Trouble Maker

"He hasn't been the same since you guys got together. He seems happier and kinder. He acts like a totally new person, like he has a new purpose to live. You're changing his life."

"No, he's changing mine."


5. Five

“Alright, everyone ready?” Paul asked, before we boarded the private plane. We all nodded. Niall knocked his knee against mine and smiled. I looked into his crystal blue eyes, and couldn’t help just grin back. 


“He’s crazy about her. Just look at his eyes. He lights up like a Christmas tree when she comes around.” Liam commented behind us as we walked to the plane. 


“She’s just as crazy about him. You can see it in her smile. Nobody smiles like that just because.” Zayn said back. 


“We can hear you.” Niall turned his head. 


“That was the point. Just go out already. You two are obviously in to each other.” Liam begged. 


“Whatever bro.” Niall chuckled, as we walked through the small hallway to the plane. 


“We’re going to keep annoying you until you guys go on a date.” Zayn followed us to our seats. 


“Okay, so we go out, you stop being annoying. For the entire tour? Both of you?” I ask. 


“Zoey Tomlinson! How dare you call the Amazing Payne annoying!” Liam leaned back in his seat with his hand over his heart, acting like I had shot him. 


“You’re more like the Amazing Payne In My Arse.” I giggled. Niall high-fived me. “I’m kidding Li, you’re fabulous.” 


“Alright, but you guys, please date. Please please please please.” Liam pleaded. 


“Fineeeee.” Niall whined. “Zoey, will you go out with me?” 


“I would love to.” I smiled. 


“Yay!” Both boys cheered together. “We have a concert tonight, but we have tomorrow off. Liam and I will figure out all the details, you and you just show up.” Zayn said. 


“For two men, you are a couple of girls.” Niall smirked.


We had an amazing weekend together. Liam and Zayn rented the boat for 3 days, so we spent the weekend on the yacht. There wasn’t enough jet skis, so I rode with Niall. He ended up sleeping in my bunk both nights because we were watching movies. We worked on his song a bit. Niall is so funny, and incredibly sweet. I swear, there’s something about this boy. 


We’ve been to several different cities now. The North American part of the tour is about a week in to it. Today we are in Nashville. The boys have a concert tonight, and mine and Niall’s date is tomorrow. 


After the plane landed, we raced to the car. Ron, their driver, had pulled the van up to the front of the airport. Louis pushed me in between him and Niall. 


“Stay close and keep your head down. You’re a girl with us. Paps will eat you up.” Louis spoke softly into my ear. I nodded and grabbed onto Niall’s hand. He squeezed my hand and smiled down at me. I locked my eyes on the ground. In the car, Harry sat up front with Ron. I sat in between Niall and Louis with Liam and Zayn behind us. 


At the hotel, Paul had booked us four rooms: Louis and Harry, Liam and Zayn, Niall had his own and so did I. We raced each other to the elevators. I walked into my room and dropped my bag by the dresser. I laid down on the bed. My phone buzzed on the nightstand. I sighed as I sat up. 


Liam and Zayn actually did plan our date. I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 7.  


I checked the time on my phone. The concert starts in 4 hours. Laying down again, I closed my eyes. Maybe I could squeeze in some sleep before we leave. 




“Can I get a microphone over here?” Some guy dressed in black yelled. “Niall! Where’s Niall?” 


“Zeke, I’m right here.” Niall chuckled. He took my hand in his and pulled me over with him. 


“Niall, the show starts in 10 minutes. Focus please!” Zeke waved his hand in Niall’s face. 


“I’m focused. Just put the microphone on me.” Niall laughed. 


“Hey, kid, can you hold up his shirt for me?” Zeke asked me. 


“Um, sure.” I responded. My hand shook a bit as I lifted Niall’s tank top. His biceps were already on full display, and now his abs too? He already has such an effect on me, and we haven’t even gone on the date yet. This boy will be the death of me. 


“Zoey?” Niall asked, snapping me out of my thoughts. 


“Yeah?” I blinked a bit. I tried to focus on his words, but my eyes were stuck on his perfect lips. 


“I asked if you wanted to stay backstage or have front row seats. We can get you in either spot.” He offered, wrapping the strap of his guitar around his shoulders. 


I’ve never been to one of their shows before, and it would be amazing to see them from the front row. But what if I get mobbed, or attacked. I have already been seen with Niall, and I’ll be surrounded by fan girls. I’m pretty sure I’ll be at more of their concerts. I can sit up front then. 


“I can stay backstage. Then we can leave afterwards. Maybe watch some movies at the hotel?” I said. 


“I know you’re worried about being seen with me. I can see it in your eyes. But I won’t let anything happen to you. Whatever happens, happens, and we will make the best of it. Alright?” Niall assured me. 


“Okay.” I kept my eyes on the ground, shifting my weight between my feet. 


“Hey, hey, look at me. I promise, I will never, ever, let anything hurt you.” He took my hands in mine. Niall pulled me closer to him. I gave in, and draped my arms around his waist. He held me back at arm’s length. 


“Pinky promise?” I held out my little finger. “That you’ll never let anything hurt me?” 


“I promise.” He wrapped his smallest finger around mine. Niall pressed his forehead against mine, and kissed my nose gently. I giggled softly. 


“Nialler! Show time, mate.” Liam jumped up, gripping Niall’s shoulders. 


“Okie doke.” Niall laughed. I gave him a hug, and quickly kissed the underside of his jaw line. 


“Good luck guys.” I smiled, standing by the edge of the stage. 


The boys are like five year olds with a sugar rush on stage. They have so much energy. I’ve been to concerts before, and they were nothing like this. The bands I saw were behaved and spent most of the time actually singing. But these boys, half the time they are doing God knows what. 


Niall is doing his jumps, playing electric guitar. Liam is messing with Harry, playing with his messy quiff. Louis is doing some stupid dance move. And Zayn is attempting to play drums with Josh. 


After swapping his guitar for an acoustic, Niall started talking. “I think the show is coming to a close, so we’re going to sing one of our favorite songs off the album. And tonight, I’d like to dedicate this song to a special girl I recently met.” He looked back in my direction and winked. “Here is Little Things.”

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