Trouble Maker

"He hasn't been the same since you guys got together. He seems happier and kinder. He acts like a totally new person, like he has a new purpose to live. You're changing his life."

"No, he's changing mine."


8. Eight

We landed in Pittsburgh today. We’re almost a month into the tour. My mum called me when we got to the hotel. She said she missed me a lot and so do my sisters. I told her I was having a great time and I had made friends with the boys. We haven’t talked much since I left, only two or three times. I talk to Lottie the most, she texts me almost everyday. 


“Are you coming to the concert tonight?” Niall asked me. He was stretched out on the bed in our hotel room, scrolling through Twitter. I convinced Paul that booking Niall and I together would save money, and he actually allowed it.


“I don’t think so. I’m kinda tired.” I laid down next to him, resting my head on his shoulder. 


“Fans are asking about you a lot.” He turned the screen of his laptop so I could see.


“Is that a good thing?” I looked at him. 


“I don’t know. They’ve probably figured out we’re together. Should I say something?” 


“It doesn’t matter if they know or not. We’ve barely been together a month, they’ll think I’m using you or something.” 


“Why would they think that?” 


“You don’t know what it’s like inside a fandom. You only know the outside. The mind of a fangirl is a very complicated thing, and to be honest, it’s quite disturbing.” 


“If you’re referring to the smutty stories they write, I already know.” 


“Ew, you read those?” I sat up. 



“All the boys do. It’s kind of funny.” 


“Most of that is written by sexually-frustrated 14 year olds, you know.” I laughed. 


“Have you ever written any? Or like, read it?” 


“Oh my gosh, that’s disgusting! I’m not interested in learning about a girl’s fantasies about my brother.” Truth was, I actually have read it before. Not Louis ones, but like about Niall and the others. Was that wrong? Oops. 


“I’ve read it. Some are pretty… whoa.” Niall pushed his hair out of his face. I like when he doesn’t gel it up. It looks so relaxed and cute. 


“Niall!” I pushed him lightly. 


“I’m just saying. How do 14 year olds know that kind of stuff? I didn’t understand most of the words they use until I was like 16.” He looked back to his computer. 


“Don’t know, don’t care.” I stood up, walking over to the mini fridge. 


“Can you grab me a beer?” Niall asked. 


“You aren’t supposed to drink before shows. You can have a Vitamin Water.” I tossed a bottle to him. 


“Geez, thanks Mum.” He joked, opening it. 




“Zoey?” Niall nudged me. We laid in the bed, cuddled together. He had his arm around me, holding me close to his body. I had my arm lazily slung over his hip. 


“Hmm?” I responded, not opening my eyes. 


“Are you awake?” 


“Go to sleep, Niall. It’s 3am. Plane leaves early tomorrow.” I scrunched up my face as he turned on the bedside light. 


“I can’t sleep. Too much is on my mind.” He sat up. 


I rubbed my eyes and pushed back the duvet, sitting behind him. I massaged his shoulder blades, and pressed a kiss to the back of his neck. “Wanna talk about it?” 


“There’s a lot going on up here.” He gestured to his head. “Just really stressed.”


“About what?” I wrapped my arms around his bare torso. I like that he sleeps shirtless. It’s nice cuddling with him, he’s like a big, warm teddy bear. 


“I messed up the concert tonight. During Little Things. And I know the crowd noticed. My voice gave out at the end of my solo. I played the wrong chords. I know the boys noticed too.” He rubbed his face with his hands. 


“Babe, it couldn’t of been that bad. The guys didn’t say anything.” I rested my chin on his shoulder, gently kissing behind his ear. 


“That’s the thing. Nobody said anything on the way back here. We always talk about the concert afterwards, saying how much fun it was and how we did. The car ride was silent. I feel like I let the fans down. They spend a year waiting for us, this was their only concert. I messed up.” 


“Ni, they truly care about you. You have an amazing voice. You gave it your best, right?” I turned my head towards him. He nodded slightly. “Then you didn’t let them down.” 


“Okay. I just feel really bad. I don’t wanna disappoint them. They’ve given us everything. They are the reason we are here.” 


“I know. And I’m sure they are incredibly proud of you and the lads. You can’t let stuff like this get to you. All of you will have nights where you’re a little off. You just have to come back stronger tomorrow.” I kissed his cheek. He nodded again. 


“C’mere.” I said, laying down. I pulled the blanket over us and flipped on the TV. “Look, Despicable Me is playing. Let’s just watch that until you fall asleep.” 


Niall nodded. “Goodnight, love.” He kissed my lips, and snuggled up to me again. 




We left early the next morning for Toronto. Everything was normal. The plane landed, the boys stopped to say hello to a couple fans, we got to the car. Everything was okay. 


“Skank! You’re just using Niall. He can do so much better than you.” Someone yelled at us when we got outside. 


Niall’s fists clenched as he stepped closer to the person. It was a 16 year old girl. I grabbed his shoulder before he said something he would regret. “Niall, it’s not worth it.” I sighed. 


He stood, still staring at the girl. “Niall. Come on. We’re about to leave.” One of the bodyguards tried to get his attention. 


“How dare you.” was all he could say. He grabbed my hand, looking back at her. Disgust and pain was written all over his face. Their guards ushered us into the car. 


“It’s not worth getting worked up over.” I whispered in his ear, not letting go of his hand. 


“Yes it is. They have no right talking to you like that. Fan or not.” He squeezed my hand. 


“You’ll say something you’re gonna regret. Just let it go. Please.” 


“I’d do anything to protect you. I know what she said hurt you. I can see it in your eyes. Others might buy your fake smile, but I don’t. I know you, Zoey.” Niall finally looked at me. 


Later at the concert, when the boys were doing Twitter questions, someone asked who was single. Only Harry and Liam raised their hands. Niall stood tall with a huge smile across his face. I couldn’t help but grin. The audience sounded shocked when Niall’s hand remained at his side. 


“Ooohhh, Niall!” Louis taunted. He played dumb, “Who’s this special lady you’ve found?” 


Niall didn’t even try to hide his blush. This made me smile. He’s proud to talk about us, proud to admit we are together. “I think you might know her. Her name’s Zoey.” 


“Yeah, my little sister.” Louis wrapped his arm around Niall’s shoulders. “You better keep your hands to yourself, Horan.” He teased Niall. 


“Be nice, Lou. But seriously, Niall and Zoey are together. And as you can see, he’s a happy little boy.” Liam chuckled. “So be nice to her!” 

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