Trouble Maker

"He hasn't been the same since you guys got together. He seems happier and kinder. He acts like a totally new person, like he has a new purpose to live. You're changing his life."

"No, he's changing mine."


2. Two

*1 Week Later*


“Come on, Louis!” I called to my brother. He was still in the bathroom, getting ready. 


“I’m almost ready! Relax, this is my tour, not yours.” He yelled back. 


I walked into the kitchen and finished eating the breakfast that my mum made. “I swear, that boy spends more time on his hair than I do!” I said, in between bites of toast. 


My mum chuckled as she piled eggs and bacon onto a plate for Louis. “Look, Zoey, I know we’ve had a rough time ‘getting along’ this year. But I want you to know that I love you very, very much and I’m going to miss you so much this summer.”


“I love you, too, Mum. And I’m sorry I haven’t exactly been the best daughter.” I said, as I rinsed my plate in the sink. 


“LOUIS! You’re breakfast is getting cold!” My mum yelled. 


“Alright, alright. I’m here.” Louis held up his hands in defense as he sat down. 


“It took you 45 minutes just to put on a tank and sweats? You’re ridiculous.” I said, sitting back down next to my brother. 


“Hey, I had to shower, blow dry, gel. And that’s just my hair.” Louis explained while he ate. 


“I might actually believe those Larry rumors after hearing that.” I laughed. 


“Wait, what’s Larry? I thought your fans called you ‘Elounor’ or something like that.” My mum asked. 


“Yeah mum. It’s nothing.” Louis chuckled, shaking his head softly. 


“Are you done yet? It‘s almost time to go.” I whined. 


“Alright, okay. Gimmie one minute.” He laughed, poking my side as he stood up. He rinsed off his plate and dropped it in the sink. He opened his arms and hugged our mum tightly. 


“You take care of your sister, alright? Look after her.” Mum scolded him, before kissing his cheek. 


“I know, Mum. I will.” 


“Um, hello? I’m 17. That’s practically an adult.” I said. 


“Yeah, practically. Not entirely. And you‘ve only been 17 for a month.” My mum said, as I hugged her. “Listen to your brother. And behave. I love you.” 


“I love you, too, Mum.” I kissed her cheek and walked to the front of the house. We had already said goodbye to our sisters last night, because they were going to a summer camp. We said one last goodbye to our mum and gave her another hug. 


I climbed into Louis’ car and we drove to the hotel where the other boys were staying to pick them up. They were waiting in the lobby for us when Louis pulled up. I hopped out to help them get their suitcases in. Harry rode up front with Louis. Zayn, Liam, and Niall sat in the middle row. 


“Where am I supposed to sit? Harry took my seat.” I said. 


“Sorry, love. I didn’t know.” Harry said to me. 


“C’mere.” Niall patted his lap. I shrugged and climbed into Louis’ Range Rover. I sat half on Niall’s lap and half on Liam’s.


“Better not get any ideas back there, Horan.” Louis looked at us in the rearview mirror.  


“Louis, if you’re gonna be like this the whole trip, then I don’t wanna go. Lighten up.” I leaned forward and lightly punched my brother’s arm. I sat back and laid against Niall.




“Louis?” I asked. Rubbing my neck, I sat up in my seat on the plane.


“Nope, just me.” Niall responded, pushing my bangs out of my face. 


“Oh. What time is it?” I stretched. 


“1 o’clock. We’ve been on the plane for 4 hours. The plane is supposed to land in Miami in soon. Go back to sleep.” He told me. 


“But I’m not tired anymore!” I whined. “Entertain me.” 


“Why?” Niall mocked my tone.


“Because I’m bored. And you’re the only one around. Pleaseeeee?” I laid my head on Niall’s shoulder. 


“Fine. What do you want me to do?” 


“Play guitar for me.” I smirked. 


“What about other people?” He asked. 


“Niall, we’re on a private jet. Go get your guitar.” 


He stood up and stomped over to where our bags were. Picking his guitar up out of the case, Niall sat down next to me. “Okay, what do you want me to play?” 


“Well, any new songs you are working on?” I asked, thumbing the strings. 


“I started this new one. But I haven’t been able to finish it. I just haven’t found the inspiration. It’s a love song I started about this one girl I fancied. I’m over her now. Maybe you could help me. I mean, you’re a girl, and girls are good at love and stuff.” Niall stumbled with his words. 


“Why, I’m so honored.” I sarcastically said. “Let me see what you got.” Niall reached into his pocket, pulled out a folded paper, and handed it to me. 


“Every little thing that you say, everything you do. Girl, you got me falling, falling, falling in love, with you.” Niall started to sing. 


“From your eyes and your nose, your feet and your toes. Everything about you, girl, is driving me crazy.” I followed. 


“You have a really nice voice.” Niall commented. 


“Thanks. I guess it runs in the family.” I blushed, looking down.


“I think beauty does too.” Niall smiled as our hands brushed against each other’s. I blushed again. 


“Yeah, Louis is really pretty.” I nervously chuckled. “Really? Louis is really pretty? Idiot idiot idot!” I mentally scolded myself. 


“I was, um, talking about you.” Niall leaned closer to me. I lightly bit the edge of my lip and moved in. Our lips brushed. I felt the warmth of his soft breathing lightly touch my face. 


“Hey guys. I’m starving. Who wants a snack?” Louis chanted as he burst into our cabin of plane, followed by Harry and Liam. I’ve never seen someone move as fast as Niall, when he shot back in his chair. 


“Whoa, did we interrupt something here?” Liam chuckled as Harry wolf-whispered at Niall. 


“No. Zoey had something in her eye. Right?” Niall looked at me. I nodded quickly. 


“Yup. Just something in my eye.” I looked back at Niall.  

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