Trouble Maker

"He hasn't been the same since you guys got together. He seems happier and kinder. He acts like a totally new person, like he has a new purpose to live. You're changing his life."

"No, he's changing mine."


9. Nine

Niall and I haven’t been on a big date since our first one. We’ve gone out to dinner and had movie nights. It’s nice having small stuff like that. He always tries to be romantic though, from little compliments to cheesy jokes. I think its cute. He sings to me a lot, too.   


We’ve spent almost every minute together since we started dating. Which I guess is pretty normal considering the boys started touring on a bus, instead of a plane. Niall and I have gotten to know each other a lot better. He’s seen my bad habits and I’ve seen his, since we started living on the bus. He does this cute little snoring thing when he sleeps.   


“Tell me everything about you.” He jumped onto the hotel bed. I locked my phone and dropped in onto my lap.   


“What do you mean?”   


“I want to everything about you. Even the stupid little facts.” Niall sat criss-cross.   


“Ask me what you wanna know. I’m pretty complicated.”   


“Tell me ‘bout your last relationship.”   


“Name was Nick. We dated for 7 months. Pretty serious, but I wasn’t in love. We ended it because the relationship wasn’t going anywhere, mutual decision. How about you?”   


“Her name was Jessie, dated for 9 months. I liked her a lot, but we ended it because of X Factor. She didn’t want to be the girlfriend of a singer. Okay, so first kiss?”   


“It was horrible. I was like 13, we were playing ‘Spin the Bottle’ and I kissed my best friend’s boyfriend. He was gross.” I shuttered.   


Niall chuckled. “I was 8 the first time I kissed a girl. 14 was my first legit kiss. I took the girl I fancied to the cinema, then walked her home. I kissed her and then ran to my house. Pretty lame.”  


“I don’t want to talk about my young dating life. It’s pretty embarrassing.”   


“Mine was too. I went to an all boys school, so I only had the girls in my neighborhood. But anyway, what’s your favorite color?”   


“Blue. Hands down.”   


“Mine is green. Favorite animal?”   


“It’s because you’re Irish, isn’t it? Fave animal, gotta be dogs or bunnies.”   


“Bunnies annoy me. They are pointless and do nothing. Favorite food.” 


“Pizza.” I said, laying down next to Niall.   


“Ramon Noodles. Favorite TV show?”  


“You would. Pretty Little Liars.”   


“I started watching this new show called The Fosters, and it’s really good. Favorite movie?”  


“Mrs. Doubtfire will always be the best.”   


“Rain Man is where it’s at. Favorite cereal?”   


“Lucky Charms.”  


“Oh the irony.” Niall laughed.   


“What do you mean?” 


 “Fans nicknamed my… willy ‘The Lucky Charms.’”   


“I didn’t mean it like that! And what’s up with all these pointless questions?”   


“If we’re gonna be together for a long time, then I want to know this kind of stuff.”   


“A long time, huh?” I grinned.  


“I’m not good talking romantic. Don’t make fun of me!”   


“I think it’s cute when you try though.”   


“Whatever. Beach or pool?” 




“If you could live anywhere in the world, where?”   


“Hawaii. I’d love to live on the beach all the time, and it’s just a beautiful state.”   


“Do you believe in true love? Like, happy ever after?”   


“I think it exists. I just don’t think everybody finds it.”   


“Have you ever been in love?”   


“Not really. I think I’ve really fancied a boy, but I wasn’t in love.”   


“Who’s effected your life the most?”   


“Louis. He’s been my best friend for as long as I can remember.”   


“What’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?”   


“One time, this boy fancied me, in year 9. He set up candles outside my house and read a love poem he wrote about me. It was pretty cute.”   


“I would do that for you, but I’m shit at poetry.”  


“You’re sweet.” I kissed his cheek. “But I’m tired. Can we continue this tomorrow?”   


Niall nodded and laid down next to me. All the questions he asked got me thinking. He wants to be together for a long time? I don’t even think we’re past the honeymoon stage yet. Then I thought about what Liam said at the concert. “But he’s a happy little boy, so be nice to her.” Do I really make Niall that happy?  




“Hey, Zoey? Can you go wake up Niall? Lunch is almost ready.” Liam asked me. He stood in the small kitchen on the tour bus, making sandwiches for everyone.   


I nodded and walked to what Harry called ‘The Hall Of Bunks.’ His nickname makes sense because it’s just a walkway with stacked beds on both sides. I stood in front of Niall’s bed. Standing on my empty bunk below him, I pulled back the small curtain.   


“Niall.” I poked him softly. He groaned and rolled over. “Babe, wake up.” I kissed his cheek.   


“Nooooooo.” He grumbled.   


“Sleeping Beauty, Liam is making us lunch.”   


“Not gonna work.” He covered his eyes with his hand.   


“If you get up, I’ll give you a kiss.” I pulled his hand off his face, raking my fingers softly through his hair.   


Niall puckered his lips, still not opening his eyes. I grabbed his arm and pulled him gently out of the small bed. When he stepped to the ground, I kissed his lips.   


“Why are you so tired, Niall? What’d you guys do last night?” Zayn joked, as Niall sat down on the couch. He shot Zayn an annoyed glare. Liam and Zayn were finishing up their food, Louis and Harry were in the back, playing video games.   


“We’re gonna go play Fifa with Lou. Join us if you want. Lunch is in the fridge.” Liam patted Niall’s knee and walked away. Niall cringed as his hand made contact with his leg.   


“Are you alright?” I sat next to Niall. He shrugged and leaned his head back. “What hurts?”   


“My knee. Doctor gave me medicine, it’s not really helping, and it makes me really tired.”   


“Put it up.” I lifted his leg onto the couch. I walked to the freezer and grabbed an icepack. Resting it on his knee, I knelt beside him.   


“I was thinking about what you said last night. About being together for a long time.”   


“Yeah?” He rolled his head to look at me. “You… don’t want to be with me for a long time?”   


“It’s not that, I just… I thought we were still in the honeymoon phase. What if this passion doesn’t last? What if you change your mind? What if you don’t… want me anymore?” My voice faded.   


“I can’t promise that we’ll be together forever, but I can promise I won’t ever regret you. I won’t ever regret dating you, I won’t ever regret liking you. I just won’t.” Niall squeezed my hand.   

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