sparks fly

from leaving a jacket at a concert to meeting the boys of one direction. Could it be more than just a friendship?


1. lost jacket

Ashleys point of view


that concert was awesome! Bri just nodes her head in agreement still shocked that we where in the 9th row to a ONE DIRECTION concert. Anyway as I stepped out of the building the cold air greeted me making me reach for my jacket But my hand wasn't grabbing anything. But then I remembered setting it down on my seat when they sang one way or another, Because I got hot. Before the car started moving I said to my mom in a panic my jackets still in there on the seat. She took a moment to reply which seemed like an eternity because I was in a rush to get it back. " see if they have it in a lost and found or anything" without responding to her I ran back into the building, seeing the last people walk out of the stadium. I walked up to one of the managers or something like that and asked him if there was a lost and found. He must have seen the panic in my voice because he lead me backstage to a brown box that said lost and found. Just leave when you've found it he said quietly. After several minutes of looking I gave up as I started walking away I saw 5 beautiful boys I had came to see in concert. And liam was holding my jacket, I didn't want to reach for it because that would be rude. he suddenly noticed that was my jacket and handed it to me.  I said thank you and walked away without screaming. I heard them shout something but I didn't think they would be talking to me


Harrys point of view


when she left I found a shiny pink I phone  that said laugh, it must have been in her jacket pocket. I tried yelling to her but without any luck I was stuck with it, how will I get it back to her?


Hey people reading this, I don't know who the love story will be about please tell me who you want it to be about in the comments section, thanks and sorry for the short first chapter hope you liked it

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