're coming, Callie. See you guys later?"

Harry and Zayn nodded, and I allowed myself to be pulled towards where the other girls were waiting. I wrapped my arms around Paris and Rae's shoulders, and we posed dramatically. We weren't really known for taking serious pictures, unless we were ordered to at a photo shoot or something.

After tons of pictures of the five of us doing the Mission Impossible pose, covering each other's eyes, and even holding Callie in our arms, we went to find our seats.

"Okay, we're in section 3, seats 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11," I told them. We searched the rows, waving to fans when we passed them. How in hell is it so hard to find section three?

When we got to our seats, we all sat down. We were pretty close to the front, with Rihanna seated in front of us, The Wanted to our left, and Katy Perry to our right. Holy crap this is cool.

"Welcome to the Video Music Awards!" the host announced, "We're going to start off the show with Best Female Artist!"

I grinned and looked to my girls, who had their fingers crossed. I did the same as they announced the nominees.

"And the winner is...." they stalled, "Status Single!"

I screamed, at the same time the other girls did. We jumped up from our seats and hugged each other, before making our way down the aisle to the stage. Rae accepted the award, holding it up high, while the microphone was given to me.

"Wow, we honestly can't believe this is happening right now!" I cried, "We love you guys so much, and honestly, we would be nowhere without you! Thank you so much for voting!"

I handed the mic back to the announcer-whoever he was-and blew a kiss to the crowd, before we headed back to our seats.

"Congratulations," I heard Zayn say to Natalie as she passed. She smiled at him, and took the award from Rae so she could see it.

"This is incredible," Callie said, "I can't believe we won."

"I know," Paris grinned, "Now all we have to do is beat Bad Direction and we're done."

I let out a small laugh and muttered, "Easier said than done."

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